Joe Biden Has Long Been Hostile To The Second Amendment

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov

Delaware/United States – -( There are some questions you can easily answer. One of them is Joe Biden’s stance on the Second Amendment. Here’s the quick scoop: He’s been hostile to our rights for over four decades.

Biden, though, stands out for his unwavering opposition to modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms. In November, 2017, he expressly stated that Stephen Willeford, the heroic armed citizen who stopped the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, should not have been able to buy the AR-15 he used to stop the attack.

Of course, the former vice president and senator never really addressed the fact that had the shooter’s conviction for domestic assault been entered into NICS in the first place, the shooting would not have happened. The victims became pawns in his latest push for sweeping gun control.

At times during the Obama Administration, Biden was out there, pushing for semi-auto bans after shootings. He even offered some astonishingly dumb advice about firing a shotgun blast into the air – disregarding a basic tenant of firearms safety. Yet despite displaying that he lacks the common sense to recognize that “what goes up must come down,” he thinks he knows better than the rest of us what firearms we should or should not be able to acquire for protection (or for hunting or any other lawful purpose). Anyone who takes Biden’s advice is just asking for legal trouble in both the criminal and civil areas.

In the 1990s, he voted for the 1994 ban on modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms, for the Brady Act, and for Frank Lautenberg’s effort to destroy gun shows. He voted against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in both 2004 and 2005. In 2004, he ranted against the legislation, intended to stop the back-door effort at gun control that was being carried out by big-city mayors.

In 2007, Biden included (against the evidence provided by Chicago and Washington, DC – among other places) more gun control as a purported means to control crime – including an arbitrary ban on modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms and legislation intended to destroy gun shows in a crime bill.

Let’s face it people, Biden has cultivated an image over the years as a relative moderate. When it comes to Second Amendment issues, though, you should not believe it.

He is as much an anti-Second Amendment extremist as Dianne Feinstein is – and he is arguably more dangerous.

While Feinstein makes no bones about her opposition to the Second Amendment, Biden does very well at putting far too many gun owners at ease with the “I don’t want your deer rifle, I just want the AR-15 gone” schtick. In short, Joe Biden is arguably the most dangerous general election opponent for President Trump, and Second Amendment supporters should act accordingly.

Now for an important footnote to this: Anyone who wants to really learn about how to protect yourself at home (or elsewhere) or who wants to learn how to handle firearms safely should go to the NRA web site to find local instructors who can offer courses to fulfill your educational needs. We have a Second Amendment right, but with it comes the responsibility to know how to exercise it in a safe manner for ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow citizens.

About Harold Hutchison

Harold Hu, chison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Confucius say, “He that fart in church sit in his own pew”.

willy d

My base on all of the Demo-Rats is that the main flow here on Ammo Land probably feel the same if it was a Republican or Independent or true Conservative, would have been Tared and Feathered, and hung out to Dry in a public arena for a public stoning !!!!!! Not so from any Demo-Rat, they come up with a mouth full of excuses, and followed by a full pardon for all of them, NO TRIAL, NO INVESTIGATIONS, NO JAIL TIME, oh we didn’t mean to do it, so we just get a pass, to go on with this is… Read more »

Big Daddy

“Moe ,Larry ,the CHEESE !”

och will

“Guns Everywhere” and opposition to common sense safety legislation like universal background checks is not the Second Amendment. Its gun industry profit driven gun sales marketing. Joe Biden is a moderate, unlike the writers at AmmoLand. He is also a gentleman and has served America in the US Senate and as Vice President.
And America still has, as of this moment, the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world and Oliver North is still a convicted gun trafficker who lied to Congress.

robert a lasley

The United states ranks 62nd in mass shootings. Gun ownership has went up and violence went down. And most gun violence comes from stolen guns not from the law abiding citizens. You believe whatever propaganda gets shoved down your throat. Far more lives are saved by guns than taken.

Get Out

You should at least tell the truth that North was exonerated. UBC’s are an infringement. BTW Joe’s under fire for groping isn’t he?
A federal judge Monday dismissed the case against Oliver North at the request of the special prosecutor. It was a climactic finish to the lengthy criminal proceedings against the star defendant in the Iran-Contra affair, and North said he was “totally exonerated.”

Larry Brickey

Peg, I’m not going to aim a personal attack at you. All the above did that very well. I would ask that you do an in-depth study of the Bill of Rights and why they were enshrined in the Constitution. Why are they the first ten amendments included? You are, like some others here, going strictly by emotion. Stop. Humans have the ability and responsibility to use reason and logic. Too many don’t. That’s why the anger gets rolling.

Jay eden

All these democrats seem to know how to use the 1st amendment in full auto mode. Maybe we should limits their 1st amendment rights to to 10 words or less. Maybe Joe bite me. Is using his 10 women assault limit. Both peg and bite me are assault weapons. And need to be banned

Daniel carter

Here is a troubling thought the NRA has not been standing up against these red flag laws I would like to know why I myself am physically disabled Troublesome thought today and yesterday as I went to my heart doctor and had to fill out yearly paperwork first question owner paperwork what is do I own a firearm today at my primary doctor once again third question on the paperwork do I own a firearm it seems to me there is a push or a movement to take away the disabled right to bear arms and protect their families and… Read more »


When I pressed my doctor about the gun questions, he told me it had to do with suicide. They are afraid you are going to shoot yourselves. (Hello, I am from the government and I am here to help you). If someone wanted to commit suicide, wouldn’t it be a lot more easy and painless to just swallow some fentanyl or other opioids, and just go to sleep ? Who wants to shoot themselves now-a-days ? Yep, they are gathering info for the gun grabbers, since so many doctors are gun grabbers themselves.

Clint Baker

Of course, the 2nd doesnt give us the right to defend ourselves, it does establish the governments responsibility to defend that right. And all the others too. I know that i am a free man, and i will never ask permission from anyone, to arm myself. I love and respect our country, and its constitution, but i have no problem whatsoever, trampling on any law that is unconstitutional. And i will always do exactly what the hell i want to do. There is not a nut moonbat liberal alive, whose opinion of me affects me in any way whatsoever.


Hear hear ! My sentiments exactly. Their infringements are null and Boud from inception, and they can KMA, and shove their ill forged laws where the sun don’t shine. Civil Disobedience, that’s me.


Peg, your blatant display of arrogance, propaganda, and lack of mental fortitude displays your total lack of knowledge and common sense. You meaning the left leaning, brainless squids have lost your minds. The 2nd is here because our founders knew that there would come a day that our government will do exactly what the Democrats are trying to push right now. The violence we see is mainly from the left. Beware when you keep poking the bear, the bear will eventually fight back. Stop poking the bear. Patriots will defend our constitution. I swore an oath several times. That oath… Read more »

och will

Charming. Absolutely charming comment willy d. ThankBS you so much.


Maybe this Peg is hoping he will kiss her on the back of the head while he is rubbing her shoulders and who knows what else. If he was a republican they would have already berated him to death, but being a democrat makes his actions acceptable because he is just being affectionate. When he man handles young girls and it is recorded that would give anyone a pause. By the way, where is the good doctor Mrs. with all this going on. You don’t see any of her blond hair floating about. He has got to be the stupidest… Read more »


Show me a Democrat that isn’t. They more progressive they are, the more willing they are to eliminate the second amendment!

Timothy K Bunn

I think Democrats had abated the meaning of democracy, and have become socialist, thus Democrat is used because it seems innocuous.


anyone stupid enough to vote for this asshole is too stupid to own a gun.

Dan Schwager

He won’t go anywhere. He’s just an idiot Democrat thats all, been voted in for decades by other idiots.

William Charles

Smokin Joe the pedophile Biden isn’t the only anti-second amendment we have in Washington DC.

Newly appointed attorney General William Barr is not a fan of the Second Amendment, voted in favor of the Brady Bill, stated publicly that he is in support of banning what he calls assault weapons as well as magazines ( he called them clips) in excessive 10 Rounds.

See Hun Owners of America for more facts regarding William Barr’s anti 2nd. Amendment opinions.


A nobody till Obama needed a lackey. A womanizer who swims naked in front of female secret service agents, inappropriate behavior “me too” movememt? Apparently not, unless you are a Judge Kavanaugh, then full speed ahead in ruining a career on unsubstantiated allegations proven false. No problem with this bum though, or the three top dems in Virginia, or the race bating hateful Ellison. His apology tour has falling on deaf ears because the majority, most importantly independents, see through this light weight pompous ass. Now with his recent lie about giving the Ukraine government, while VP, six hours to… Read more »

Stephen Phelps

You know why police and anyone with a brain don’t fire a warning shot in the air , twofold, what goes up must come down and that one shot maybe the only shot you get !!! And they are people some of you vote for , better think again.


Stupid, that is NOT being against the 2nd amendment. It is being PRO gun safety. You and NRA are terrorist support organizations and thank you, Biden now has my unquaified support now! If you get eff eff OUT of my news feed I won’t post anti-YOU messages, you sociopathic hate-mongers with neither compassion nor empathy for victims of gun terrorism.


Hey Peg, as you were growing up did the kids call you Peg or Pig? Your attitude moves along the lines of a typical liberal who is striking back at society for personal reasons–or are you one of the Bloomberg paid trolls?

terry ralston

If the nra are terrorists then they are the kind of terrorists that i want in america. they dont kill, they dont mame, and they are not dangerous. they do protect our rights as gun owners through legal ways and they advocate gun safety, this is the kind of terrorist we need, they do it legally therefore they are NOT TERRORISTS! the left needs to learn and understand what a terrorist is and what they do, they dont go to court and fight for rights. they dont protect people or property. THEY KILL INDISCRIMENTLY AND DESTROY PROPERTY. one other thing… Read more »


Just unsubscribe. You act like an old “biddy” that claims to be offend but keeps staring at the girls at the beach.

Get Out

PRO gun safety are you being serious? Joe says to “Fire the Shotgun Through the Door”, where is the PRO gun safety in doing that? Joe also says “In November, 2017, he expressly stated that Stephen Willeford, the heroic armed citizen who stopped the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, should not have been able to buy the AR-15 he used to stop the attack.”, where is the PRO gun safety in that? Joe apparently didn’t want the shooter stopped!
BTW will you be wanting Joe to nuzzle the back of your neck now that he has your unqualified support?

Lanier Holcombe

Please stop and take your medication Peg. You admitted in your post that you are unqualified to even comment in this discussion. The 2nd Amendment MUST not be changed or eleminated. It is an innalienable RIGHT of EVERY US CITIZEN to own and bear arms for their protection, specifically against our own government, which our 2nd Amendment plainly states, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!


did the fork make you fat?

Mr. Walkker

Thank you Peg. Your comments prove my point over and over again. Lib-tard-sism is a mental disorder.
It is apparent that you are either ignorant, misinformed, or some sort of Anti-American figure, parading as the citizens advocate for said al-edged Victim hood. Idiotic thought processes, such as yours is the reason why the 2nd Amendment exists. Keep barking nonsense, please. It makes the fight real. Reach into your back pocket. There you will find your mental midget and your assistance to make it through life.


Typical female feminist liberal. Doesn’t know anything, has an opinion on everything and doesn’t know when to shut the hell up.

Wild Bill

Ah a new troll calling itself Pig. Everyone knows that safety can not be legislated. Safety requires individual and dedicated attention to the current activity, whether the activity is lawn mower safety or shooting sports safety, equestrian safety, or any other human endeavor.

Wild Bill

Ooops, should be Peg. Accursed spell check.

Dubi Loo

Peg, a few thoughts even though it’s probably a waste of my time: The same Bill of Rights that protects your right to free (even stupid) speech enumerates my God given 2A rights. So why don’t we start by removing your 1A rights? VeepCreep is constantly protected by guns of all types, some fully automatic. Why is he afforded the right to self preservation and I am not? The hypocrisy is stunning! No one is forcing you to have this page in your “newsfeed!” You don’t like it? LEAVE. Obviously you know nothing about me, my circumstances, or the NRA.… Read more »


“Gun” and “terrorism” do not belong in the same sentence unless one doe not understand the 2nd amendment. “Gun” is a tool with many purposes. “Terrorist has but one “

tim wynne

Hey lard ass how did you put down your donuts long enough to type that horseshit?


Wow! Peg, all I can say is how wrong you are. I am the NRA. I have harmed not a soul. Biden is an idiot. Supporting Biden makes you an idiot too. Please learn to research and develop a valid point before posting such garbage.


I think you’ll have more luck if you try posting in English

Alexander Horman

You should get along just great with the NRA, they don’t truly support the second amendment and instead compromise and call for bans and unconstitutional laws before turning around and asking the gun owners they just betrayed for more money to “fight for your rights”. Gun Owners of America and Firearms Policy Coalition are the only organizations that care about your freedom.


Crazy Uncle Joe is just another Demo-Communist who is being seen for what he truly is. But someone or ones in the Politburo at the DNC have decided that he must go. He will be destroyed if he hangs around.

Herb T

“even offered some astonishingly dumb advice about firing a shotgun blast into the air” should be remembered when trying to figure out what Biden has actually accomplished in all the years as a “public” servant. Getting re-elected doesn’t count. Making stupid public statements does. Another of the best liars, cheats and thieves America has to offer.

Raymond Hudson

It would seem that the Democrats are accepting every deviant and sick sexual predator that can cast a vote. One of these young girls is going to turn around a kick Biden right in the Nuts, he takes way too many liberties with his caresses and fondling! Someone needs to speak out and get the point across, this is Not Proper Behavior! He’s a Dirty Old Man, an obvious one and protected by the Democrats! Shame!!


@Raymond….that image of the girl kicking Biden in the nuts was hilarious, I can’t stop laughing about it. I hope the Cartoonists, like Ramirez, draw up a sketch for AmmoLand.

James Slemons

Gun grabbers are Un American !

James Slemons

He is un American if he doesn’t like our Constitution from beginning to end !!!


Great article.
In the era of propagandist leftist media no longer attempting to hide their roles as shills for the demonRATS, hopefully (if Biden is the nominee) enough people will see through the “Uncle Joe” veneer and focus on the “Crazy” part.


Once an idiot always an idiot… #IdiotJoe #BafoonBiden

Green Mtn. Boy

As he is a idiot he is open to the highest bidder ,so he is a Marxist Buffoon.


ulterior motive: he’s fearful of women who might use 2A to protect themselves from his groping activity