Arms Preservation Inc – July 4th Sale – 17.76% Off All Orders!

Arms Preservation 17.76% Off All Orders

U.S.A. -( Arms Preservation Inc. is now running a 17.76% off July 4th Sale ending 7/5/22!!

Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm and Ammunition Storage Bags utilize a combination of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) chemistry and carefully chosen barrier packaging materials to prevent the corrosion of firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition during storage for 5 years or more depending on use. Arms Preservation anti-corrosion storage bags are based on military-tested and approved designs that are reusable and safe for all metals, finishes, optics, stocks, ammo, primers, and electronics since the bags leave no residues behind and do not require the use of any messy oils or greases.

Arms Preservation anti-corrosion storage bags have a wide range of applications which can include storing hunting firearms during off-seasons (with scopes mounted), safely storing guns while away on deployment, preserving priceless family heirlooms, storing guns that are rarely
used (safe queens), or if storing firearms and ammo in humid, damp, or coastal environments.

The following Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm and Ammunition Storage Bags are currently available

  • Velcro Pistol Storage Bag 11” X 15” OD
  • Velcro Shotgun Storage Bag 11” X 54” OD
  • Velcro Tactical Rifle Storage Bag 14” X 49” OD 
  • Parts and Ammo Storage Bags (5 Pack) – 8” X 11” OD
  • .50 Cal Ammo Can Liner
  • .30 Cal Ammo Can Liner

What you can expect from Arms Preservation Inc. Anti-Corrosion Firearm Storage Bags:

  • 100% Re-usable Corrosion Protection For at least 5 Years and Beyond Depending on Use
  • Heavy-Duty, Industrial Grade Velcro Closure
  • Will Not Damage Optics, Electronics, or ANY Non-Metal Parts
  • Preserved Firearms Require ZERO Maintenance
  • Firearms are ready to use immediately out of the bag
  • Safe for Ammunition Primers and Powders

Use discount code JULY4TH to save 10% on your entire order.

Arms Preservation Inc. (API) offers several anti-corrosion bags to keep guns and ammo from rusting for years. IMG API

About Arms Preservation Inc:

A.P.I. Storage Solutions were designed to be the most durable long-term gun storage bags possible by offering the longest-lasting corrosion protection available. Whether you are looking to store your firearms short-term between trips to the range or long-term such as between hunting seasons or during an ammo shortage, A.P.I. gun storage bags will keep your firearms clean and rust-free.   (proper preparation is necessary)

A.P.I. Bags offer easy-to-use anti-corrosion protection without causing any harm to stocks, grips, optics, ammunition, or any metal finishes.

Learn more at

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Only good for 5 years? This is what they call long term? Burying them is out!


The unique combination of our bag materials help the bag last at least five years with constant use (in and out of the bag several times a month) and can last many years long with infrequent use. If the bag is burred and never opened then the bag could last 10 years or more.


Since it isn’t mentioned in the article I will say prices range between $12 – $25. Pretty reasonable IMO, I’ll have to give some a try, thanks for pointing them out!


Don’t forget to use discount code Ammoland to save 10% on your entire order.