$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo

By Major Van Harl USAF Ret

$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo
$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)-  If you watch the Fox news channel or pick up the Wall Street Journal you cannot miss all the ads selling gold.

They are trying to convince you that hard times are coming and only gold will have any real value. The problem is as of today gold is $1612 an ounce and silver is $31.

Obviously having a gold coin is better than having $1612 dollars in US paper money in time of crisis if you want to come out on the other end of a bad situation with something of value. In reality that gold coin will only grow in value in time of crisis.

I have seen predictions of gold rising in value to as mush as $8000 an ounce. Sounds great if you are the owner of the gold coin but what can you buy with an $8000 coin when the basic needed items of food, medicine, and paper products are not to be found on the store shelves.

If I have a pick up truck full of canned food and you offer me a gold coin for it, do you really think I am going to be so greedy as to take your overly inflated gold that I cannot do any thing with and turn over a truck load of non-perishable food?

Maybe if your neighbor is desperate enough to sell you his land or high value items like vehicles, gold coins will come in handy in time of crisis if you want to dabble in speculation as the world is falling down around you. One ad I am seeing is projecting that silver could go up to $200 an ounce. If you have $1600 to invest (I am not sure that is the correct word) in a one gold coin you may want to consider spreading your crisis- purchasing ability into multiple, less value, but more spendable silver coins.

The one hard and fast rule of personal survivability in time of crisis is “food and firearms are the only two things of true value.”

Really it is food and ammo. There are more firearms in the US then there are people so other than a man made hoarding situation there will be plenty of firearms. However a gun is only an expensive boat anchor if there is no ammo to shoot out of it.

Have you tried to buy ammo in the past sixty days? The ability of find any handgun ammunition is almost impossible unless you are willing to pay as much as twice the normal price. Certain rifle calibers, such as .223 Remington and 308 Winchester are selling for a $1 to $2 a round.

A twenty round box of 223 Remington was selling for about $8 a box two months ago. Now some types of 223 Remington are selling for $35 a box of twenty. This is pure manmade panic buying. I have been writing for over five years about the volatility of ammo availability and price, now the chickens have come home to roost.

This is not a natural, disaster driven crisis that makes the public go out and desperately seek guns and ammo because the world is coming to an end. This is purely a politically driven Bravo Sierra (BS) manmade panic buying problem.

However what it is, is an excellent training tool for those who continue to sit on the fence of personal protection and support of the Constitution. The bad guys under the “Klingon Cloaking Devise” of elected politicians (primarily Democrats) are after your firearms and more importantly your Constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment. You may believe it is someone else’s job to do all the heavy lifting in protecting you from evil.

If weakness is the basis you want to build your life and the safety of your family on so be it, but how dare you expect someone else to risk their life to rush in and save you because you refused to prepare.

In time of real crisis I project a 50 round box of 22lr ammo will trade for the current value of an ounce of silver. So if silver is $200 an ounce that will make a 22lr bullet worth $4 a round. If you think I am off the mark go out and try to buy a box of 22lr ammo today. Today’s ammo crisis is not real, but there is no 22lr to be found and that is real.

As Obama says, “this is a teachable moment.” Learn, prepare and get busy buying the right tools for the job. Your job is to defend your family.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret
[email protected]

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:
Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret. , is a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. Now retired, these days he enjoys camping, traveling, volunteering with the Girl Scouts and writing. [email protected]

  • 28 thoughts on “$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo

    1. Wise up. You can, learn to shoot with a “red ryder” BB gun. Save your 22 rounds for the squirrels. As for hoarding thousands of rounfs of ammo, How much can you carry at a fast pace? I feel, one rifle, one pistol per family member along with 300 rounds per rifle and 100 rounds per pistol is sufficient. You will “pick up” required weapons and ammo as you work to survive.

    2. Your right about the advanced weaponry / tech and don”t forget, they have the very genetic code to the enviroment , the people would have no chance.They would make everything sick or poison everything around them unless they had there cure that no one else has because it is man made and not natural, then when they have killed or sickened the majority of the population and they realize they have made a mess out of everything and can not be fixed , they might clean everything up by viral-DNA or nuking everything. Tell me something how would the people fight that kind of a war with regular guns? That kind of a war must be fought from the inside out and with the hope that there are still good people involved with this type of technology and if not i think in my opinion that we will suffer great losses. Our way of life could be lost for a while.
      It really hurts me to see my free country and people go down hill but i cant blame them because i know they are miss informed and lied to every day by people they feel they trust ,i also know what is happening to them. Please try to wake people up. Thank brother.

    3. While HS buys up billion of ammo they don’t want people like you or your daughter training to use weapons and you surely are not going to train using 45 cal. bullets to do so, you are going to use the cheapest ammo possible, 22 cal. ammo. I don’t buy the stories we are in short supply because people are hoarding!

    4. June 21, 2014 and a 50rd box of Remington subsonics up for auction with a buy it now at $30 FOR 50 ROUNDS PEOPLE…!!!!! Im sure it won’t sell but ARE YOU SERIOUS $30

    5. Whoever honestly thinks the People with their regular grade firearms, can compete with the most advanced weaponry in the world is nothing short of crazy. They have the technology to level an entire city. Not to mention the biological weaponry. It would be like throwing a pebble at a battleship. In the days of the Civil War, things were more evenly matched. Not so today. In the end the masses will get what they deserve for allowing the few to control every aspect of society while bickering amongst each other over what political party they belong to. Republicans, do yourselves a favor and google one of Glen Beck’s last Fox shows about the Bilderberg group. The controllers don’t give a damn about party affiliation. Wake up.

    6. don’t get hosed i bought 250 rounds for 35 dollars same brand just got to keep looking the ammo is out there.

    7. Cheaper than dirt has their head up their butts, they want to charges $250 for a box of 525 RLN cheap ammo. We the people needs to remember these people who are trying to screw us in these times and when the ammo does come back, we need to boycott these places. Another words screw them back

    8. .22LR CCI Standard Velocity 40GR lead round nose

      Dicks Sporting Goods, Rochester, NY

      $40/500 round brick

      Limit one per customer per day

    9. let me edumicate ya forget economics ill give it to ya in a nut shell GREED thats all supply and demand b.s. heres how it goes bill has a gun store and gets 1000 rounds of .22 ammo in but hes a fair guy and sells it at a modest markup enough to make a nice profit without screwing anyone along comes hannibal lecchter he buys the 1000 rounds for say 100.00 he then turns around and sells it for 500.00 dollars because he is what you guessed it so bill finds this out and then bill says the hell with that and guess what ? bill then sells the next shipment of a 1000 rounds for 550.00 ya see the corrilation here bill in being honest in the first place sold his ammo at a fair price and got burned so what is bill to do well bill wil go with the flow and follow everybody else and be GREEDY because althogh bill is a nice guy and is not greedy why should bill play by the rules and not make money too ? so you see its all based on greed thats what these mental patients go to 4 years of college for economics for just remember its all GREED and youll be fine

    10. I just purchased 100 rounds of CCI mini-mag from Cabela’s for $16…shipped…there are folks selling a case of 22lr ammo for close to a grand…Alamo ammo is assfucking the public…be patient, and it will be available soon

    11. Folks, do not forget the Oath Keepers (www.oathkeepers.org)! All of us, who have sworn an oath to protect and defend our Constitution – and not the current or any other Commander-in-Chief – will do so, whether on active duty or nor (our oaths do not expire) – oaths that were made on our personal honor. The 545 responsible are at real risk, whether they acknowledge this or not, if they violate, or continue to violate, THEIR oaths. Just who provides THEIR personal protection? You guessed it! Oath Keepers!
      Any Second Revolution, should such be deemed deemed necessary, could be VERY short-lived!

    12. At this point, it doesn’t matter what the “government” does.
      All total, there are about 800,000 civilian LE including DHS, TSA, and state and local.
      There are at least 3 million Oathkeepers…I’ll take those odds.
      We learned how to defeat these folks in the sandbox.
      Remember, they respond, they do not create.
      The libs used a tactic called swatting against us last year.
      This time, swatting creates targets for the 0317’s
      We can cut off their food, fuel, and toilet paper with a few well placed wrecks. They only have a 2 day supply.
      Think about no toilet paper in Baltimore….woah.
      Use your brain, be a weapon, not a target.
      My friends found the best way to find IED’s was to tie Habib to the hood of the truck. He always knew where the crap was going to happen.

    13. Screw the Goverment I am ready tor war These people couldn’t run a whore house more less our Goverment I am tired of all this Bull Shit about what we might do if the DC crowd does something. They have been doing it to us the people since the Civil war and really got crank up when WoodrowWilson took office They have all had there hand up our ass And now is no different Wake the Fuck up America

    14. If the economy collapses there will be martial law declared. The governement will not go out of business, if nothing else survives, they will..and if anyone stands in their way they will be eliminated by whatever means, this is a historical fact. However, I don’t see the people surrendering their guns, ammunition or food to the government which will make for interesting times.

    15. Brian, if they were ever so foolish as to attempt to ban firearms their price would skyrocket along with ammo. And that action would most certainly be a catalyist for civil war and the breakup of our Country. East/West coasts would make up separate Countries and the large bulk of the Midwest would continue to follow our Constitution.
      Is this what they want?

    16. There is only one flaw with the thinking of this article, as evidenced in Argentina when their economy collapsed in 2001: The government could ban all weapon possession, rendering the possession of .22 ammo worthless. That is exactly what happened in Argentina. If the economy collapses, politicians aren’t just going to sit on their hands; they will grab more power to control.

    17. I re-load my hand gun ammunition, 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP, the ammo shortage has had no effect on me, I have enough primers and powder to last me for several years, until we can out last Obama and the democrats. I tried to get some of my friends into re-loading several years ago, but they did not as the price of 9mm was “so cheap” it was not worth their time. Now they have none and want me to make it for them. Their lack of planning and foresight is not my concern, I have cut back the number of rounds I train with, but I will not sell it or make it for anyone.

    18. Where am I ? Surely not the America I know. Economics makes no sense public officials make no sense and most of all we the people make no sense. For the love of money gas prices are too high minimum wage is too low and the common or (not so common) 22 L.R. Is non existent . We fool ourselves electing the lessor of two evils. Is that not all evil. Laying aside the fact that even when this appeared to be a free nation freedom cost too damn much. Moreso this is our reality? Or is this a nightmare. Just don’t buy, don’t go to work ,don’t pay taxes,don’t make house notes, don’t pay credit cards, please don’t send your children to these unprotected schools, and don’t respond to these people that are not of,by or for the people. And please next time you present a dark complected man as a leader let him have grown up in Chicago instead of one who doesn’t know where he is from himself.

    19. I own several antique guns which use ammo that is no longer manufactured. Because of this, years ago, I bought a reloading press and taught myself how to reload.

      Now, with the price of ammo going through the roof, I’m making some spending money on the side reloading shell casings for my buddies using that same old reloading press. Who knew reloading could be so lucrative? I certainly didn’t when I started!

      Anyway, I guess the point I’m trying to make here is, with sky-high ammo prices now becoming commonplace, it is actually quite cost effective to reload your ammo. And, you can always let your inner Capitalist loose and make a few extra bucks on the side by charging for your services.

      Just my two slugs worth.


    20. Theres this Ralph’s Manager that has 800 rounds of 9mm ammo.He assumes I have more and I do.I haven’t told him that,but he asks me to give him 100 rounds of 9mm practice ammo.The reason being is ammo is so expensive now and he doesn’t want to go through his 800 rounds.This man wants it with nothing in return.He’s crazy and he is Jewish.I asked him what religion he was and he said Jewish.If he offered me at the price I paid for it before all this ammo shortage I would sell it to him for that.Than I realized is this even legal to do.And this dude is not worth going to jail for as he has a big mouth and if the wrong ears hear it.If he was a good friend I would just give it to him.End of story.When Obama was elected in 2008 the same thing happened.All the firearms at the local gun store we’re pretty much sold and you had to wait to get one.The ammo in popular calibers was sold out.Now its the same but looks like the ammo and firearms have gone even faster.You have to go to a gun show with a wad of cash to buy ammo and get there early.This will all pass like it did before so no worries here.

    21. I used to give ammo to friends and coworkers. I also thought Preppers or shooters with 20,000rds of .22lr were crazy…now,I’m envious. I stood next to man looking at ammo at an Academy sporting goods in Texas. He bristled when I reached for a box of 30/30 in front of me..him? I blame the Dems and their sneaky Cause and Effect tactics. They know they can cause panic buying and shortages by pushing for gun bans.

    22. I remember a story that I believe is true. Germany, the Weimar Republic. At a time when a loaf of bead was going for a wheel barrel full of 100,000 Mark notes, A man bought a fancy restraunt for a 50 Mark gold coin.
      I was told it was true.

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