Speaking With U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Speaking With U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene
Speaking With U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is a polarizing figure to many people. To some, she is a right-wing ideologue that is too eager to look for a fight with Democrats. To others, she is a woman of the people who is willing to fight for what is right. No matter what your opinion is of the Congresswoman, one thing can be sure; she is making an impact on Congress.

One of Rep. Greene’s main issues is the protection of the Second Amendment. In fact, fighting against a “Red Flag” bill is what drew her into politics. When she entered Congress, she took no time to start introducing bills like the “The Second Protection Act” and fighting against the new proposed background check law. She has kept her promise to the American people to fight against bad gun laws. Her fierce defense of the Second Amendment earned her the backing of almost every major gun group in the country.

The Congresswoman took time out of her busy day to sit down and talk to me for AmmoLand News about what it is like to be in Congress and the challenges we face under a Democrat-controlled House, Senate, and Whitehouse.

John: I always start with the same question. Why do you want to serve in Congress?

Rep. Greene: To be honest with you, I’ve never wanted to serve in Congress. I’ve never wanted to be involved in politics at all. It was just that pretty much the first two years under President Trump when Republicans had controlled the House and controlled the Senate. Still, they could not accomplish the things that the American people really wanted and Republican voters really wanted.

Like funding our border wall, like getting rid of different gun control laws that were in place, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, ending abortion, and repealing Obamacare, I mean the list goes on and on, and Republicans had the greatest opportunity in those first two years, and it was very frustrating.

And so I just felt like if when we had the greatest opportunity and we missed it because Republicans were in control then. We’re going to be in big trouble, and so that’s when I started just becoming more interested in learning more and becoming more active.

It involved a lot of, I guess you’d say, “activism work” on different bills. There was one bill in particular. It was a “Red Flag” gun bill that Marco Rubio was sponsoring that was coming out of the Senate. I went to Washington, you know doing citizen lobbying, basically going around and asking everyone to vote “no” because I’m very much against “Red Flag” gun laws. I was appalled that one was being sponsored by a Republican, and they were doing a Senate hearing about it where they were looking at trying to pass it. I feel like we need people that are really true. I represent the people instead of career politicians here. We know who the Democrats are. We know what they’re all about, but it’s really disappointing when Republicans fail us.

John: That’s perfect. What makes you such a staunch a Second Amendment supporter?

Rep Greene: Well, when I was 16 years old and in the 11th grade, it was the first year that schools became gun-free zones. That was Joe Biden that made that happen. One of my schoolmates brought three guns to school in a duffel bag on the school bus. He carried them into school and the first-period class. Being the only person with guns in the building, he was able to take our entire school hostage, and we didn’t have a good guy with a gun there, as a matter of fact.

We didn’t have anybody with a gun there except our very mentally disturbed and upset schoolmate. He’d come to school to kill a couple of boys. He was mad at them because they had picked on him, and that was something that was very eye-opening as a high school student and made me realize it’s so important. You never want to be in a situation where the only person with a gun is someone who’s planning to kill people, and I never want my children or anyone else’s children to be sitting there defenseless at the mercy of another madman with a gun.

I also believe it’s our greatest right. This is what makes America the greatest country in the world because we have the right to bear arms, and it shall not be infringed. The Democrats like to use the word common sense. That’s their favorite phrase when it comes to gun control bills, but it’s actually common sense to protect the Second Amendment at all costs.

John: Okay, you introduced the Second Amendment Preservation Act. What chances do you think it has to pass in the House?

Rep Greene: Well, as we know right now, until we can take back the majority, it doesn’t have much chance to pass the House, which is unfortunate, but it’s very important, that no matter even if we’re in the minority, to be introducing strong legislation, Too many times, a lot of bills are watered down. There’s an effort to work with Democrats on bills like that. So, I introduced this bill to block all federal funding to stop any type of gun control, and it also prevents the ATF from using tax dollars to enforce regulations, guidance, or rules. The important reason for introducing this bill is to have it there and ready to go for when we can take back the majority in 2022.

John: You had a motto of “Save America, Stop Socialism.” Do you really believe that the socialists are infiltrating Congress?

Rep Greene: Oh, yeah. I think they’re running Congress. I think they’re running our entire federal government. So, you know, it was socialist, I called them. Now I’ve started calling many of them communist. I’ve been shocked. It is far worse than I thought.

Bernie Sanders, who’s a self-admitted communist, was the one that seemed far more extreme than Joe Biden, but now we’re seeing with Joe Biden and the types of executive orders that he’s signing. Then we’re seeing what Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to get through Congress. It’s apparent that they’re actually every bit as extreme as Bernie Sanders, and he’s a self-admitted communist. So, it’s far worse than we thought it was going to be.

John: Have you had any run-ins with AOC or her Squad?

Rep Greene: Not really. I passed her a few times and the hallway but not really any run-ins. The only one that I had trouble with was the new member of the squad. She’s the BLM Congresswoman. Representative Cory Bush from Missouri. She’s the one that led the mob with a bullhorn through the neighborhood of the McCluskey’s. Where the couple that had to stand their ground on their own front yard with their legally owned firearms in order to protect themselves from this out-of-control mob that was trespassing and had broken a gate to come through their neighborhood and were threatened to be killed.

Mrs. McCluskey was threatened to be raped. They were talking about burning down their House and killing their dog. That is a sitting Congresswoman that led that mob through their neighborhood.

Well, she lied, and she claimed that I had come up behind her in the hallway and attacked her. She made up the story. She went and told Nancy Pelosi that she needed to move her office because her office was in the same hallway as mine.

Well, up until that point, I hardly knew her office was there. I had never seen her and had hardly any interaction with her, except I did have on video when I was doing a Facebook live video—just walking through the hall. I had it recorded that she attacked me. We had passed in the hallway, and I didn’t even really realize we had passed until she was screaming at me to put on a mask, and she was unbelievably aggressive, and I happen to have all that on video.

I got to call her out and expose her for her lies by just releasing my video, and then everyone found out that, “No, Cory, you told a lie, and actually Marjorie’s the one telling the truth.”

The truth is that Cory Bush had attacked me, but she still got to move her office, and I don’t know where she is now. I really could care less, but that’s the only run-in I’ve had with a member of the squad.

John: Yeah, speaking of those guys, some have pushed the idea through social media and also in the mainstream media that you supported some type of coup back on January 6th. Did you push for a coup?

Rep Greene: No, absolutely not. I was busy working with many Republican members of Congress and objecting to Electoral College votes for Joe Biden. We were shocked that the Capitol was attacked, and there was a riot there. We were shocked and had no idea. We were every bit as much a victim of the whole thing. I was actually in the chamber when it started happening, unlike AOC, who was over there hiding in her bathroom and lied about things, unlike receded Talib, who was at home and Michigan, and unlike many other Democrats who have cried with outrage over being victims of this whole thing.

Myself, along with many of my Republican colleagues, we were in the chamber because we were working on objecting to these electoral College votes, and we were doing that on behalf of the people. Especially the thousands of people that signed an affidavit saying they witnessed voter fraud, and yet none of that evidence has ever been shown in a court of law. We felt that those people’s voices matter, and they signed these affidavits at risk of perjuring themselves and going to jail. We had studied the whole thing, and there was a lot of evidence there, and the only thing that we had been prepared for was January 6th. That was the only thing we were working on. I was very upset over the attack on the Capitol on January 6th. I’m still upset over it because it stopped our objection over those fraudulent votes, and a lot of the evidence never got presented.

Another important point that many people always forget and leave out is that there were two pipe bombs planted. One at the RNC and the DNC the night before this attack, and that was on both parties, not just on one party, and I just think that’s always important to say when anybody talks about it because the Democrats love to leave that out. They just want to be the only victim of the January 6th Capitol attack or Riot. I don’t call it an Insurrection. It’s not an insurrection. As the definition of that would be people that were armed, and these people were not armed. None of them had guns, but they shouldn’t have done what they did.

John: It seems like the Democrats are trying to shut down anyone’s ideas that question the election’s integrity. They are trying to shut down the discussion, and they refer to anyone who questions the election’s integrity as an insurrectionist, but you stood by your ideas. Have you had any pushback from other Republicans because you stood by your beliefs about irregularities in the election?

Rep Greene: No, not at all. It’s not a conversation that we are constantly having. Most of our conversations are revolving around the horrible bills and the horrible things that Democrats are doing, just like this $1.9 trillion spending bill that we had to vote against today and like the gun control bills H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446 that found a way through today. What most of our conversations are on is all about these radical bills that are happening right now—not debating the election.

John: Do you believe there is a coordinated effort between mainstream media, social media, and the Democrats to shut down descent?

Rep Greene: Oh, I think there is definitely a coordinated effort to not only shut down descent but to shut down conservatives, period. In every single way.

John: Only two more questions here. How can Americans fight back against gun-grabbing politicians in Congress?

Rep Greene: Here’s what Americans need to do. They have to be willing to be activists. We’ve come to a point in our in our history many people could say, “oh, I’m so busy. I have to work.” Or, “I have this going on or that going on.”

But we’ve come to a place where people have to unbusy themselves to get involved, and if they don’t do that, then we really are looking at losing the greatest Freedom we have, which is our Second Amendment. They need to call their legislators. Call them! Email them! Make appointments to go see them! Join very good gun groups. Be active members of those gun groups. Stay on top of all legislation that comes through. Support good Reps and good legislation.

Legislators like me that are going to work hard and fight for your Second Amendment right, and then be vocal against the ones that won’t. I think if the American people really want to defend their freedoms, now is the time more than ever. They got to get involved, and they can’t afford to sit on the couch and sit it out anymore. Complaining on social media isn’t going to do it. It’s getting involved as the only way that’s going to make a difference.

John: And the final question I have for you. What are your plans for Congress going forward?

Rep Greene: My plan for Congress going forward is the same thing that I’ve been doing, and that’s representing Georgia 14, doing everything I can to defend our Constitution and protect our freedoms, continuing to introduce great legislation, like the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” and the “Gun Owner Protection Act” and many other bills that I’ve co-sponsored.

I’ll be continuing to bring accountability to Congress, which I think is sadly lacking. Pushing back and fighting back against the Democrats, but also being vocal and open publicly to push my Republican colleagues to the right and hold them accountable as well. I’m a hard worker, and I’m excited to be here and to do those things.

Keep up with U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene at https://greene.house.gov/

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Wow, more cojones than Romney, oh that’s to easy because he doesn’t have any. She is what we are looking for, not RINO’s. I hope in 2022 that we win both houses again and that she pushes for constitutional carry all across the United States and when they drag their feet or McConnel wont take it to the floor because HE thinks that it is a waste of time and a looser that she and others vote for his impeachment or whatever is required to get him out and someone in that will actually do what the people want or… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax

If you hopes rest with her than we may not have any gun rights in 2022. We should be backing Tim Scott and GOPs who’s grounded in reality. But you wouldn’t know bout that.


I’m surprised you are a fan of Tim Scott.

You’re right though – he is somewhat grounded in reality on this issue:



Just like your comments usually you’re swimming in the swamp. Dude we on Ammoland and talking bout gun issues but I forget you like that incest BS. Btw, I said Scott not your bedroom buddy McConnell.


Dee, you were the one who brought up racism and reparations in the other thread. Remember? You said I was racist as fuck, you hoped I would be classified as a racist in real life, and you hoped that I would be cancelled (that my life would be ruined) for disagreeing with your political opinion.

You should realize by now I’m no fan of McConnell.

You have an odd preoccupation with homosexual activities. Why are you thinking about incest?

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

Plus give me your comments and not some other dickhead words. Stop posting links. Unlike you, I can’t spend all day on ammoland boomer. I’m still young and vibrant and I have a family to take care of. Smh


For someone who claims to be against bigotry, you sure do make assumptions and then make bigoted comments based on those assumptions.

I won’t comment on your first sentence because it is unintelligible.

Dave in Fairfax


As usual you are being ageist. I demand reparations from YOU specifically for mental anguish and emotional distress.
Yeah, all reparations are BS.
You manage to be one of the most racist people on the board.

You didn’t have to follow the link, just read it and see that even the Communist News Network said that Scott agreed with McConnell.

You being young and vibrant is a hoot. You aren’t capable of writing in standard English. Unless you are providing for your family by working at a car wash or flipping burgers someone is overpaying you.


Blue Pencil–‘Oh, I think there is definitely a coordinated effort to not only shut down descent but to shut down conservatives, period. In every single way.’ Dissent, although the Progressive New Left does also want to shut down ‘descent’ via eugenics and abortion. I think the Good Citizen is referring to dissent, i.e. critical thinking and the resulting logic based issuance of contrary opinion. But John, you do great work. Please keep the focus and remain on target. Semper Fi


Easy enough error to overlook – after spell check “fixes” one’s typing. However, grammatical correctness is far more critical within articles than in comments.

Jumped out at me and disrupted flow of the article – but quickly able to recover and continue reading.

I’m guessing John will see the comment and fix it in short order. @John Dunlap – thanks for another great article.


Representative Greene: Have you considered meeting with women’s groups or debating Shannon Watts in order to present a logical, fact-filled argument to the large percentage of women who believe the lies upon which never-ending gun control is based?


Why not just swing for the fences and submit a bill which will abolish the ATF and repeal the NFA, GCA, Hughes Amendment, import bans, and NICS? Not only once but submit it every single legislative session until it passes. Try to stuff it in every single omnibus. Bring it to every single congressman so we can see who honors their oath by signing on to it and who just talks a big game when it comes to the constitution. It’s absolute horseshit that the Democrats are willing to go all out when it comes to arms control while Republicans… Read more »


Sure, do that. Also submit numerous piecemeal reforms. Look at HR127, went for broke and fell flat. Similar thing would occur with actually sensible reforms as you propose – but puts us in the position of asking why they won’t even compromise. Let’s compromise – this year HPA, national reciprocity, and express limitations on state infringements. Next year remove SBS and SBR from NFA, and import bans, plus additional restrictions on state powers because they keep exploiting “loop holes.” Keep working it issue by issue. Submit bill with full wish list at least every year – but also submit numerous… Read more »


John Crump,
Did Representative Greene indicate whether she reads (or will read) AmmoLand comments?


We have (2) junior FEMALE Republicans on Capitol Hill with more balls than all of the male GOP combined.


I am very happy when somebody in the U.S. Congress stands out for us.

Now what are we going to do to stand out?



Lol…really?!?! This communist chick belief are laughable at best. C’mon. Ammoland can do a whole lot better!! Funny shit!! SNF the nerve that she said that she hasn’t received backlash from the Republican Party is even a more bizarre comment. She must have forgot that close session with the GOP when they told her to stop that dumb shit. Anyone who supports her must be sleeping with their cousin, and can called their siblings their uncle or aunt because that’s what we think when we hear the sh!t she says!!


Taylor-Greene remains a nut case. She may be right on gun issues, but that doesn’t excuse her major flaws. She is a Qanon idiot. Her claim that a Jewish space laser started the California fires was stupid.
Taylor-Greene needs to go home to Georgia. A sane conservative needs to take her place.


Don you absolutely right!! Glad she’s for guns and all but she’s the WRONG individual you want commenting on our rights. This chick who happens to be born in the same town I was born and raised in is a complete lunatic. She makes people opposed to our gun rights say “see this craziness and she wants more gun rights.” It will be smart to leave her comments out of ammoland if you guys cate about true gin rights!!


Can you find a “sane conservative”, who can appear sane to the left AND get elected? Will that “sane conservative” fight as hard to protect our rights? At this point, I no longer care much about too many other topics – focus on gun rights, fiscal responsibility, and preventing global Chinese hegemony. Other topics are meaningless. I do agree that in the eyes of the left, Taylor-Greene appears like a total wack job – and reinforces their view that only crazy people support gun rights. That is a problem. On the whole, gun owners have been striving to normalize gun… Read more »