Gun Banner’s ‘Ghost Gun’ Hysteria Prevents Real Solutions to Stopping Violence

Hysterical demands for tyranny are no way to run a Republic. So naturally, that’s exactly what gun prohibition fanatics do. (Giffords/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Olathe East student allegedly used ‘ghost gun’ in shooting at school,” Kansas City’s KSHB 41 reports. “Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe confirmed … that the gun Jaylon Elmore, 18, allegedly used in the shooting was an untraceable firearm.”

“I’m a big Second Amendment person, but ghost guns (are) really only being operated by unlawful individuals who shouldn’t be having firearms,” Howe went on to say, oblivious to how big that “but” of his really is. “I think that’s something we’re going to take from this is that those types of firearms should be stopped.”

If he understood the Second Amendment he’d know it’s not the gun, and that the ability to continue to make firearms, as Americans always have, is not only a right but a necessary capability to protect freedom.

That’s especially true in light of violence monopolists laying the groundwork for confiscation via an unlawful firearms registry that exploits and punishes the “law-abiding” for obeying not-so-hidden agenda infringements.

The solution is to follow immutable and truly “universal” natural law and deny to predators easy prey. The school resource officer returning fire showed all who care to look that it took an armed defender to stop the aggressor.

So naturally, the antis opt for gun bans, and ridicule the truth that it takes a “good guy with a gun,” or they fall back on the “Police are the ‘Only Ones’ qualified” red herring to discourage citizens from having the means to defend themselves. And naturally, the violence continues.

“3D printed guns, ghost guns, and Glock switches are a growing concern,” the photo caption on Click2 Houston’s article about ATF training local police asserts.

“In January, Roland Caballero was accused of shooting three Houston police officers,” the report explains. “Caballero now faces federal charges. He is accused of being in possession of a 3D printer and guns with Glock switches.”

Here’s what the story directing everyone’s attention to “scary” hardware doesn’t tell its readers—they would have to take it on themselves and research further to find a month-old report that reveals:

“According to records, Caballero recently had an open warrant issued out for him due to an unlawful carrying weapon charge and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon … Additional records show offenses dating back as far as 2008, where Caballero was charged with deadly conduct.”

“As far back as 2008…”

Who thinks the answer is to impose more prohibitions on the rest of us? Aside from would-be rulers and the useful idiots who follow them…?

“Man used ‘ghost gun’ to kill 3 daughters in church,” ABC Sacramento practically screams.

“The gunman who killed his three daughters, a chaperone who was supervising his visit with the children and himself in a Northern California church this week was armed with an unregistered ‘ghost gun,’” the report elaborates. “David Mora, 39, was armed with a homemade semiautomatic rifle-style weapon. He had an illegal 30-round ammunition magazine and 17 bullets were fired, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said.”

A prior restraining order didn’t stop him. Neither did charges for “resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and driving under the influence.” The inconvenient truth? Either one of those should have.

That’s because “Mora was in the country illegally. He overstayed his visa.” And insanely subversive California “law” took over:

“ICE asked to be notified when he was released from jail after he was arrested in Merced County for assaulting the California Highway Patrol officer. The Merced County Sheriff’s Office told the AP that under California’s so-called sanctuary state law, it does not notify immigration officials about in-custody people who are being released, and ICE was never notified. The 2017 state law restricts local law enforcement’s cooperation with federal officials except when immigrants are accused of very serious crimes.”

Yeah, by all means, let’s everybody run around in circles screaming about “ghost guns.” Brought to you “courtesy” of totalitarian wannabes, violence monopoly fanatics, self-deluded “commonsense gun safety law advocates,” and useful media idiots, every one of whom has blood on their hands as they blame the carnage they make inevitable on our rights…

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Wild Bill

Yes, and it would be easy. The ATF was created by a Sec. Treas. memo. ATF was not created by an act of Congress, so it has no Congressional protection. All that needs to be done is have the Sec. Homeland Sec. (ATF was transferred from Treasury to Homeland Security) write a memo decommissioning the ATF.


May as well get rid of National Security too. They’re just as corrupt. Cut all the welfare benefits.


Glorified welfare recipients. Standing at the public trough brought about by the Federal Reserve Act.

Wild Bill


Wild Bill

The problem is that other agencies were created by an act of Congress, which would require Congress to change their previous act that enable the existence of any given agency.

BATFE was not created by Congress, and that is an oversight that the Fed gov has forgotten about. Congress could pass an enabling act to continue BATFE’s existence in an afternoon if they realized


Ford, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Trump; none of them saw fit to rein-in or delete the BATFE. Even after Ruby Ridge, Waco and the continuing abuses fostered on the citizens of the U.S. by the ATF, the beat goes on! The republican establishment and other “republicans” aren’t necessarily your friends!

Wild Bill

They may not even known about the situation. Few in government are aware.


Thank goodness you are fighting for gun rights, and not the left. David, your articles are excellent and important to the second amendment.


Thats it. Create the environment to establish the statistic and narrative you want in order to manipulate the pubic into believing, supporting and voting a particular way. Obummer tried it with fast and furious. I wonder if the Las Vagas incident isn’t more of the same thing along with the night club shooting that took place in Florida. Someone on here mentioned that any time 2nd amendment supporters start to make headway on something in support of guns or stopping gun control, a major incident always seems to happen. What gets me is the left is the ones that support… Read more »


i bought a ghost gun was slightly used , plasma cannon, never found any ghosts to try it on


You need to have those special glasses to see them and it helps to have an EMF to hear when they are in the area first. LOL

I wonder if a ghost would be a afraid of a ghost gun. Could you imagine a ghost that we can’t see shooting a ghost gun that we cannot see? I wonder if they shoot ghost bullets. You know the kind that people make in the dark of night hiding in their basement that don’t have a serial number on them or on the box like the manufacturers do?


The narrative about the Las Vegas shooting sure disappeared from the MSM very quickly with no real information being released for the public to read!


Oh, it’s out there. I just watched a good documentary on it.


I watched a video on Ammoland about it about two weeks ago. I leaves you with a bunch of questions like why did a lady tell the people in the front row of the concert that they were all going to die, why when people ran away from the window where all the fire was coming from did it sound like they were running into the fire. Myself hearing the sounds of the shots and the timing, I know it was fully auto fire and it sounded like there were different calibers of weapons being used. There are even more… Read more »

uncle dudley

The amazing logic district attorney for Johnson County has, it would not have mattered if the gun used in the shooting had a serial number or not.
The guy who did the shooting wasn’t of age to buy it in a store because of federal law, so he found a gun or made it and used it in his criminal act.
The serial number is only a tracking device the feds have mandated which is as stupid as most laws coming out of D.C..


Once you buy a gun from someone private it pretty much becomes untraceable. The more it changes hands the more untraceable it becomes. If I buy a gun from someone at a gun show I always get a receipt from them for my protection. But I have never had someone ask me for a receipt back. So they would be the last person that it could be traced to. Say I sell it and someone else sells it, what good does it do? THEY WANT TO HAVE A RECORD for CONFISCATION. PERIOD. There is NO OTHER REASON. NOTHING the government… Read more »


Come on now Lion. STOP this making sense nonsense!!!! So true. I have quite a few firearms, all acquirted under the laws in place at the time of purchase, da gummit knows naught about, even their existsnce. Some of them I purchased new from an FFL gun dealer. The rifle in its factory box, was plopped up on the counter, he punched in 78.85 on an old mechanical cashregister, the draw went CHINGGGG!!! it spit out a receipt for that amount, no name no itemised total, could have been a refrigerator for all that. I plopped four dead Jacksnos on… Read more »


Nice strolling on memory lane. Before 1964, in NYC, you were able to walk out of a gun store or sporting goods store with a freshly purchased rifle or shotgun. Maybe at the cash register they asked for your age. That was it. Handguns, however, were another matter, In New York parlance, “fuhgettaboutit!”.

Wild Bill

That is freedom that future generations will never know.

The other Jim

And just a few years earlier they would have mailed it to your house.


I bet they could have caught him if it wasn’t for that UNtraceable gun. Oh yeah that’s right they did. And a illegal to boot. Who the hell breeds these clowns ? Not my circus. lol


Democrats love to fear monger and create a crises where one does not exist . They use the false flag crises to strip people of thier God given rights . Guns are not the villain in these cases , criminals are ! Democrats created the criminal rich environment with thier get out of jail free policies.. This is all on them and thier failed policies not on legal lawbiding gun owners.

Pa John

Many local governments (county / city / town / municipality / etc.) are not only BROKE but are deeply in debt and getting deeper every year. As in, there is no “spare money” for anything. Local governments cannot act like the federal government and simply print more funny money, they have to make at least some very convincing pretense of living within their means. So, enforcing existing laws – especially when that requires recruiting / training / equipping more police officers and putting them out to patrol all the various high crime areas and such – would cost tons of… Read more »


Yet their own salaries and pensions are fully funded!


Guns all guns are the responsibility of those who own them . Guns do not drive to a mall or school or a park or to the top of a hotel on there own. It is every firearm owners duty to protect his or her weapons at home and while out and about. We live in world of unstable people just look at Joe Biden then listen to our new vice president speak. They are the definition of dangerous stupid and untrustworthy who are not being held accountable for their actions. Democrats rarely are held accountable for the misuse of… Read more »


When the Kommiefornia AG Rob Bonta (who was appointed by Governor Nuisance when O’Biden picked former AG Becerra to be Secretary of HHS) spoke to the press about the illegal immigrant who killed his family, where do you suppose he laid the blame? Did he call out the multiple failed policies that allowed this cretin to still walk the streets? Nope, it was all the fault of the ghost guns. This man had a history of domestic violence and mental instability. He shouldn’t have been let out on any amount of bail, or allowed any contact with his family. The… Read more »


Karen’s are everywhere these days.

The world’s a scary more dangerous place for many reasons. False Flags, legalized propaganda, corrupt gubMINT, releasing criminals early, failure to prosecute for maximum sentencing, increased drug addiction rates, increased prescription psychotropic drug addiction rates e.g. Xanax, Ambien, Prozac, reduced LEO’S etc.

Barking Moon Bat Libtards – progressive ideologies always attract emotional thinkers & non rational oriented archetypes.

Grit, effort, hustle, Street Savvy situational awareness, adapt, innovate & overcome the adversity.

Last edited 10 months ago by Tank

sound like zombies to me


Yes metaphorically exactly. Brain dead asleep still.


Naaaa….just your everyday demonrat.


Oooooooooooo . . . GhostGuns! Sounds scary!!!! The government wants TOTAL CONTROL. They want a database to see . . . and the ability to confiscate, every gun. They are called GHOST-GUNS because the government can’t “see” them – can’t regulate them – can’t confiscate them. The government really IS scared of “ghosts”. (But it’s not just guns . . . they are also working behind the scene to get rid of CASH! – Once it is in the hands of citizens – they can’t “see” it – can’t control what you do with it – can’t shut down your… Read more »


What’s to stop any assembler of a “ghost gun” from engraving serial numbers on it? The whole issue, as is most argued by gun controllers, revolves solely on guns. We’re waiting to here from them urging harsher criminal codes for criminal misuse of firearms, irresponsible handling of guns (think back to actor Baldwin), and negligent storage of guns in presence of irresponsible minors and others,


It would be smart to put a number on the gun in case it was stolen you could report it stolen! Even though I suspect most stolen guns have their numbers erased by the criminals that stole them making them UNTRACEABLE!


Very true. Just one more reason, of many, why focusing just on guns hardly enhances public safety.


Here’s a tale of an “untraceable gun”. Chicago police, doig the mopup from a shooting scene, collected brass and found a couple projctiles at the scene. NO trace. Over the next two or three years, that SAME GUN had been connected to some fifty “incidents” many of them murders and shoootings. They KNEW it was the same gun. It would be “active’ in one part of the city for a few months, then “go dark” and turn up in another part of town. Finally they turned up with this mystery gun at a new crime scene. Running ballistics, they realised… Read more »

Henry Bowman

The ‘Brady Bunch’ and other gun-haters do NOT want to stop violence!

It’s elementary. Ban guns, control people.


What we all have to realize here is this…they have purposefully made crimes against the citizens of no effect. Letting them out early, allowing illegal criminals to wander around in our midst, allowing insane people to do insane things. It’s part of the plan. You see, when people are in fear they clamor for more safety. And in the process they ask for more police protection, which means more jails, more judges, more lawyers, more so called LAWS etc. It’s all part of the LAW ENFORCEMENT GROWTH INDUSTRY! They make crimes against the GOVERNMENT or their “laws” of every effect.… Read more »