Black Rifle Coffee Co. Painted as Anti-Customer by NYT Magazine

Black Rifle Coffee Co. Painted as Anti-Customer by NYT Magazine
Black Rifle Coffee Co. Painted as Anti-Customer by NYT Magazine

U.S.A.-( The  Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) has been a rising star in the conservative constellation. It has been becoming a center for conservative networking and interaction.  There appears to be an effort to stop the rise, at least at the New York Times. A recent New York Times (NYT) Magazine article (14 July) has painted the BRCC executives as, at minimum, moderates who despise their base but see them like sheep to be fleeced.

Anything from the NYT is viewed with extreme suspicion by conservatives. There have been too many times where the NYT has lied, been slow or unwilling to retract obvious errors, and unwilling to tolerate the slightest dissent from far-left orthodoxy within their writing staff.

It is a mistake for anyone who considers themselves conservative to give access to the NYT.

Their words will be twisted and taken out of context. The NYT is not a news organ. They are part of the propaganda machine of and for the far left/deep state/Democrat party.

The writer from the NYT Magazine,  Jason Zengerle, takes care to set the stage by repeating the narrative the rowdy protest at the Capitol on 6 January was an “insurrection” and there was no “sweeping” fraud in the 2020 election. He claims Evan Hafer suspected fraud at first but was convinced there wasn’t any by the statement of the U.S. Attorney General, Bill Barr.

There is information from a former US attorney claiming Bill Barr told him not to look for evidence of fraud.

Zengerle then focuses on two incidents where he tries to show the BRCC as being tied to people the Left disapproves of.  Those people were wearing clothes with BRCC insignia on them. These include Kyle Rittenhouse and Eric Munchel, described as the “zip-tie guy” in the Capitol by Mat Best, the BRCC executive VP.

Zengerle goes out of his way to identify Hafer as Jewish. Zengerle writes this paragraph, which seems misleading at best:

“I would never want my brand to be represented in that way, shape or form,” Hafer said, “because that’s not me.” And yet Black Rifle has made conspicuously little public effort to separate itself from Munchel. This is a sharp departure from its handling of the Rittenhouse incident: Following pressure from the company, Schaffer deleted his tweets, and Hafer released a video statement in which he clarified that while Black Rifle believed “in the Constitution, the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms,” and “that a person is innocent until proven guilty,” the company didn’t sponsor Rittenhouse; “we’re not in the business of profiting from tragedy.”

Munchel was never connected with an ad campaign and a product code, as Rittenhouse was by Blaze TV. It is hard to see how BRCC stating they had not sponsored Rittenhouse and did not want to “profit from tragedy” in the Rittenhouse incident, can in any way, be similar to a protestor wearing some BRCC promotional gear, who has not been tried yet.

Here is a link to the video where Hafer is talking about the Rittenhouse incident.

At the end of the article, Zengerle cements his case for Best and Hafer as detesting their customers.

It is cleverly done. Here are two paragraphs from the NYT Magazine article:

“You can’t let sections of your customers hijack your brand and say, ‘This is who you are,’” Best told me. “It’s like, no, no, we define that.” The Rittenhouse episode may have cost the company thousands of customers, but, Hafer believed, it also allowed Black Rifle to draw a line in the sand. “It’s such a repugnant group of people,” Hafer said. “It’s like the worst of American society, and I got to flush the toilet of some of those people that kind of hijacked portions of the brand.” Then again, what Hafer insisted was a “superclear delineation” was not too clear to everyone, as Munchel’s choice of headgear vividly demonstrated.

“The racism [expletive] really pisses me off,” Hafer said. “I hate racist, Proud Boy-ish people. Like, I’ll pay them to leave my customer base. I would gladly chop all of those people out of my [expletive] customer database and pay them to get the [expletive] out.” If that was the case, I asked, had Black Rifle — which sells a Thin Blue Line coffee — considered changing the name of its Beyond Black coffee, a dark roast it has sold for years, to Beyond Black Lives Matter? Surely that would alienate the racists polluting its customer base.

Notice that Zengerle interweaves quotes from Best and Hafer, and implies they are talking about Rittenhouse supporters. The two quotes are separated by the sentence:

 The Rittenhouse episode may have cost the company thousands of customers, but, Hafer believed, it also allowed Black Rifle to draw a line in the sand.

Zengerle does not give a transcript, so we cannot know what might have been said in between, or exactly what the context was. We know the NYT has a reputation for taking quotes out of context and weaponizing them.

Hafer, in a responding video, says he was exclusively referring to racists and anti-Semites. The comments were not directed at anyone else.

Link to the BRCC responding video. Here is a partial transcript from BRCC Evan Hafer:

There is a significant amount of misinformation being put out about Black Rifle and about statements that I have made.  And I think it is really important to get this directly from me. 

Number one: the first and probably most important inaccuracy in any story published, is that I somehow made derogatory statements toward my customers, or conservatives. I will give you the context about this.

The actual conversation was taking place around antisemitism and racism in America. And then, our attack, because we were attacked last year by a group of very organized anti-Semites that we did not know and they were targeting me because of my last name and because of my heritage.

We were purely discussing that. I said anti-Semites and racists do not have a place in my company, and I would gladly tell them to leave; and pay them. So, that is what I was referencing, the context of the conversation was only about that. And I was never referencing conservatives or putting those groups together with conservatives, which I think is very important.


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It is likely the writers at the NYT Magazine consider any Trump supporters, or customers of BRCC as racists, by definition.

This shows the futility of attempting to beat the NYT at its propaganda game, written by its own writers, published in its organs.

Prudent people would at least make sure they have a recording of everything which was said during interviews. It appears the BRCC did not do that. It may have been a series of conversations lasting hours, if not days.

Later, in the response video,  Hafer says

“We’re not conforming to either side. We are conforming to Black Rifle.” 


“We celebrate this country. We celebrate the people who have served and sacrificed for this country.” 

This shows a dangerous naivete. The very name of “Black Rifle Coffee Company” is a gauntlet slapped across the face of the “woke”. The management of the New York Times appears offended by anyone who supports and defends traditional American values. Hafer and Black Rifle Coffee Company  picked a side by their existence. They need to realize it and accept it. They need to celebrate it and embrace it. They have done so in the past.

It isn’t about “conforming”, at least not to conservatives. It is about not surrendering to the Left and protecting conservative values.

Trying to play the middle will not work. Not when you are directly appealing to conservatives.

I suspect Hafer is very smart. He was a Green Beret, and a CIA contractor. He may expect to be the smartest person in the room. He might have thought he could play footsie with the New York Times and come out on top. Now he knows better.

At a minimum, he needs to be more careful of where he is getting his information flow. Accepting AG Barr’s word there was no significant voting fraud (if that is what he did) was a mistake.

This correspondent left a message with BRCC, asking to hear their side. There has not been a response in three days. No doubt, BRCC, and exec Hafer are very busy.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Ced Truz

The fact that they consider the Proud Boys “racist” is enough for me to know they are leftist shills. And they didn’t just say they didn’t sponsor Rittenhouse, they trashed him on Twitter for exercising his second amendment right to defend himself. BRCC is a trash company run by trash ex-mil hipsters who saw an opportunity to make a bunch of cash marketing repackaged Folgers coffee as pro-2A. Now that their customer base and brand name is large enough to be supported by folks who don’t live on social media, their true colors are starting to come out.


How much truth is there to the below link where it sure looks to me that there is proof that the CEO of BRCC donated to Actblue, and Actblue sure had plenty of ads for the Dems last year that were advocating for gun control.


There are a lot of things the correspondent did not include in the article.


Sorry Dean but yer wrong. BRCC are nothing but grifters talking from both sides of their forked tongue.

Conservatives are too gullible and back everything they are told are the ‘good guys’. For example, BRCC, Candice Owens, Ben Crenshaw, LTC West, and the list goes on. Stop looking for heroes and vote with your brains.


BRCC’s entire business plan was based on politics.

They sought to sell their product to people who had certain political beliefs and marketed their product accordingly. They expected those people to buy their product because of that marketing (you can get better coffee from your local roaster).

It would be extremely easy for BRCC to clear this whole thing up by very specifically listing all their political beliefs on their website. They could go into some detail on the points that have received so much attention.

You want people to buy your coffee because of political perceptions? Spell it out.


ronald and the restrictions on machine guns what a load of crap. reagan was not for us either just a comifornia talking head sad has been at least 100 years without a patriot president


Add Charlie Kirk. Caught on camera pushing unlimited immigration.


Owen’s pal Charlie Kirk is on video parroting LoLibertarian unlimited immigration policy, implying that only rubes want to slash immigration, portraying undeveloped land as a problem that needs to be fixed by paving & stuffing it with hundreds of millions of immigrants.

Gregory Peter DuPont

Where do they get” racist/antisemities” from ” Proud Boys”? They’re a pretty diverse lot.. still on the fence regarding Enrique Tarrio’s purported status with the EffaBeeEye, but it wouldn’t be the first time they used a ” leak” to discredit or lie to separate an opponent from his or her support base. BRCC-if those ARE their statements,they should be coldly assessed, weighed,measured and found wanting. Odd that after basically a year if ” Mostly Peaceful Protests” the only people who seem to be in custody are a kid who defended himself and took a convicted pederast off the board that… Read more »


Dean assumes because the company is named BRCC and run by ex-government employees that they have slapped their gauntlet across the face of the “woke.”

If Dean (who thinks BATFE agents are a bunch of nice guys who just happen to work for an anti-2nd Amendment organization) can put aside his government worshipping and do a little investigative work, he may find that brofus is the one who is woke.


That’s right, Will, not all “war fightin’ heroes” really support the 2nd Amendment, the right to self-defense, smaller (and better) government, and other basic concepts held by most of the people to whom BRCC marketed their product. People watch Dan Crenshaw’s cringy campaign commercials, wave the flag and don’t pay attention to the fact that he supports authoritarian policies like the TAPS Act. Not a good idea. When people get into political issues (either by how they market their product or by running for office), they should be judged by their actions – not what they used to do for… Read more »


Yep, couldn’t agree more. Add Rubio and Scott to that list and I have a feeling DiSantis is all talk and no action on 2A. He signed a ‘church carry’ bill, big whoop. Why has he not rescinded red flag and handgun age limits? Why hasn’t he pushed for the open carry law to be moved out of committee?


DeSantis’s reduction in ‘gun free’ zones is important. More than open ‘carry’ – which, in ‘GF’ zones, isn’t carry at all.

To your other question, probly because Marion Hammerhead & Lucky LaPierre talked him out of rescinding them.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

Everyone and their dog new Barr was a bad choice and that his nomination for AG would be extremely offensive to those members of the pro 2nd Amendment Community who are even slightly informed. Trump went ahead and nominated him anyhow. Now people will apologize for Trump, yet again. The future does not look good because too many people refuse to just say no more gun control. That is not a very high bar to set for candidates who claim they will stop the 8 year assault on the 2nd Amendment – since we already have so many egregious gun… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

I guess it’s a little too nuanced for me.

Trump nominated Chuck Canterbury (anti-2nd Amendment) for the Director of the BATFE, nominated Bill Barr (anti-2nd Amendment) for AG, allowed Barr to name Regina Lombardo (anti-2nd Amendment) as the acting Director of the BATFE, chose Rudy Guiliani (wildly anti-2nd Amendment) for his personal attorney, and listened to Jared Kushner (anti 2nd Amendment) for advice.

I realize the large contingent of people who rationalize every anti-2nd Amendment move Trump makes as some mastermind 87D chess strategy, but can you walk me through it?

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

Trump noms traitors, his worshipers claim it’s 3D chess while whining he can’t get good advice surrounded by traitors.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

The final phase of the Q-tard fairy tale, which somehow keeps getting delayed. Trust the plan!

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

You’re delusional, and your name is the height of irony.

But I suppose you have the freedom to worship whichever god you choose. I don’t see any divinity in Orange Man, but he isn’t my god.


Boo hoo! Downvoted by mindless Trump worshipers! So sad!


I am an old guy from New York and I am as well informed and literate as can be, but I haven’t read the NYT since the early ’70s. To put it mildly, it’s not a necessary source of information or culture.

Charlie Foxtrot

Yet BRCC found it necessary to give them a voluntary interview and then proudly retweet the article.


In 2000, Bush beat Gore in Florida and won the Presidency with a margin of 537 votes.

537 VOTES!

Now shall we seriously discuss the magnitude of “sweeping fraud” if only 500 votes one way or the other can determine the outcome of a Presidential election?


So what? Their coffee is awful and they’re just hipster gun guys. This isn’t the coffee you purchased to share with friends a morning on the range – this is the coffee you purchase so you can have empty bags sitting on your f****** mantle or some crap over your bed like you used to do empty cans of natty light in your teens.


Dean doesn’t understand the whole story. He is overly-influenced by their ex-military status.

You don’t have to go to the NYT to get the whole story.

Maybe Dean will have a follow-up.


How does vastly overpaying for coffee protect 2A?

Typical scam fundraiser nowdays: Email says what you want to hear, then “Send us money!”… e.g. “Critical Race Theory sucks! Send us money!” No explanation how shoving cash in their pockets stops CRT.

How does BRCC donating to commie-dem ActBlue help vets? Sounds like a bribe or “protection” – for BRCC, not for vets.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

Your money goes to conmen when you buy from BRCC

Charlie Foxtrot

If the NYT lied, then why did Evan Haver (BRCC’s CEO) and several other BRCC people proudly retweeted the NYT article without any clarification? Why hasn’t BRCC released an official statement on this to date? The answer is pretty simple, BRCC is trying to play both sides.

Charlie Foxtrot

Very creative writing. You address none of my concerns and deflect them the same way Evan did. You should write for the NYT!

“If the NYT lied, then why did Evan Haver (BRCC’s CEO) and several other BRCC people proudly retweeted the NYT article without any clarification? Why hasn’t BRCC released an official statement on this to date? The answer is pretty simple, BRCC is trying to play both sides.”

Last edited 2 years ago by Charlie Foxtrot

I buy Jose’s, $10-$14 for 3 lbs.

Cheapest BRC coffee is $14 for 12oz.

Someone explain how it helps 2A or the USA to pay 4 to 6x the market price, plus shipping, to A-holes who suck up & donate to gun-grabbing USA-hating Commie-Dems? Because they’re vets?

Anyone? Is it an IQ test?

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

Another philosophical moment by Jean-Lloyd Schartre.

Charlie Foxtrot

You obviously do not understand my post! None of my questions have been answered!

Again, no explanation as to why Evan (and others) proudly retweeted the article if it is supposedly all wrong. No official statement from BRCC either.


Kind of weird, having someone who takes a stance and then pretends not to take a stance, and who is naive enough to have taken what Bill Barr said at face value. Barr’s rushed claim of no fraud in the election, clearly after having conducted no investigation whatsoever, had to immediately smell worse than a skunk to anyone who was half watching what was going on. Black Rifle Coffee? Nice name, but Hafer’s messaging and personal lack of insight reveals only a “wannabe”. Very disappointing, sort of a bait and switch.


Piss on BRCC. Liberals hiding behind conservative beard. Also very demeaning to women in their ads. I treat like Starbucks. I don’t drink either.


The New York Times has been a fountain of lies for over 100 years. The Russian Revolution, Cuban Revolution, Vietnam War, Russian Collusion, Ukrainian Collusion, Kavanaugh the Terrible, Impeachment II, and on and on and on. We know this. The New York Times is the journal of record for the Progressive New Left. Does anyone here reading this today not understand that the Progressive New Left is built upon a mountain of lies? Journals reporting on them necessarily contain lies. What do we fail to understand about this. We are in a cultural war that is soon to turn in… Read more »


Whooosh . . .

Charlie Foxtrot

Yet BRCC found it necessary to give them a voluntary interview and then proudly retweet the article.

Mark From Michigan

BRCC are play acting “reality show” shills. They have show their colors by donating money to the enemy…in goodly amounts no less. they are like the fake arse Republirat/Demican show in The District of Criminals. Playin the rubes. Playin the rubes. The front dummies do the bread and circus while the “boys in the office” laugh their butts off while donating to get murdered the customers that they hate. The small hat claw is always after the sheckles. As the Rabbit/Bunny saying goes…”If I don’t steal it someone will.” Find a truely PATRIOT Coffee company like Blackout Coffee and support… Read more »


How does vastly overpaying for coffee protect 2A?


This isn’t the first time Hater has stepped 8n it and it won’t be the last. Somebody needs to tell him to shut up and nominate another face for the company. I thought Matt was smarter than that.


BRCC is pro-gun. They’re NOT pro-2A. There’s a big difference. They actively support and aid the very government thugs who enforce arms laws and violate your 2A rights. If you want a coffee that actually supports 2A rights you should try Defender Coffee.

Dr. Strangelove

I tried BRCC, and it’s just OK, and rather expensive. I’d rather buy grocery store coffee and direct my charity to to organizations that I like, such as the USO, Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled American Veterans.


The only way to have a marxist revolution is to tear down society, ready to step in immediately amidst the smoking rubble and take power by force. In America, that means setting us all against each other, jamming wedges in wherever any sort of difference appears between groups of people, whether the differences be race, religion, philosophy, economic status, or whether one likes Black Rifle Coffee. The wedge forces us to focus on the 5% on which we disagree, or 5% which is imperfect, rather than the 95% where we are so similar that we have been able to build… Read more »


That is not what is happening here – don’t wait for Dean to write a more in-depth article. Go do some research. The NYT is bad – everyone knows that, but just because brofus and his brovets are veterans and the company is named Black Rifle Coffee Company and they engage in all sorts of cringy antics does not make them good. If you are afraid to call BRCC, then go to their website and start a live chat through messaging. Ask them why they have not issued a press release opposing the the appointment of David Chipman to be… Read more »


Dean Weingarten,



The NYT’s is the reason for a “Black Rifle”!


I seriously suggest reading THE GRAY LADY WINKED as background on NYT. This crap goes back over a century and the book documents the origins of their phony 1619 Project, along with their romance with Castro and much more.


So what? That doesn’t mean the BRCC quotes are not relevant. Even the fact that BRCC was dumb enough to do the interview is relevant.


Given that the NYT served the likes of Hitler and Stalin-I don’t read that bird cage liner


BRCC doesn’t agree with you. They sucked up to the NYT and volunteered for an interview. They don’t care about 2A.

Scotty Gunn

I am buying coffee, not donating to a charity. Is the coffee worth $13+ a pound? Is it the best I have ever had? Then I will pay that.
Black Rifle never impressed me, it’s for metrosexuals and tacticool guys.


The Black Rifle Coffee Company’s phone number is 385-262-7184, press “2” for a live person. The person I spoke with was pleasant and professional. I asked why BRCC has not:

  • Put out a press release opposing the nomination of David Chipman as the Director of the BATFE. He said that is a good idea and he would pass it along.
  • Created a section on their website to specifically describe their political views. He said that is a good idea and he would pass it along.

Anti-2nd Amendment people are true activists.

You have a phone.


Hafer, Milley; Milley, Hafer.


“Always let ad hominem deflection get in the way of the issues. For example, NYT staff drinks water, therefore water is bad.”
Jean-Lloyd Schartre


It’s disgusting how many Trump worshipers think Ruby Ridge was executed under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno.


A Republican Party official in the county I live in almost had a nervous breakdown when I provided the informaion of what happened. A direct quote from him afterwards: “No, no, Barr has to be good because Trump nominated him.”

There is a cure for TDS-Type B, but people have to want to get better.


Will just whipped through. Not to be confused with Will Rogers.


As funny as the downvotes are, it gets funnier.

You really pissed him off.

You and I had a different view on something, talked about it, and moved on. He just isn’t wired that way.


He used to get all excited and upvote me if I agreed with him on anything, until he found out I’m not a mindless Trump worshiper. He acts like a woman scorned. To tweak off of Rumpole, “she who must be agreed with.”

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

“[The writer from NYT Mag, Jason Zengerle] claims Evan Hafer suspected fraud at first but was convinced there wasn’t any by the statement of AG Bill Barr.”

18 mentions of “Evan Hafer” or “Hafer” before the author sort of says who he is in the last sentence. (“BRCC and exec Hafer are very busy”). Good grief.

And who cares what Ruby Ridge Bill Barr says about anything, besides Chump Donald Trump?

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

Check out all the butthurt Donald Trump/Bill Barr worshipers who downvoted. Oh my feelings are so hurt! Boo hoo. LOL