Did Texas Place The Second Amendment At Risk?

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Did Texas Place The Second Amendment At Risk? IMG iStock-884200682

Texas/California – -(AmmoLand.com)- Why do Second Amendment supporters need to think about strategy and tactics? Well, take a look at what Gavin Newsom is planning to do. Was this a case of not thinking several moves ahead? Is the Firearms Policy Coalition right about potential risks posed by SB8?

It is hard to say – unlike abortion, the right to keep and bear arms is explicitly protected by the Second Amendment. There is also the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act as another layer of protection, although its clear language has been ignored in cases centered around mass shootings in Connecticut and California.

So, theoretically, Newsom’s threat is a dead letter. But theory is one thing, the real world can be another. In the real world, Newsom is going to push that legislation through, and there will be attempts by anti-Second Amendment extremists to use Newsom’s proposed law against the entire Second Amendment community. Yes, the PLCAA and the Second Amendment might result in cases being tossed, but even a summary judgment won’t come cheap (in terms of legal fees).

Now for a big reality check: The targets won’t just be firearm dealers or manufacturers. We could very well see anti-Second Amendment extremists site Newsom’s anti-Second Amendment version of SB8 as the authority to go after Second Amendment supporters for using the First Amendment to defend the right to keep and bear arms.

We’re talking about attacking pro-Second Amendment organizations, from the NRA (and its executives) to the Second Amendment Foundation, to the Firearms Policy Coalition, and Gun Owners of America. They could also go after the individual lobbyists, lawyers who worked to strike down laws, and donors to those groups.

Worse than that, Ammoland itself could become a target for anti-Second Amendment extremists looking to silence opposition to their efforts to unjustly punish us for crimes and acts of madness we did not commit. Before you dismiss the possibility of that, take a close look at how anti-Second Amendment extremists talk about us on social media. You know the names. You know the groups.

The fact of the matter is, Second Amendment supporters are now facing an existential threat.

This needs to be countered – but how to do so will require a lot of thought. One option is to go after Newsom first. Another could be to have legislators in pro-Second Amendment states pass legislation to counter those assaults. What might that entail? Perhaps travel bans would be a start, coupled with boycotting banks and financial institutions that do business with the government of California.

Harsh? Maybe, but the fact is, California is already banning travel to other states (based on issues unrelated to the Second Amendment). The financial boycott was aimed by Andrew Cuomo at the NRA. Given the nature of the threat, can Second Amendment supporters afford to unilaterally disarm?

Regardless of how the questions about countering Newson’s attack are answered, we are presented with a case of why we need more than just a belief in the Second Amendment. Our intentions and a dollar will buy a soda at McDonald’s (at least for now). Strategy and tactics matter and Second Amendment supporters need to use good strategies and tactics to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Get a grip, Harold. The Second Amendment is not the issue. RKBA has been under serious attack since at least 1939, long before I was born and I’m probably older than your dad.. Next you’ll be telling us that your generation invented sex.


Really? We can’t say or do or support anything openly because some liberal political hack might twist it around and use it against the 2nd Amendment and pro-gun organizations, groups and individuals? Seriously? So how ’bout we just quit playing by their rules for a change? Why comply with ridiculous, PC lawyer driven, liberal laws knowing that they will be overturned if and when they reach the supreme court? Civil disobedience and more radical options may be the only recourse left to us given the way things are going. How long before we stop complying with and supporting a political… Read more »

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Second amendment is a right and abortion is a medical procedure that is not a right . Face it murder is wrong and the right to keep and bare arms is not wrong ! Killing incent babies is murder and wrong !


They aren’t babies. And you know these people are only pro-birth and not-pro life. They couldn’t give a crap about a single mom struggling to raise a kid that they didn’t want and that is only creating a financial burden on themselves


They are yet-to-be-born babies.

You support the right of an infant not to be thrown out a window by his/her mother and you don’t want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money to pay for the upbringing of the child.

The baby (born or yet-to-be-born) should be protected, but that doesn’t transfer the financial responsibility for the baby to the person wanting its life protected.


How come animals in the womb are considered babies and humans in the womb aren’t? They all start out the same way, an egg and sperm cells, human or animal, there is no difference except what species they belong to.
It is not smart of humans who don’t think of human babies in the womb to not be human until they are born.


Either stop using abortion as birth control, or stop whining, Comrade.


They sure as hell aren’t chickens!


So it’s “Oh no! We’ve provoked them!”

Harold, please go away.

Wild Bill

I love that Texas spirit! MC and a HNR.


I was astonished to read an article by a Jewish writer who said that the Warsaw Ghetto revolt was a mistake, because it only angered the Nazis. So, when people want to annihilate you, you don’t want to make them mad, right? Back to reality, either the Second Amendment protects a free nation against tyranny, or it does not, right? One of these days, we will probably find out whether freedom disappears with a whimper, or maybe it does not disappear, because people are not willing to bow the knee to evil.

Wild Bill

Hey, OV, it is cold and misting here, today. All horses are in the barn, every dog has extra hay bedding and a big breakfast. We have a pork roast in the oven to help keep the house warm and is going to make a terrific noon feast. Stay warm, MC and a Happy New pistol!


This was easily predicted, and it was, before the Texas abortion law was passed and signed. Whether or not Newsom’s proposed legislation is constitutional or not is immaterial for the near and mid future. The 2A community will now have to spend time and money fighting this new threat that could have been spent fighting other long standing infringements. The Texas law will prove to be the epitome of a double edged sword.


there could be a point that the socialists (how can they use that word when they are anti social?) push where someone starts taking them out, be ready to defend whoever it is ,self defense is more than just on the street. if someone is attacking you with an army kill the head attack stops. I know dam that is radical , but attacking people because you dont agree with them is what a tyrant does , a leader reasons or agrees to disagree civil

Wild Bill

I like that the “antisocial-lists”. We love it. Yes, it is reminiscent of the Brown Shirts.


Which AMENDMENT ( I forgot) guarantees the RIGHT to an abortion?

Wild Bill

That S. Ct. said that it is in the Ninth Amendment, but check the roster of the S. Ct at that time.


easy to fix… don’t send a single round of ammo/firearms/accessories to ANY agency, police force, OR citizen in california.

prosecute on state level ANYONE who deals with them.
wither on the vine with no ammo.
the drug gangs will fix things in 10 years.. tops


“Did Texas Place 2A At Risk? Strategy is important.”
-Wannabe Political Sun Tzu, author of STRIKE GROUP REAGAN (!)

Another exception to the rule that there’s no dumb questions. As if Newsom wasn’t going to do it anyway for F’s sake.

Gee! Just hold our agenda back & commie-lib states will be nice to us!

BTW, Wow! Strategy is important? ¡Gracias, Capitán Obvioso!

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AZ Lefty

Yes they did, but actions have Consequences even for the “Right”


Another person actions should not have consequences against other people Rights. Why do you leftist struggle with this ?


I am waiting to see how many loud mouth leftists are willing to put their lives on the line

Roland T. Gunner

Not many Im sure.