Chicago Democrats Not Anti-Gun When It Comes to Themselves

Don’t expect Chicago politicians to look inward for solutions when they have the rest of us to blame. (Lori Lightfoot/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Feds Seize Illegal Machine Gun From Ald. Jim Gardiner’s Ward Superintendent — And He’s Still On The Job,” Block Club Chicago reported Tuesday. “Charles Sikanich is also being sued by a man who says Sikanich and Gardiner falsely accused him of a crime, harassed him and had him arrested over a lost cellphone.”

“Under Illinois law, machine guns are illegal, and people caught with them could face three to seven years in prison,” the story adds. “Sentencing guidelines vary, with recommendations between six and 30 years if the weapon is found to be loaded or in a vehicle.”

Despite the seizure happening in August, Sikanich, who makes over $100,000 per year, is still out there driving his city truck?  Was it a crime for which an ordinary citizen would be arrested and prosecuted committee or not?

Then again, Sikanich and Gardiner are far from “ordinary citizens,” and nothing exemplifies that like their past conduct and the way they wield their power.

Most recently, Gardiner has been removed from Democrat party posts over “‘abhorrent and despicable’ behavior including ‘misogynistic, homophobic, and obscene language’ toward several people.” In “woke” circles, those are kisses of death.

To the rest of the world, those aren’t as bad as other claims against him, like two “ethics violations under investigation for using his office to retaliate against his political foes” and accounts that “that Gardiner is under federal investigation for allegedly taking bribes and demanding payments before taking official actions.”

Then there are reports that he “boots” citizens who ask about the allegations out of public meetings. And the thing is, it doesn’t appear to be a matter of “power corrupts.” A chronology of his career from before he got into politics raises all kinds of troubling allegations, including asking how he could start at the Fire Academy in 2005 “a month before resigning from his full time teaching position,” and a 2016 – 2018 post noting “This period of substitute teaching begins just before he reportedly began stalking his former girlfriend and ends shortly after the restraining order against him expired.”

And then we have ward boss Sikanich, the man with the seized Steyr. Looking at his police record suggests why he’d be a perfect addition to Team Gardiner:

“Battery – Make Physical Contact … Unlawful Representation as a Police Officer … retail theft at Addison Mall … retail theft at the K-mart … driving under the influence of a drug, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, and crashing into a parked car …”

That said, it’s not like Chicago Democrat ward politics are known for anything besides being bastions of privilege and hypocrisy, and that’s especially true when guns are involved.

Consider how the law there was back in 2008, and how a prior alderman, Richard Mell, got around and changed them to his exclusive benefit.

[B]asically, if you haven’t grandfathered your handgun in since 1982, and re-registered it and your other firearms every year, the law forbids you from having them. And Mell helped pass that law.

Thing is, Mell forgot to re-register his weapons last year. At first, he tried blaming it on a staffer failing to do it for him. The other thing is, gun owners are personally responsible for doing this.

Then he tried getting the Chicago Police Department’s Gun Registration Section to allow him ‘to re-register his guns belatedly.’ Not having any provision of law that would allow them to do that, they declined. So what’s an anti-gun elite gun-owning Chicago politician to do?

“Mell has quietly introduced an ordinance that would reopen gun registration in Chicago and create a 1-month amnesty for himself and other gun owners in the same predicament”…

How does that movie line go? It’s the Chicago way.

Sikanich’s and Gardiner’s legal and career fates are unknown at this writing. But gun owners who can be certain their fate would have already been handed down can take heart that the Alderman is out there doing his part for “commonsense gun safety laws.”

“The #DepartmentOfJustice is bringing a strike force to combat gun violence in Chicago,” he announced on his Facebook page. “Too little, too late…”

Does that include his ward boss?

The line at the end of the neo-noir classic movie Chinatown comes to mind, one that sums up the futility of trying to get justice from a system that is irredeemably criminal. I’ve adapted it for my blog, The War on Guns, and use it regularly when I come across stories about senseless Chicago corruption and guns:

“Forget it, Jake, it’s Chi-Town.”

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Wonderful of you to write this! Thank you so much.

The American Marxists are like an Organized Crime Cartel, and they will always be hypocrites.

Your ‘The Chicago Way’ is apt — perhaps more than you know. I recite it all the time. Remember Al Capone and Frank Nitti.

For everyone, here is the movie clip:

“The Lord hates a coward.”

“Do you know what a Blood Oath is Mr. Ness? Good – you just took one.”

Last edited 2 years ago by Mack

That looks like the little Hogg from Florida shaking Dumbo’s hand.


To sum up the system in Chicago(from a former citizen of IL)The words of the first Mayor Richard Daley…” Vote early and vote often.” “Fugetaboutit!”


the way and rate things are going nowadays, it won’t be too much longer Chi Town will be a good definition of every large city in the nation. And quite few states. The head poohbahs scream and yell and threaten the rest of us to wear the filthy mug nappies everywhere, yet THAY are repeatedly photogrpahed, or at least spotted, out having nice meals on OUR dime, waitstaff masked, but none of their “party” are. Good enough for me but not for thee. I seem to recall reading some bit somewnere about how there are no “classes” like royalty and… Read more »


Whatever you do, don’t blame the people who make it all possible. They are just following orders. If they don’t follow orders, they might lose their job. The nurse on the North side who takes the EL or the bus to/from work and walks in the dark – she can’t get a carry permit and she follows the law because the LEOs who just follow orders will arrest her and ruin her life. For the few who wouldn’t initiate an arrest, they would back-up the LEO who would initiate the arrest. The business person in the Loop, who walks to… Read more »

Mike the Limey

I most assuredly DO blame those “just following orders”.
THAT excuse for despicable acts went out the window in 1945.


You realize I was being sarcastic and mocking those who somehow try to appear pro 2nd Amendment and, at the same time, find no fault with the people enforcing never-ending gun control laws – right?


Well, to be honest, most Democrats aren’t anti-gun. They love guns. They just don’t want you to have them. They, along with most Republicans, are anti-2A. They believe only certain people under certain circumstances should be “allowed” to possess, carry, and/or use guns. They either don’t understand or don’t care about shall not be infringed. They may disagree on how much infringement is acceptable but the vast majority support some, if not most, of it.


The “elites” and leftists, in their minds, are above any laws they institute, because…… well, their elite. They need protection because they are SOOO important. Ask John Kerry why he flies a private jet everywhere he goes, and his answer is: “it’s the only way for someone like me to travel”. Same goes for guns. They are important and need protection, the rest of us are just peons, unimportant in the scheme of life, cannon fodder, flotsam. When our gov. of the people, by the people, for the people no longer cares what HAPPENS to The People, it’s time to… Read more »


For sh!town, not surprising. What is surprising is that they didn’t smollett special & bladwin blunder it … could’ve claimed that 2 MAGA guys sold him the gun and he thought it was a prop gun. What happened to smollett? Nothing, though claim to be pursuing him again, while fugly foxx was “re elected”. It is an incredible cesspool being ruled by a starwars character and blindly followed by the brain dead.
Thank you for the despicable sh!town SNAFU info.


Shitcago is the sweaty armpit of the Midwest. If anything good comes out of that craphole, it’s probably a healthy, steaming pile of cow crap. That’s good fertilizer!

uncle dudley

Wonder if this guy had an Illinois FOID card? lol