The View Recycles Biden’s Stupidity About Self-Defense ~ VIDEO

United States – -( One of the purposes behind the Second Amendment is to provide us the ability to protect ourselves should our lives be at stake. This is why it is very important to speak out when the media – or politicians – gives horrendously bad advice.

Sadly, we got a bit of a double-dose in the wake of the fallout from a Columbus, Ohio, police officer’s decisive action to prevent a stabbing death. The fact that many who seek to take away our rights have attacked that officer for saving the life of a young black woman, who in all likelihood would have been murdered absent that cop’s decisive action, is bad enough.

On The View, it got worse. Joy Behar demanded that the cop follow Joe Biden’s astonishingly irresponsible and stupid advice when it came to using firearms in self-defense. Now, loyal Ammoland readers know the rules of firearms safety. By pushing Biden’s “advice,” Behar has ignored two of those rules:

  • ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction
  • Know your target and what is beyond.

Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that when you discharge a firearm into the air, the bullet, slug, or pellets will eventually come down somewhere. JPFO explains a lot of the facts that Behar didn’t care to mention from her advice. In terms of an actual self-defense situation, Massad Ayoob explains how “warning shots” do more harm than good – not only in the life-or-death part of the fight, but also in the legal aftermath. There is a Washington state gun owner who got himself in a lot of hot water for following Biden’s advice.

Behar’s comments show more concern for the life of someone who was willing to stab someone to death than for either the intended victim or for innocents who would be placed at risk through the use of a warning shot. This is bad enough on a moral basis, but it also impacts our rights, because Behar’s platform has spread some serious misinformation – which Silicon Valley will do nothing to correct.

Second Amendment supporters need to speak up and condemn Behar’s comments. In addition, they need to join the NRA and support the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Fund to ensure that pro-Second Amendment officials are elected at the federal, state, and local levels.

Now for an important footnote to this: Anyone who wants to really learn about how to protect yourself at home (or elsewhere) or who wants to learn how to handle firearms safely should go to the NRA web site to find local instructors who can offer courses to fulfill your educational needs. We have a Second Amendment right, but with it comes the responsibility to know how to exercise it in a safe manner for ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow citizens.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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uncle dudley

I don’t think very many regular viewers of the TV show that the old cow is on are gun owners and if they happen to own a firearm they know that biden’s advice is against common sense and safety.
How can anyone look to that show for any advice on a life and death moment that involves the use of a gun.


Joe Biden has been a hack politician since 1973. The ignorance streaming from his mouth for all of these decades is legendary. Half of the country is now suffering from suppressed buyer’s remorse. They fully realize that their votes in November of 2020 were motivated solely by a desire to get rid of Cheeto Jesus. But their chosen option was known to be far worse. They are now wrestling with the buyer’s remorse over chosing Biden, a hack over Trump, an obnox. Sadly the typical Biden voter lacks both the critical thinking skills necessary to understand this dilemma and the… Read more »


Josephine Victoria Behar – nee Occhiuto – shows more concern for the life of a criminal (who was in the direct commission of a violent felony – attacking with willful intent to stab someone to death) than for either the intended victim or for any nearby innocents. Therefore, BEHAR is the sub-human animal in this scenario. She exhibits NO – zero, zip, nada – intelligence or sensibility. No American citizen sanely could (or, for that matter, rightly should) extend any credence or grant any credibility to this witch (or, one of those “…itch” words, anyway). As the Italians say… May… Read more »

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And, many, many, more.

Mystic Wolf

May she also be blessed with a thousand cobras


any of the people watching that crap never bought a gun, if they have one it came from parents or grand parents and has not been cared for ,and they are arrogant enough to follow stupid advise rather than ask someone who knows!


It is aa race to see which person is the dumbest. The pig behar or the retard biden.


I love the NRA but will not rejoin till Wayne is gone. I will not send any more money for trips and expensive suits when I am just getting by.


Ms Behar is an ill-informed, mentally challenged operative for the extreme Left. She blindly follows orders from her even more mentally challenged handlers.
I think the time has come for her and the her worthless excuse for a TV show to go away, for good.


How big is behar’s world ? Think about it . When do you suppose she toured the Blue ridge mountains or went to the grand canyon ? She lives in a world totally different than ours . I would like to know (other than business) what’s the farthest from her house she’s been in one day in the last 2 years .


Here is a little information about La La land hollyweird that you may not know. How dumb is Joy Baywhore? She is as dumb as the demonrats in L.a. New Years night, all the cops are not on the streets, yep they are parked under all the bridges they can find at 11:30 because they don’t want to get hit from all the falling bullets that people shoot in the air just before and at midnight. at 12:30 they pull out from under the bridge and go back to work. Yep, that is those smart demonrats for you showing their… Read more »


But is it possible to contribute the the ILA or PVF without some of the $ going to pad Wayne’s expense account or pay his legal fees?


Harold – Perhaps you should instead recommend organizations like GOA and FPC instead of the one headed by the corrupt W.L.P.? You articles are helpful, but your recommendation makes many of us forget the article’s content as we focus on how that dirt-bag apparently bilked so much of our donations for his personal gain.


If the television is on, and that show comes on, I can’t change it quickly enough. Not only is Behar a POS, but the others on the show, including the McCain broad, drain the life out of me. I have only seen them when watching a different news show, and they show a clip of the Talk, or more properly, the leftwing bullshit. And while it would be nice to be able to defeat the anti gun people with the media, the fact is, there is no possible way to get any of the various outlets to help dispense the… Read more »


“For those who don’t like the things that the NRA is doing, and has done, for WLP’s entire tenure”

Many of us don’t like what was done before Wayne. The problems at the NRA go far beyond Wayne. The arrogance, willingness to agree to/recommend concessions, lack of cooperation with other groups, lack of engagement with members, reluctance to criticize politicians, and lack of involvement with “pro 2nd Amendment” politiicans to help them write position papers and make arguments is astounding.

(lifetime member)

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Deplorable Bill

Usama bin ladin actually called biden a buffoon and not worth an assassination attempt when there was opportunity. Too bad.

Arm up and carry on