Violence Response Challenge Accepted with Tom Hall ~ VIDEO

GunFreedomRadio EP336 Challenge Accepted with Tom Hall.

USA – -( Our guest today is Tom Hall. Tom is a firearms instructor with FASTERSavesLives which is practical violence response training that has been protecting and saving the lives of school children across the nation for a decade.

Tom also helps to produce the monthly FASTER Challenge Program, using competition and fun target practice to help keep training and practice at the forefront of our minds.

1) FASTERSavesLives program – goals and structure

2) FASTER Challenge program. And how to purchase the awesome patches, including the #PolkaDotsAreMyCamo Patch!

3) Ohio Supreme Court decision and how it negatively impacts the successful work of FASTERSavesLives.

4) Tell us about your YouTube Channel and the Four Boxes of Liberty.

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