Cuomo Declares FAKE ‘Gun Violence Disaster Emergency’ In New York State ~ VIDEO

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared war on guns and the firearms industry.

USA – -( Anti-gun New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has issued an executive order declaring a “gun violence” disaster emergency in the Empire State, reportedly allowing him to “tap into $138 million in state funds” to pay for efforts to combat what he calls an epidemic.

The announcement came Tuesday as Cuomo was appearing at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, according to NBC News. The new twist or truth, according to published reports, is that this allows Cuomo and other officials to treat violent crime involving guns as a public health emergency.

“This new strategy treats gun violence as a public health crisis, using short-term solutions to manage the immediate gun violence crisis and reduce the shooting rate,” NBC News reported.

According to Forbes and other publications, New York City has reported a spike in homicides. The state is “on pace” for 621 gun-related murders so far this year, up from last year’s total of 594 for the entire year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. According to the New York Daily News, 51 people were shot in New York over the July 4 holiday weekend, including 26 in just New York City. Shootings are up 38 percent over the same time period in 2020, the Daily News added.

The Gothamist reported June saw 165 shootings including 33 homicides in New York City, although far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday was talking about a decline in city crime during the month. The newspaper said June 2020 produced 205 shootings and 43 slayings.

In the process of declaring war on guns, Cuomo said he would sign legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy (D-Albany) that will “make it easier to sue gun companies for gun violence.”

He inked that legislation promptly.  That tactic was tried in the early 2000s as municipalities with liberal administrations around the country tried to bankrupt the firearms industry with a series of “junk” lawsuits, leading Congress to pass the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act prohibiting such legal harassment.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation immediately said it will “challenge to overturn the law.”

“This law is unconstitutional, plain and simple,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “It is abhorrent that Governor Cuomo is rehashing a decades-old failed playbook that was rejected by courts in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.”

Keane accused Cuomo of “blame shifting for his administration’s failures to prevent crime by pointing fingers at firearm manufacturers.”

NSSF said in a prepared statement that the law “is in contravention to federal law, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), and the legal foundations of tort law.”

Cuomo’s plan calls for efforts to “get illegal guns off the streets” and prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands. While there is no clear definition of what are “illegal guns”, how he intends to accomplish that may become one more gun control campaign that impacts more law-abiding New Yorkers than it does the criminal element.

The governor also announced the creation of an “Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” which seems to be a growingly popular idea aimed at creating a taxpayer-funded bureaucracy to promote gun control legislation.

Cuomo’s executive orders will also require police departments to share data, NBC News reported.

Part of the millions of dollars Cuomo plans to devote to this effort will be used to create jobs and “community activities” for so-called “at-risk youth,” the Daily News reported. An estimated 21,000 jobs will be created this summer at several agencies, including the NYC Hospitality Alliance, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the State Parks.

But the New York Post raised an interesting issue. This sudden declaration of war on gun-related crime comes at a time when Cuomo is “facing multiple probes tied to sexual harassment allegations and the cover-up of nursing home deaths from COVID-19.”

This could raise questions about whether this is a Cuomo effort to distract the public and the news media from those troubles.

The governor wants to create a council on “gun violence prevention.”

“Everything is on the table,” he reportedly said. “We all want the same thing, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

The Post also noted that State Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt (R-Lockport) criticized Gov. Cuomo for “declaring another emergency” just “days after finally relinquishing his emergency powers.” He’s spent the past year exercising emergency powers. Now, he’s found another emergency.

But Ortt observed, “These heinous acts of violence and the victims affected deserve real solutions — not political grandstanding.”

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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In 1931 with a third of the current population and 250 million fewer guns, we had 11,000 murders annually. Now we have 14,000 murders annually. The murder rate should be 28,000 per population growth, if it held consistent, but it dropped like a rock! There is no epidemic of violence!


Where did Idiot get his 75% of illegal guns come from out-of-state?


Out of his ass, where the majority of politicians get their “data.”


Works for Lightfoot from Chicago.




Beetlegeuse!!! Don’t say it 3 times or you’ll wake up with Lightfoot on your face!!!


He just made it up, like all the rest of his supposed”facts”. He’s a moron of the very highest order.


Been saying ‘health emergency’ was going to be the next ploy. The sheep are already used to obeying heath ‘orders’ that destroy their lives (lock downs, masks, no travel, etc.).

And Bidens’ DOJ will not uphold the gun mfg rights on frivolous lawsuits so they better be prepared for a raft of court / lawyer costs.

Don’t forget, Chipman IS coming.


Shitman is more like it!


At best Cuomo is a MORON wrapped in STUPID. At worst he is a murder!

uncle dudley

Like many states New York doesn’t have a gun violence problem they have a criminal problem, as long as they don’t support law enforcement and allow them to do their job of arresting criminals, only to let them right back on the street with no bail they will continue to have a problem.
The guns are not killing anyone, it’s the person who is pulling the trigger and most are repeat criminals who use guns bought on the street.
Cuomo is like most democrats they want to blame someone else for the problems they have created.


The Cuomos look and act the part of a New York Mafia crime family, and should be perceived and treated as such.


You got that right. They even try to sound like goons from the old mafia movies


I think Andrew Cuomo is the greatest! And by that, I mean the greatest individual mass murderer in U.S. history.

Last edited 1 year ago by DIYinSTL
The other Jim

They never found out who the Pervert Serial Killer was who killed 10 prostitutes over at the beach (11 people as one was pregnant); thought it was Suffolk Police Chief James Burke. But Cuomo could be the Pervert Serial Killer after all?


If he handles this like he handled the COVID virus he’ll find a bunch of armed old people with homicidal tendencies, force assisted care facilities to admit them, not allow the police to be called and then write a book on what a wonderful job he did after they kill a bunch of people.


Let him further de-legitimize the authority of the state government, castrate the legislature, dub the state courts, 2nd Circuit and SCOTUS irrelevant, … Now let’s see if the Sheriffs and LE unions support Cuomo’s lawlessness – how much more support do they need to allow to erode before the members realize they all can’t last until retirement or they win the “disability lottery”. … Decriminalization, no bail, no prosecutions, … release thousands from jail, import an “army of illegals and gang members”, defund the police, act like a tyrant … and then blame out of state guns (inanimate objects) for… Read more »


Sigh – the old “gun violence” meme yet again. There Is No Such Thing since guns are inanimate objects and cannot act on their own, ANY violence requires a person Granted, use of a gun does make it easier for the perp to commit their crime. Then again it is a lot easier for me to slice a block of cheese using a knife or slicer (insert eyeroll) This is yet another attempt by big fredo to deflect attention away from him and his ongoing series of failures to properly govern. Oh yeah, deflecting the responsibility and accountability away from… Read more »


Term has become so ubiquitous that there are some (I’ve met several) who seem incapable of separating “gun violence” into two words. To them shooting skeet is “go violence” and punching someone i# “gun violence”.

It becomes difficult to have an intelligent conversation when society at large has accumulated so much brain damage.


It’s not “Gun Violence.” It is “Defective Citizen Violence.” Should be a law to get Defective Citizens off the streets. But, that would fly in the face of Libturds letting future Democrat voters….er, my bad, felons…… out of jail.

Dubi Loo

Cuomo is parroting the tried and true Lightfoot plan, blame another state. Lori’s been blaming Indiana since before she got “elected.” She used to blame Wisconsin as well, but now they have a dimmocrat governor.


Health has been used before, and failed, Cuuuumo is truly a fool. What they should come up with is a law that if a state, county, or city comes up with a law that limits a “Constitutional Right”, and if it fail by the supreme court, the entity will pay all court costs and attorney fees from the initial court case to the Supreme Court.

i would suggest 85% of these would go away, 15% is to cover “A fool is born everyday”.


need to add jail for the people who voted to make law ,and for those who try to defend it , they wont try to trample our rights if they will loose theirs for trying


33 homicides in New York and that’s an epidemic requiring $153 million in emergency aid? Geez, more people die from slipping on the dirty New York sidewalks. Money for corruption and the people keep voting the scum to rule over them

Mystic Wolf

Well no one ever said that andy homo was intelligent, he just keeps going off half cocked and panicking at everything even those assault sneezes. The andy gayhomo really needs to step down off his golden thrown and get outside to see what is really going on. That andy homo actually looks as if he has gone over the edge and completely lost his mind, he has gone crazy with power.


It’s not “fake” news, Cuomo is just trying to shift the blame (increase in gun violence) away from New Yorks failed policies. Like a magician, look here while I deceive you there.


Dave, there is a clear definition of an illegal gun: a gun with its serial number obliterated. Other than that there are legally owned and possessed guns and illegally possessed guns. The latter being a stolen gun, one in possession by a felon, a machine gun without a tax stamp, etc. Whether Cuomo’s figure of “74% of guns used in crime” is accurate or not, he should be sued by neighboring States for exporting crime (gun theft) to them through their overly strict gun control in New York and their lack of prosecution and bail reform. These suits would mirror… Read more »


The impotent governor of new york is trying to deflect focus from his own crimes onto firearms. I don’t know if he is actually smart enough to realize most everyone sees through his total BS.


Cuomo is so F.O.S. that when he wipes after a doofer, he uses the toilet paper on his mouth!

The other Jim

Andrew Cuomo flat out stole $900.00 in STAR Rebate Checks from every homeowner in New York State in November 2020. Then he gave Free Driver Licenses (all Citizens of NY pay $80.50 for Drivers Licenses; upstate does not have to pay the $16.00 New York City Metropolitan Transit Corruption Payoff Tax/Fee), $15,000 each payment to illegal trespassers in the Country, etc…..that $139,000,000 should be used to pay us the November 2020 STAR Rebate $900.00 checks.


So, once again the lawful pay the price for what the scumbags do. This is just the beginning, he is fully aware that the laws of the land do not allow him to hold the manufactures of weapons responsible for what criminals do with their products.


The course of action is as old as time it’s self. We should go old Testament on their butts. Read between the lines, because what I would like to say would have me being investigated.
Those who do not adhere to the constitution should be removed from office.
Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box?