Kick Florida Senate President Simpson (Lukewarm 2A supporter) Upstairs?

Gun Control in Florida Costs Lives, Allexxandar-iStock-884197090
Simpson was one of 17 Republicans who were targeted by Hammer in a memo dated April 18, 2018, to the United Sportsmen of Florida, which is an NRA affiliate (USF-NRA). IMG iStock-884197090

U.S.A.-(– Republican Senator Wilton Simpson is the current state Senate President in Florida.  He is running to become the Agricultural Commissioner, who administers the Concealed Weapons Permit system.

Marion Hammer excoriated Simpson and 16 other Republicans when he helped pass a major gun control bill in Florida, in a knee-jerk response to the mass murder at Marjorie-Stoneman high school. The mass murder highlighted major failures of the school administration and the Obama administration.

Simpson was one of 17 Republicans who were targeted by Hammer in a memo dated April 18, 2018, to the United Sportsmen of Florida, which is an NRA affiliate (USF-NRA).

Simpson, at the time, had an A+ rating by the NRA. It appears the bill, SB-7026, was supposed to fail; Republican Senator Doug Broxson, of Pensacola, switched his vote at the last minute. From the Marion Hammer memo:

SEN. DOUG BROXSON (R) Pensacola: North Florida Sen. Doug Broxson was the linchpin. When he pulled his support for the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding gun owners he became responsible for passage of the “gun control bill.”  If Doug Broxson had kept his word, the bill would have been killed in the Senate and Senate leadership would have had to start over and bring back a true school safety bill without the gun control provisions. But at the last minute, Broxson caved to threats and promises from Senate leadership and switched his vote and sold you out.  

Simpson has had a mixed record as a supporter of Second Amendment rights. He has not vigorously supported either open carry bills or Constitutional Carry bills in Florida. He has been helpful in stopping many bills designed to weaken and restrict Second Amendment rights in Florida. Open carry or Constitutional Carry requires vigorous support of Republican party leadership to pass in Florida. Here are the words of Senate President Wilton Simpson on Constitutional Carry in 2022:

“If a constitutional carry bill gets to the Senate floor, and it’s heard on the Senate floor, I would vote yes. I would support that on the floor,” Simpson said.

However, the Trilby Republican told reporters he would not get involved in constitutional carry legislation until it gets to the Senate floor. That differed from comments one gun rights organization said Simpson made during the meeting.

Those are not the words of a leader who is vigorously working to push the legislation through the Florida Senate.

Marion Hammer has near-legendary status as a Second Amendment supporter and former NRA president. She is widely considered as the mother of the modern movement to restore the right to bear arms in the United States, with the Shall Issue permit bill she shepherded through the Florida legislature in 1987.

Passing major Second Amendment reform legislation in Florida, without the support of Marian Hammer, is extremely difficult.

Marion Hammer has endorsed Senator Wilton Simpson for Agricultural Commission this year.

Hammer said Simpson’s record makes him the best candidate for gun rights supporters.

“The Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner has the duty to oversee and administer the statutory laws that govern the concealed weapon and firearm licensing process,” she said. “We believe it is vital to have a Commissioner who understands the importance of running this Cabinet office with integrity, honor, and who will not politicize our constitutional rights.”

Would Wilton Simpson do a good job as an Agricultural Commissioner? His record indicates he would. He likes the Florida Concealed Weapons License system.

If Simpson becomes the Agricultural Commissioner, he will *not be* the Senate President. It is likely his replacement will be a more rigorous Second Amendment supporter.

In a bureaucracy, this is called “Kicking a problem upstairs.”

This correspondent cannot read Marion Hammer’s mind. She is a savvy political operator who can count votes and works the long game. Simpson’s replacement will want Marion Hammer’s endorsement.

Simpson’s reason for running for Agricultural Commissioner may be monetary. It would triple his income as a politician, from about $41K to about $129K.  It is a plum position. It would probably more than triple his political retirement income, from about 10k to 37K, based on calculations assuming he is re-elected once as Agricultural Commissioner.


Which is better? Removing Senator Simpson to an Agricultural Commissioner position, where he will owe something to Marion Hammer and the USF-NRA and their endorsement; or punishing him for his lack of support for open carry, Constitutional Carry, and the 2018 vote for more gun control, to motivate other Florida Republicans to support Constitutional Carry?

It is not an easy question to answer.

Is Simpson’s replacement as a Senator likely to be an upgrade for Second Amendment Supporters?

Is a new Florida Senate President likely to be an upgrade?

Will stopping Simpson from being Agricultural Commissioner instill sufficient motivating fear in other Republicans, so they will support Constitutional Carry?

Florida Republicans respect and fear Second Amendment supporters, particularly Mrs. Marion Hammer.  If Marion Hammer had proposed a  Constitutional Carry bill, it might have passed in 2022. Perhaps she will do so next year.  She has supported open carry legislation in previous sessions.

Personalities become very important during legislative processes.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Floridians should make their displeasure in Wilton Simpson known. Vote for James Shaw for Ag Commissioner.


Blaise Ingoglio will be replacing Simpson. He’s currently our state rep. He’s very pro 2A.


“Marion Hammer has near-legendary status as a Second Amendment supporter and former NRA president. She is widely considered as the mother of the modern movement to restore the right to bear arms in the United States, with the Shall Issue permit bill she shepherded through the Florida legislature in 1987.” Wow. When I read that paragraph I was certain this had to be a Harold article. I wouldn’t be praising a woman who threw open carry under the bus to get infringed carry and the terrible permitting system FL has. Much less a woman who has endorsed so many Butters… Read more »


Yeah, I too thought it must a Harold piece! Dean usually hides his subservience to the dark side of the NRA than Harold does.


“I wouldn’t be praising a woman who threw open carry under the bus to get infringed carry and the terrible permitting system FL has.” In my days with Southern Bell, we used to say “How many “Attaboys!” are wiped out by one “Ah Shit!” The answer was “All of them.” Ms. Hammer’s continued aiding and abetting of La Pierre’s destruction of NRA is more than enough to wipe out any credit for her pushing through Florida’s landmark “shall issue” law in 1987. But let’s not get carried away like folks who claim the USA has seen no improvements in race… Read more »


Just to be clear. Florida has term limits for senators: Due to term limits, House members may be elected for up to four terms (eight years), while State Senators can be elected for up to two terms (eight years). so ol’ Wilton is leaving the Senate at the end of his term. and he deserves nothing from the second amendment community.

Wild Bill

Good to know.


Great catch. So there was no “3-D chess”, contrary to the article. Hammer’s just rewarding her pet RINO for killing ConCarry for her again.


No, that can’t be it, bloomburg bought her, I am sure.


The shall issue legislation passed in Florida is one of Marion Hammer’s signature achievements, and that is a good thing.
But, IMO, Constitutional Carry would make the CWL licensing process redundant, therefore I am skeptical as to whether Hammer actually supports CC in FL.
The NRA certainly doesn’t seem to be supportive of CC in FL like they were in Ohio and other states. If Marion truly wanted CC in FL we’d have CC in FL.


Long ago I looked at time series violent crime before & after FL became the ‘model’ shall issue state. Modest improvement, but as of 1997 it still had the worst violent crime rate in the USA thanks to NRA’s M.O. of sabotaging shall-issue with “gun free” zones & penalties even in states where it had ample power to pass clean bills, like VA & TX. “GF” zones facilitated-exacerbated massacres in Orlando (Pulse), VA Tech, El Paso Walmart etc.

Hammer’s contribution is overrated, and it hardly makes up for her betrayals, self-dealing, and helping destroy the NRA.

Wild Bill

Welcome to the site.


I just wonder who wants Constitutional Carry in Florida less,…..Marion Hammer or Governor DeSantis ? I really don’t understand who is to blame the most. (It’s possible that RINO’s and law enforcement are the problem too) This is really confusing to me because it was Florida who actually lead the nation with the concealed carry movement in the late ‘80’s.,…-I sure hope they get it figured out.


Where is the evidence DeSantis doesn’t want it? He said he’s happy to sign it. Marion Hammer and her pet RINOs Willard Simpson & Chuck Brannon killed Sabatini’s bill, not DeSantis.

Henry Bowman

Everyone ever connected with running the NRA at its uppermost echelons is a 2A compromiser and gunowner backstabber. The NRA has been and continues to be the trojan horse that on the outside looks like it’s pro-2A, but on the inside is full of hostile actors.
Remember, fudds, THIS IS YOUR NRA

Wild Bill

Rivers of money have gone to the NRA, yet, we still have unconstitutional gun control. Enough money has gone to the NRA to bribe every politician, judge, and beaucrat from 1933 to present, yet we still have gun control.

Of course, if the NRA won that fight, then La Piere and crew would not have multimillion dollar jobs.

Henry Bowman

Exactly. NONE of this, since 1934, would have ever happened if NRA actually opposed it. They WANT more and more gun control laws so they can stoke fear and rake in more money from gullible fudds!



Says he’d have vetoed Hammer’s pet Willard Simpson’s Red Flag/wait periods/min-21 signed by RINO Rick Scott.

Defends Stand Your Ground; Fought UN Arms Trade Treaty

-to bar DC registration & 10day wait…
-against prohibiting persons who can’t manage benefits…
-for Vets 2A Protection Act, CC reciprocity.

Happy to sign permitless carry

Why blame him for the acts of others? What evidence do you have that DeSantis is anti-gun?

Henry Bowman

If he were so pro-2A, then why does he allow and even encourage red flag confiscations? He has the power to stop state agencies from doing it, and demand judicial review. Failure to act against unconstitutional tissue is failure to be pro-2A when it matters. He has the power to push Florida Republicans to send repeals to his desk if the courts refuse to do their job. No, he’s weak sauce and needs to create the illusion that he’s pro-2A and not the RINO he is (based on his past record) because he’s up for re-election in the lead-up to… Read more »


Crickets Chirping for evidence he’s an ~”anti-gun RINO”. DeSantis would’ve vetoed Red Flag. Sure he could do more, but why blame him for betrayals by others? Marion’s pet Willard wrote the law & true RINO Rick Scott signed it. Hammer could’ve stopped it & not only does zip to repeal it, she rewards the prime mover, humping “pro-gun” Willard for Ag Commish, with power to deny permits, and Dean W offers bogus 3D-chess fairy tales: ~”2A heroine”, “firing upwards” – when he’s term-limited anyway. Do you lobby DeSantis on the issue? Just trash him with no alternative, no action plan?

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r
Henry Bowman

Easy to say what you “woulda” done when you weren’t there, but we will see what happens. DeSantis is calling a special session where Constitutional Carry is on the agenda. I don’t expect anything else to happen, but when the next regular session happens, you’ll know if DeSantis is legit if he works to repeal Red Flag confiscations. If he’s as opposed as you say, then this will be on the agenda. Rather than attacking me, look into why “your man” won’t do away with what you say he opposes? Your criticism of Marion Hammer and every other fake conservative… Read more »


I’m not attacking. I’m one of your fans here. You attack him, I request evidence. He’s not ‘my man’ by a long shot. I’m lobbying him on Red Flag & permitless carry though I don’t live in FL. He didn’t sign RF. He said he would’ve vetoed it; way better than saying nothing. If you list very specific things he could do by EO I’ll lobby on those too, and so should you. Unfair to say he backs it on grounds he isn’t aggressively trying to repeal what others did, or that he would’ve signed it. You also weren’t there

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r
Henry Bowman

“I’m not attacking you”, you say, as you beat me to death with a metaphorical baseball bat.
Do like the cartoon character sings, and “let it go”.


as a resident of florida, i am able to vote for him if he runs for ag commissioner but, i don’t care what political position he runs for, i will not vote for or support him in any capacity. at least with a democrap i know what i am getting, (fill in the blank). but with this lying bastard, who knows. i do hope he runs for ag comm because he would have to give up his senate seat to run and that would also be good.


I understand your sentiment. I voted for Rick Scott because he wasn’t Bill Nelson and sometimes you wonder why.
Nelson did turn out to be anti-2A, instead of “I support the Second Amendment but…”


we have had nothing but trash for choices ,lesser of evils? that is not choice red flag scott , we need some real constitutional conservatives


We definitely don’t need another Nikki fried type there tho


I’m not sure Simpson would be an improvement.


He has to give up his senate seat anyway, because he’s term limited.


Simpson should be kicked to the curb, not promoted or rewarded. As to Hammer, I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. She has that NRA / WLP taint ingrained.


Well, at least you’re out of the closet now.


Getting him out of the senate could be a good thing.


“Getting him out of the senate could be a good thing.”
Dragging him outside and hanging from the nearest tree – priceless!


ship him to new jersey, they can have him