Is The Second Amendment Racist or More Fake News Propaganda?

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Is The Second Amendment Racist or More Fake News Propaganda? iStock-wildpixel

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“Gun violence is a public health crisis in communities of color, and the Second Amendment has roots in slavery.” This is the opening remark in an article titled, “Racial equity agenda must include gun control,” as published in the Leftist website, “Crosscut,” by Clyde Ford, March 8, 2021.

In tandem with the incendiary myth of “critical race theory,” thrust on the American public, and especially on our children by an entrenched Marxist-dominated and controlled Executive Branch and Democrat-Party controlled Legislative Branch of Government, quietly but inexorably and insidiously penetrating, permeating, and percolating through the Nation’s public educational system and even through the military—and all with the help of a seditious, legacy Press, arrogant Marxist academia, and the inordinately wealthy, powerful, and abjectly ruthless Neo-liberal Globalist technology mega-monopolies—is the application of erroneous and dangerous critical race theory to the Nation’s fundamental Rights and Liberties.

A new myth recently being propagated by Obstructors and Destructors of a free Republic and being projected into the psyche of the American citizenry is that the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights has its roots in racism:

“The Second Amendment is deeply rooted in America’s racist past, and fundamentally connected to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others. But to make this connection, one must be a “strict constructionist,” someone who looks beyond the Constitution’s written word to the underlying motives of the founders.

At the Second Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, in 1787, Southern delegates were fearful the U.S. Constitution they were drafting would restrict their right to own, sell and transport slaves. In response, Northern delegates crafted a document in which nearly one-quarter of the clauses appeased the slaveholding South, and the words “slave” or “slavery” never appeared. The Second Amendment was key among these appeasements.

Patrick Henry, a Virginia slaveholder, opposed ratifying the Constitution, fearing it would cede state control of slave patrols (politely called “militias” by the founders) to the federal government. James Madison, favoring ratification, said in a debate with Henry, “If the country be invaded, a state may go to war, but cannot suppress insurrection. If there should happen an insurrection of slaves, the country cannot be said to be invaded. They cannot, therefore, suppress it without the interposition of Congress.”

Take either side, Henry’s or Madison’s, local or federal, and the same fundamental issue remained: preserve slavery at all costs.” From “Crosscut,” supra.

This, in essence, as set forth in Clyde Ford’s article, is the argument perpetrated on the American people by Anti-Second Amendment Marxist zealots and, very recently, perpetuated by these Anti-American, Anti-Constitutionalist elements with a frantic, frenetic sense of urgency, for they are hell-bent on making as many substantive changes to a free Constitutional Republic as their fevered sociopathic minds can conceive.

In their vision of the ideal political, social, economic, and cultural societal construct, individual thought and expression are not only discouraged, but are not to be tolerated; and a Sovereign people whose sovereignty is made clear in the words of the Constitution and whose sovereignty is assured by virtue of their God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms in defense of Self and Family against those two-legged predators who would dare to harm them physically and in defense against an oppressive, repressive bloated Government that would dare to intimidate them, and to subjugate them, and to reduce them to penury. An armed American citizenry is, to these Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists, an anathema. And these reprehensible and ruthless forces are constantly devising ways to defeat exercise by the citizenry of their unalienable, immutable, illimitable, natural right to keep and bear arms.

Although not a new idea, having had its beginnings going back at least as far as the last two decades of the Twentieth Century, the myth has gained renewed attention and vigor from Progressive and Radical Left social media, and Left-wing news organizations, and Marxist academicians. The myth of the Second Amendment having a racist origin, being propagated today is not accidental.

The claim of ‘racism’ is, in fact, a major strategy employed by both the Marxists and Neoliberal Monopolist Globalists as they go about attacking and undermining the very foundation of a free Constitutional Republic. These Anti-American, Anti-Constitutionalist forces apply the appellation of RACISM with complete abandon, and amplify it, most notably to:

  • Our Nation’s History
  • Our Nation’s Founding Fathers
  • Our Nation’s Founding Documents
  • Our Nation’s Heritage
  • Our Nation’s Institutions
  • Our Nation’s Culture
  • Free Market Capitalism
  • Our Nation’s Fundamental Rights And Liberties
  • The Basic Ethical Tenets Of Christianity

Yes, even our Bill Of Rights, Christian Sensibilities, And Judeo-Christian Ethic And Ethos are being senselessly and mercilessly attacked by America’s Marxists, and America’s Neoliberal, Globalist monopolists as “RACIST.” And in that, the American people are being systematically robbed of everything they hold dear.

And why are these Destructive elements in our Nation employing the charge of racism to everything Americans cherish? These destructive forces and influences of atheism and Anti-nationalism are attacking such things because they denote the importance of and indeed the essence of American identity and American cohesion rooted in FAMILY, Country, Personal Autonomy, Individual Responsibility, And Integrity Of Selfhood.

The forces of atheism—Marxists and Neoliberal Globalist Monopolists—can have none of that! They have replaced the aforesaid sacred, invaluable treasures of our Nation, upon which the very BEING of our Nation and our ancestral memory depends, with a radically new political, social, and economic paradigm:

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Of all the schemes falling under this paradigm of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—a paradigm operating, too, as an irrepressible and boisterous MANTRA of the Destructors of our Nation, the fact that they are now applying the charge of “racism” very specifically to one fundamental, unalienable, immutable, natural right, demonstrates the importance these Destructors place on the Second Amendment.

The problem for the Obstructors and Destructors of our Nation is that, despite the consolidation of power, they know full well that however well they might cajole Americans to accept many of the Marxist programs, and notwithstanding their successes in whittling away the right of free speech, and freedom of association, and notwithstanding their major successes in destroying the privacy of one’s personal effects, the Counterrevolution of 2021 cannot have a concrete effect and lasting success as long as Americans possess firearms.

Claiming the Second Amendment has its roots in racism is just one more avenue of attack, preposterous as the claim is. Marxists will say anything, however absurd or inconsistent their remarks, if it furthers their agenda, and they need to make haste on defeating the Second Amendment before the 2022 midterm elections and the very real possibility of losing control of Congress. This is their most difficult but most critical task.

After all, an armed citizenry is the first and last bastion of a Free People—the final FAIL-SAFE mechanism to ensure the continued existence of a Free Constitutional Republic and a Sovereign American people.

It was force of arms—This And This Alone—that enabled a ragtag group of colonists to defeat the might and power of Great Britain, that made possible at all the success of the American Revolution Of 1776. No less, it is only by force of arms that the American people can hope to prevent the American Marxist Counterrevolution Of 2021 from succeeding. It isn’t that Americans will be compelled to resist Marxists and Neoliberal Globalist Monopolists by force of arms. It doesn’t have to come to that. It is in the exercise of the right that the threat to a Tyrannical Marxist Government. Tyrants cannot and will not abide a population of armed citizens. Tyrants Never Have Abided An Armed Citizenry And Never Will.

But most Americans do have firm convictions concerning the necessity of preserving the Republic; realizing that loss of the Republic means loss of Country. Only in the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms can both a free Republic and the authority of the American people as sole, supreme Sovereign be preserved. And the reality of this sits firmly in the psyche of the American citizenry, and it is a thing not so easily dislodged. And the Marxists and the Neoliberal Globalists know this all too well and that makes them frustrated and, therefore dangerous, for in their anguish to dissolve the Country as a Free Constitutional Republic and to bring the American people to their knees, they might light a powder keg.

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Nope. Pretty sure all gun control laws are rooted in racism.


I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but I can’t disagree. Interesting thought. Good on you.


Fascism counter balance to communism and both want you disarmed I prefer the chaos of an Independent republic where intelligent people can accel and they want to get rid of local police set up national one wait they have atf and fbi both attacking anyone who does not do what they are told attacked trump from day he started candidacy, so they need to go any group that attacks from within is not with or for US


This has been well established. Allowing negroes to be armed in the south was generally not acceotible. However, many plantaion owners were find wiht their trusted people being armed. MOST anti-gun or gun control laws rose up in the South (former Confedraate States who had lawfully seceded from the rest of the Union) specifically to prevent negroes be diearmed, or carefully controlled, to preclude an armed uprising. But consider: the Union had imposed an overnight freeing of all slaves.. no former owner was allowed to even let them stay on his land.They HAD to go. But where? Millions of people,… Read more »


Cultural Marxists. You shall know them by their fruit. They lie. They misquote. If they quote at all. They construct arguments from thin air. Their intentions are evil. Know them well. Disregard their arguments.


The Second Amendment came about as a direct result of Great Britain’s tactics of disarmament during the Revolutionary War. Period.

That these revisionists and relativists will twist anything to make it fit a scary word like “racism” is just a testament to how little the truth means to them.


You tell a lie long enough over and over it becomes the truth.


As opposed to false and valid. You’re a real genius, Schart.


As someone named Goebbels said, and proved repeatedly, what is true is not as important as what people believe. Get people to believe a lie, and the truth doesn’t become untrue. It just becomes irrelevant.


So that’s what happened in the Trump/Biden election! Sleepy Joe got enough voters mesmerized to get elected, and a small percentage of them still believe him. I doubt they will by November of next year. And he’ll be out of the Oval Office before January of ’25.


“In their vision of the ideal political, social, economic, and cultural societal construct, individual thought and expression are not only discouraged, but are not to be tolerated;”
this sounds much like islam, another totalitarian form of government in which there continues to this day to be people enslaved by others.


If we (White Males, and to lesser extent, White Females) are being falsely viewed and treated like racists, and having had to put up with blatant discrimination against our race for over 60 years, beginning with LBJ’s “Great Society”, why would anyone be surprised if/when Whites start acting like they have been and are being treated? Poking a sleeping bear or waiving a red flag in front of a bull isn’t a good thing and you may be able to get away with it once or twice, but sooner or later you will be surprised and you will have to… Read more »


It is not the individuals that poke at us, it is the progressive elites. Those “enlightened” scholars who sow dissent and divide our country on racial and social lines. Don’t attack the folks that have been hoodwinked, it’s the superior “betters” that want to suppress ALL PEOPLES’ rights.


And as soon as ALL PEOPLE understand that we might be able to right the ship. It amazes me how some people thing they are going to get a pass in the end game. Wrong!!


It’s not racist if blacks shoot blacks.


According to one liberal idiot Vanilla Ice Cream is racist..


quote: “ and fundamentally connected to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others” well ain’t that just dandy…. they picked two icidents where firearms and ersonal possession of them were NOT causative in the two deaths cited. There was another factor both of these incidents have in common: illegal drugs. George Floyd killed himself with a massive overdose of fantanyl (4 x lethal dose) and methamphetamine (2 x lethal dose) aling wiht a few other things. The ONLY involvelemt of firearms is that the cops, summoned to and trying to help save his wretched life, were most likely… Read more »


Nothing comes out of the mouths of those waste-of-human-skin Leftists without the modifier word ‘racist.’ To those vocabulary-challenged idiots, everything is racist. Walls, ceilings, light bulbs, waterfalls, concrete, [hell, the AIR] is ‘racist!’ If you don’t believe it, just ask them. Enough of that bovine manure is damned-well ENOUGH, already. And I am certainly not the only responsible American citizen, honest patriot, and/or sane human being who feels that way. The Left will eventually take one step too far – they are just too damnably rock-stupid to know when to stop pushing. I anticipate serious consequences… look forward to them,… Read more »


Everyone should get a copy of the new book American Marxism by Mark Levin.

Available at discount for pre-order at Amazon.


I’d like the book however f*ck amazon.

Terril Hebert

You didn’t even challenge the opinion.

J Gibbons

While I cannot argue with any of the charged laid against the fascist marxist progressive democrats, I would have like to see a historical counterargument to the claims that the Second Amendment was written to allow the slave-holding South to fight back against anyone trying to free their slaves. I know that is wrong, but can it be proven using the multitude of founding documents available?

APG member

You say that as if republicans stand against progressive fascist Marxism. Whenever they have control of the house, senate, and executive branches, they repeal NONE of the gun laws they enacted WITH the democrats. Cognitive dissidence/ Stockholm Syndrome.


Try a beginning with the Federalist Papers. Much debate was acive at the time of our founding and there meny of the salient issues of the time are treated openly and thoroughly. There also exists a pretty solid record of the discussions during the meeting of the COnventions to draft our Constitution. There IS no record of any racist roots in the drafting and ratifying of the entier Bill of Rights.


“Racism” is a term created by Marxist Bolsheviks in Russia just after the turn of the century.

It used to be understood that not all races and peoples are the same. It used to be understood that Africans were by and large primitive, violent, and stupid. Science bore that out a long time ago, and time and propaganda have done little to affect the reality.

Call me a racist if you want. I call myself a data-driven individual. Besides, racism isn’t illegal in the US. But depriving me of my rights is treasonous.


Correct me if I am wrong but if we are irredeemable racists, according to them, and must all be eliminated; The isn’t it a valid response to take them out first? Seems just logical.


My comments can’t be posted but this here gets posted. Smh. That’s just racist.


Why judge people by skin color? To feel good about yourself? Think you’re smarter than Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell or Candace Owens because you’re “white” & they’re “black”?

We don’t know how violent, peaceful, smart, failed or successful American “blacks” would be on average if Dems hadn’t enslaved & oppressed them, destroyed their families, pushed dependency & drugs and denied them a decent education from before the civil war through today.

What if they were born stupid & violent compared to “whites”? What would that prescribe? More discrimination? Sterilization? Deportation “back to Africa”?

Leave racism to the experts: Democrats.

Last edited 3 years ago by Russn8r

I was with you to you said Dems. Ummm if you know your history parties evolved and change with times. GA was a slave owning Democratic state for years. And then “ Since Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal coalition after 1932, the Democratic Party has promoted a social liberal platform.[3][12] The New Deal attracted strong support for the party from recent European immigrants, many of whom were Catholics based in the cities, but caused a decline of the party’s conservative pro-business wing.[13][14][15] Following the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the core… Read more »


Nice fairy tale deflection, Dee. Quoting wikipedia? LoL. If you know your present, Democrats are racists NOW. D is the racist party NOW. The southern Dems who joined the R party adopted the R platform, which embraces Martin Luther King’s Dream of a Colorblind Society. D has always been the race party. Never stopped. After Republicans jammed Equal Rights down your throats in the 1960s, you pivoted & crapped on Martin Luther King’s dream from a “progressive, social liberal” angle of discrimination “for” “people of color”. It’s all about skin color for you. Every day you race-fluffing Dems get up… Read more »


Lol….you wanna buy my bridge in Manhattan andCalifornia? I also have an ocean for sale. But you probably believe the Russians anyways.


Take a hike, racist.


So you’re a racist too, Schart?


To tell the truth, the ONLY white supremasists group I’ve personally ever heard of is the Arian Brotherhood found in prisons. They keep up the racial divide to try to maintain some power behind bars. I never heard of quannon? before jan. 6th when the government needed a scapegoat to enhance their stronghold on American power and politics. Now there is a wall in D.C. around the capitol and not one on the southern border.


Damn right gun control has been extremely racist. So to make the field fair, we need reverse racism!! You can’t treat me like dirt and not expect me to treat you like dirt back. No more “turning the other cheek!” Too many radical white boys out there for me to give my guns up. I have a constitutional duty as an American to protect my family against the radical right white supremacy groups and the racist people who call them selves patriots in the country. Hopefully legislation will over correct the errors of this country but if not, we are… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Dee

Still believe MSM I see.


Hmmm – sounds racist!


Where are “the radical right white supremacy groups”? I must be living under a rock as I have heard of a few (very few) “radical right white supremacy groups”. What I see a lot of (not enough) is patriots of all colors and religions. I can agree the country needs some “straightening” but if folks try straighten it along a racial divide I don’t think that will work well at all. Actually I think the divide is what the communists want to happen. What do I know…


Funny but I agree. I do think that’s what the right radical want and we shouldn’t go there or allow them to go there. The communists rather they are white right radicals or leftist nut cases, we all have to be smarter!!


You must have failed in both U.S. History AND Math? First of all, the 2nd Amendment came along because of King George and his thirst of power over ALL colonists… Secondly, these days at any given time there are some 22 PLUS Million American Veterans on this soil of all makes and backgrounds that would still give their lives for this country and our citizens, WITHOUT QUESTION… Now, YOU do the math on the numbers by race and background. Not only that but most people assume that just because a person serves in OUR armed forces that they must be… Read more »


Democrat is the racist party.
Democrats make everything about skin color.
Democrats force us into arbitrary skin color boxes.
Democrats discriminate based on skin color.
Democrat Platform: “Divide & Conquer, Inflate The Hate!”

I’ve seen few racist “whites” these last 40 years. Don’t even know any. Nearly all racism is by Dems & “People of Color”, whatever that means.

Last edited 3 years ago by Russn8r