Trudeau’s Gun Control Ambitions and His American Admirers

By Larry Keane

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s gun control agenda isn’t going as planned, yet he is already doubling down. iStock-1169526109

U.S.A. -( Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s gun control agenda isn’t going as planned, yet he is already doubling down. His latest gun grab move is a ban on another entire class of firearms.

Calling it a “last resort,” Prime Minister Trudeau wants to ban all handguns in his country.

That’s right – handguns. “There is a robust debate about taking action [on handguns] from coast-to-coast,” a Canadian government insider said.

Just like in the United States, new gun control on law-abiding citizens won’t solve Canada’s crime crisis. Prime Minister Trudeau, however, is taking civilian disarmament to the next level.


This won’t be the first gun grab Prime Minister Trudeau has tried but would be the most extreme. During the announcement of his taxpayer-funded Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) confiscation, he forecasted this was coming.

“We know there is more to do on strengthening gun control in this country which is why we’re going to measures around safe storage,” Prime Minister Trudeau said. “Measures around handguns to permit municipalities to ban handguns within their city limits.”

Legislation introduced in the Canadian Parliament’s last session would have allowed Canadian municipalities the option of enacting their own local laws to ban handguns, as well as implement a myriad of other antigun measures. That included creating a “red flag” law enforcement patrol to remove firearms from people deemed to pose a danger to the public – without any Due Process protections like in the United States. Fortunately, that bill died without serious consideration.

Now, the restriction has been resuscitated and the handgun ban bill is likely to come back and give big city provincial governments the ability to impose them. Similar to major U.S. cities where strict gun control is common and crime is rampant, major Canadian provinces like Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto approve of the handgun bans while rural provinces like Ontario and Quebec shun them.

Ontario’s Liberal leader Stephen Del Duca campaigned on the handgun ban, stating he’ll introduce a handgun ban as well as strict requirements for firearm storage and transportation. Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford scoffed at the idea. He complained about soft-on-crime prosecutors and said he’s focused on funding police and law enforcement efforts to combat criminals, saying 80 percent of the firearms used in crimes there are obtained illegally and half of deaths attributed to firearms are gang-related.

Canadians recognize the ruse as well. Banning handguns and allowing different municipalities the ability to institute a patchwork of different laws is problematic. Matt DeMille of Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, told the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, “Adopting measures across the province in a patchwork is going to be very difficult for people to understand.” Public safety critic Shannon Stubbs added, “This part of the bill doesn’t address the major problem, which is the illicit use of illegal guns in crime.”

Billion Dollar Bungle

Canadians have known for a while that Prime Minister Trudeau was coming for their handguns. The prime minister announced two years ago that Canada would institute a mandatory taxpayer-funded gun “buyback” that would include, “over 1,500 models and variants” of so called “assault-style” firearms. Prime Minister Trudeau’s unilateral action – not a law passed by the Canadian Parliament – called for a two-year amnesty period, during which law-abiding gun owners would be compensated for forfeiting their privately-purchased firearms. That would include approximately 200,000 firearms.

At that time, Prime Minister Trudeau attempted to sell his order as a $250 million national “buyback,” paying Canadians with taxpayer funds for the firearms they already legally purchased with their own money. Previous similar Canadian government gun grab attempts, however, put the price tag closer to $600 million, and doubters admitted the real cost could be closer to $2.7 billion. The deadlines have been punted and delayed, with only a fraction of a percent of Canadians obliging. In fact, The Reload reported on the program’s bloated cost and ineffective rollout.

Gun owners have been hesitant to turn in their newly prohibited firearms, and Canadian gun rights groups have mobilized against the confiscation plan,” Stephen Gutowski reported. “The announcement is another setback in the Canadian government’s confiscation effort. Its plan to collect the affected weapons has been rife with problems since it was announced.”

Canadian Canary

Prime Minister Trudeau’s handgun ban ambitions are a Canadian canary in a coal mine. Here at home, President Joe Biden has tiptoed around the idea, alluding to a handgun ban in his wider, broader gun control agenda remarks.

President Biden said a handgun – illegally stolen and used by a criminal to commit murder – was a “weapon of war” when he spoke at a gun control press conference with Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. “But I don’t see any rationale to why there should be such a weapon able to be purchased,” President Biden said. “It doesn’t violate anybody’s Second Amendment rights to deny that.”

Except it does.

It may be Prime Minister Trudeau pushing a ban on handguns now, but with the gun control agenda publicly repeated again and again by President Biden, Americans should take him at his word when he says he is coming for their guns.

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Trudeau is Klaus Schwab’s boy, destroying Canada to advance the WEF’s vision of a future of Global Socialist Totalitarianism. Citizens have no rights, at least no rights that EMPOWER them, like firearms. “RIGHTS” will be to things that pose no threat to government power, like abortion, and gay/trans marriage. Pete Buttigieg is Klaus’ boy in the USA – watch for the dems to run HIM for prez in 2024. The top priority for the “GLOBAL” future is CITIZEN DISARMAMENT! And in case no one noticed, the democrat party is intentionally destroying America to transform it from a SUPERPOWER into a… Read more »


destroy the great cities check, destroy production check, destroy food production working on that


There is a fundamental difference between Canada and the United States. We are one of two Covenant nations on the earth: the US and Israel. Our Creator is the source and defender of our liberty. If you disagree you need to move to Canada. But oh, problem. Another fundamental difference is Canada has a border. We have not. A nation without borders is not a nation. But a nation without borders but with a people numerous and armed can once again become a nation with a border and with a government that understands it serves the People and not vice… Read more »

Captain Sloog

The Canadian voters did not directly elect Trudeau. The party with the most seats in the House of Commons picks someone (usually the party chairman) as prime minister. So the Canadian voters only picked the party, which could vote to choose a different prime minister every Wednesday if they wanted to.


Trudeau and Biden can do what they want and so will I . FJB and Justin Trudeau . Let’s get the civil war started and erase these gun grabbers from American soil . 1776 all over again and the tree will be refreshed and tyrants will be gone .


it is coming to that, canada may split over some of this if you remember canada came close to splitting up in the 90s only thing that kept them together is northern provinces and a good part of quebec threatened to join us all the hydro fhat runs Quebec city and Montreal would have become foreign owned

Last edited 1 month ago by swmft

COMMIES – are – COMMIES – are – COMMIES. It matters not which Country they reside in!


major Canadian provinces like Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto approve of the handgun bans while rural provinces like Ontario and Quebec shun them.

When did Canadian cities become provinces.

Trudeau is nothing but a communist, they always want gun control so they can take more power.


they have the same bunch of idiots running the big cities as we do , power crazy stupid to the bone. and the idiots in the cities believe government can fix problems which is funny because government is usually the problem


Justin Trudeau is Canada’s problem which is now under socialist control by their out of control prime minister that they chose to elect. The United States Of America the go to country for the world when the shit hits the fan. We have our own issues that are far more paramount that need to be addressed.Before we continue supporting countries that have been bleeding we the taxpayers dry we have to fix our own broken one party government. Americans politicians are very generous with are tax dollars with little or no oversight. Every alphabet agency that the federal government creates… Read more »


good way to start un civil war