If You Build It ~ They Will Steal It, Are You Prepared?

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Barrels of Ammunition XM855
Barrels of Ammunition XM855

USA –  -(AmmoLand.com)- There was an insurance company commercial running on TV back when I first wrote this column. This is an update to that article reflecting the trying times we find ourselves in. The TV commercial featured a dog who was worried about the safety of his bone. He first buries the bone, but he constantly is looking out into his yard to make sure the bone has not been dug up and stolen. He then takes the bone to a bank and places it in a safety deposit box, where it is really secure. But again the dog loses sleep over his bone.

So finally he brings the bone home and leaves it out, insecure in his home. However, now he has the red umbrella of an insurance company hovering over his bone and the little doggie can sleep soundly. The bone can be stolen by another dog, but since the bone is insured against loss or theft the cute little K-9 who owns the bone, has no worries. No matter what happens, the dog gets a check from the insurance company so he can go out and replace the bone.

Now what if there are no new bones to be had, no matter how much money the insurance company gives him to replace the missing old bone?

What if he gets this windfall check to cover his loss, but there is no money in the local bank to cash the check? Even if he gets the check cashed there are no new bones to be had at any cost. The dog had great insurance coverage but he failed to “assure” that he would have a bone to chew when hard times came. If the bone was still buried in the ground he could go dig it up when he got hungry.

Maybe the bank he was using might not have any cash to distribute, but the bone would be safe in the security vault. Unfortunately, in times of crisis the dog had a check, which in reality is worth only the paper it is printed on and he has nothing to eat. Insured against loss, but no “assurance” that he will be able to eat and therefore survive the coming disaster. The truth of the matter is, in real hard times that cute little dog has a better than even chance of winding up in someone’s cooking pot and providing an assured meal for some hungry human who failed to prepare.

Gold is over $1800 an ounce. I am old enough to remember when this country was on the gold standard and gold was $35 an ounce. People buy gold when they do not trust what is happening to their paper money. It may be too late to even think about gold. If you have $1800 to spend on a gold coin I strongly suggest you put that money into assuring you can feed your family and protect your loved ones from harm.

I continue to say and I mean it most sincerely, in time of crisis the only two things of true value are food and firearms. However, when I say firearms I really mean ammunition.

Pile of Guns
In times of crisis, the only two things of true value are food and firearms. However, when I say firearms I really mean ammunition.

Having a gold coin means nothing if I cannot find anything to buy that I can eat. Inflation is coming. If you have any spare money now is the time to stock-pile the things you have to have, not what you want to have. You cannot have too much canned-food in your home. Even in good times, you can skip going out to eat and make a home-cooked meal from all the stored up food items you have, whether hard times ever come.

We are a nation of people who do not know how to help ourselves. When bad things happen, we look to others immediately to save us and provide for us. Envision no one is there to save you or give you anything to exist on. Now envision what little you have, the have-nots are coming to take it from you and hurt your family during that confrontation.

This is where the firearms and plenty of ammo become so valuable.

As of today the going price for 9mm ammo is $80.00 ~ $100 a box for hardball ammunition. If you want jacketed hollow point you will pay $130 and up. 357 mag is $160 a box and 38 spl has an asking price of between $150 and $250. I know “you” and “I” would never pay that much. But someone is because the prices are not going down.

22LR ammo online from the legitimate ammo distributors is $27 to $50 for a box of 50 rounds. I wrote a column years ago projecting that 22LR would sell for whatever the value of a silver dollar in time a crisis and the projection was $200. That however was when the world was supposedly falling apart and there was panic in the streets of the nation. To have 22LR selling for $50 a box right now is scary and a tad bit creepy.

12ga ammo is getting harder and harder to find. The slugs and buckshot disappeared a couple of months ago but when you walk into a store and there is no 12ga of any kind on the shelf this is alarming.

Take a long look at your home. What room could you retrograde to, where you could keep your family warm, dry, fed, and protected in? There is that food and firearms thing again. When I was stationed in Korea the locals ate dogs regularly. You could buy a puppy in the town market. They would slaughter it for you and you took it home to eat. We are a country of animal lovers, including me, we imagine we could not participate in that feeding concept.

We all know what insurance is and how we hate to make those insurance payments to cover our health, our life, our home, our cars, and anything else we might own. But for that, we expect, no we demand that someone compensate us for our loss when the tornado destroys our property.

If there is no insurance man to pick up the pieces for you and reimburse you for your loss how do you go on? If every home on your block is burned to the ground in a civil “disturbance” but yours, will you gladly open your doors and your assured “stores” to your panicked and desperately in need neighbors?

Get some assurance or be prepared to eat your pets. This is not a joke, hard times are almost here.

Let us think back to the 1919 baseball World Series scandal and apply it to today’s situation. Shoeless Joe Biden and the Whitehouse Black-Sox have the game.

Recall that famous baseball movie in the cornfields of Iowa. “IF YOU BUILD IT—THEY WILL STEAL IT.”

There are no designated hitters in this game. Everyone must take their turn at the bat. Even an old bat, ball, and glove are better than no sports equipment at all. The game is afoot, but it is no game. It is time to hustle the ball and acquire some assurance.

If you are going to stand in a cornfield and wait for your life to change hopefully for the better, take your sports equipment with you out onto that field just in case you have to swing and hit against multiple opposing teams.

“IF YOU BUILD IT—THEY WILL STEAL IT” maybe or maybe not–you decide.

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force, was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safety and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]

Major Van Harl USAF Ret

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If the Obama years have taught us anything, it’s that ammunition shortages were a glimpse into the future. The warning signs were always there. Is this shortage citizen or government made? The left has always been trying to disarm us, what better way than to accomplish that by eliminating the one thing all gun owners need?


Citizen made, as in supply and demand. There; I fixed it for you.


> Citizen made, as in supply and demand.
Not if government is contracting for huge supplies of ammo, bumping other production off the line.

Roland T. Gunner

And deliberately engineering events to fuel the panic buying.

WI Patriot

This has been coming for yrs, if you’re not prepared by now, then you’re just SOL…


I’ve spoken with folks who went through the’Great Depression of the early 20th century. It was no surprise that the most commonly traded and sought after item was ammunition of all kinds. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself!


Don’t forget barter of skills and use of tools and equipment. If you can work on cars or equipment, weld, butcher wood, butcher beef or wildlife, fix guns, teach people how to shoot guns, do basic health care, all of these things are of value in a barter economy.


guns must be of two types those to defend you and what you have and those that put meat on table ,transport simple and durable diesel over gas (fuel can be made) no electronics it is hard to maintain power source solar wind water diesel backup all these things that make you comfortable make you a target so defensive measures must be sound although barter is a great thought self reliance is more realistic the movie 28 days later was made after live 1918 flu was found 1918 flue killed in hours. it wiped out places disconnected from the world… Read more »


Teach people to shoot guns with the ammo THEY brought. There; I fixed it for you.


History….learn from it; be doomed to repeat it; or die from it. Keep saying, we’ve got enough guns….hoard ammo!!!!

Autsin Miller III

Personally, I dont think we are at the door of an apocalypse but I do find it interesting that the people who used to laugh at me for “prepping ” aren’t laughing anymore. I probably have enough ammo but I think prices will come down and when they do, I KNOW I will have enough.


Was this article written 3 months ago??? Current ammo prices are 1/3 of what the author states, and slowly coming down further. Fact.

Nevertheless, anyone who doesn’t have a good supply after 0bama, well, that’s just very poor planning.


Ammo very, very scarce in the greater Seattle area. Prices of said ammo have dropped zero percent. Fact.

Roland T. Gunner

Ammo is coming down, as is price and availability of firearms. I saw Colt M4 (6920) carbines for, I think it was, $959 a few weeks ago. That has to be less than retail, and at that rate, Colt will stop selling them to the public again.


I see that a 500 round brick is selling for $99 on line. But to get to the point that 50 rounds of .22 is $25? Well thank you Federal Reserve and the psychopathic control freaks running the world.


It is really just simple supply and demand. But thanks for playing.

Big George

“You can never have enough ammo…until ya’ run out”!~John Wayne


Many, many years ago an old Marine Gunny told me: “You can never be too handsome, you can never be too rich and you can never have too much ammo”!

Big George

Mayhaps the Duke borrowed the line from your Gunny and used it in ‘The Longest Day’!


There are two times when you can have too much ammo: if you’re swimming or if you’re on fire.


Ya know, you get to know neighbors, they’re good people, they have employment that requires intelligence . . . and then they make you wonder.
Neighbor (who thinks people shouldn’t be allowed to own those “big clips”) answer to mob violence:
“Run in the house and lock the door.”
And then what?
“That’s a police problem.”

. . . I had no words.
Yeah, I’m on my own.


Wow. Are people really that naive?

Roland T. Gunner

Jeez. The “police problem” is picking them up off your lawn and zipping them into body bags.

The Crimson Pirate

“Maybe the bank he was using might not have any cash to distribute, but the bone would be safe in the security vault. “ Do some research on what happened in Greece, and Cypress during their financial crisis a few years back. Stuff in safety deposit boxes isn’t really safe at all. Don’t get stuck on 1 oz gold coins. There are 1/10, 1/20, 1/2, and 1/4 as well, and do not forget silver. Silver may turn out to be more useful than gold as it can be used for smaller transactions. You will want to trade your $1800 gold coin… Read more »


One must remember, the government CAN SEIVE ALL of YOUR possessions in a security vault — any time they want!!!!! It has already happened in the past!!!!!


Yes, it’s good to have enough anmo at whatever the price is!


I do not get the baseball comparisons, that part does not make sense. But ammo… yeah!.


Ah, baseball. The game with fifteen minutes of action packed into two hours…


well as for me for my primary firearms i know i have at least 3k to 5k rounds per gun.most of my bolt guns have around 500 to 1500 rds per gun and i have a few newer firearms that only have a few hundreds rounds per gun. There is only one firearm i dont have any ammo at all for and that my last purchase of a 6.5Grendel. I have 340rds on back order but the date keeps getting pushed back.I purchased it two months ago and it was originally due in , in 30days.Now they have pushed back… Read more »


I was intending to buy a 1911 in 10mm. I had even placed the order with my LGS. Thankfully, it was late on a Friday, so the order didn’t go in. I checked around, and I couldn’t find even one box locally or online. I was waiting on the steps when the owner showed up, and cancelled the order. Ended up buying another 9mm instead. I’m ok on 9mm and .40 S&W I used to go to the range I’m a member weekly. Now, I’m only going once a month. I’ve enough on hand and enough components to reload, but… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

10mm was the only caliber I did not have any resl stash of; couple hundred rounds of Buffalo Bore and Underwood, and my preferred go to pistols are 10mm. I managed to find 10 boxes of run of the mill 10mm, here and there, for about $36/box delivered. Not enough to plink, but a basic emergency supply.


I’ve searched like Sherlock Holmes for 6.5Grendel ammo since this started and found zip. I got notified some was in stock once but even after immediately going to their website they were out.


I’ve seen some Grendel for sale, but at $3-5 per round, limit two boxes of 20 — i’m not interested. Want to buy at least a thousand at a time so I can zero and dope for that particular load — but also need to pay more moderate prices. Got a thousand of the cheap bimetallic rounds from “before times”. Hoping a case isn’t enough to cause excessive wear.


I have noticed that ammo seems to be coming down in price. How long this will continue, I do not know!


I’ve not seen any ammo in stock for sale so they could mark it down to free if they want. It doesn’t matter if you can’t buy it.

Ryben Flynn

I spent several years loading my own. I haven’t bought any ammo except .22LR bricks and that was only on Black Friday sales over 3 years ago.
I had so much .22LR I sent a brick to my Brother in Georgia who didn’t have but 50 rounds. I still have well over 500 rounds left.
I just need to find some H335 powder to load up the rest of my brass and bullets.


Should be ‘well over 5000 rounds left’.


More like 20,000 rds. of .22 LR


The hour is now very late. Excellent article.


All brands of price inflation are brought to you by your gummint. Supply chain constricts, prices rise. This is a more subtle form of gun control. Taxes, fees, restrictions on components. This is the avenue of approach taken in many Progressive Utopias like Kalifornia. The Harris/Biden regime will try to take this nation wide. Remember, under the Obama regime the feds tried to constrict the supply of smokeless powders by regulating the components like nitro cellulose our of existence. They will try again.


Well Major Harl, I agree with your observations. I have a couple of boxes of .22LR with the original price tag on them. You’ll surely remember this, though others may not. Those price tags read $0.67/50 rounds. That’s right 67 CENTs for 50 rounds of Federal .22LR, purchased from Gibson’s Discout Store in 1970. I’ve a couple boxes from the early 50’s, that belonged to my Grandfather, I hang onto because the box artwork is rare. There’s not even a Cent symbol on keyboards anymore. I’m damned glad I spent more money buying components in the two years prior to… Read more »


My local Ace Hardware has primers. $3.50/100, $5.50 for benchrest.

Roland T. Gunner

Only 20 years ago, you could get a 500 rd brick for about 10 bucks.


Like always a very thought provoking article!!

Matt in Oklahoma

Yes sir been saying this for a long time now