2A Patriots Hold the Line! Don’t Take the Hate Bait

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Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- If you have seen any of President Biden’s recent speeches, especially his dystopian “unity” speech the other night in Philadelphia, you’re probably a bit incensed over the way gun owners and patriots are being portrayed by the President.

That’s the objective: To tick you off, and hopefully motivate some overzealous gun owner, Trump supporter, or patriot, into saying or doing something stupid.

Trolling has always been part of the human condition. Remember the kid in junior high who would pester someone and pester them until the victim lost his temper and took a swing? The teacher or Principal wasn’t interested in anything except “Who threw the first punch.” And the victim ended up being punished. The same thing happens in business, social circles, and, yes, in politics.

Recently, here in Arizona, a guy in a BLM T-shirt showed up at a Republican club function where Senate candidate Blake Masters was scheduled to speak. The guy had on his Joe Biden, Aviator sunglasses, and various buttons. All intended to “trigger” the Republicans in attendance – and he had a video camera running. His sole objective was to get the folks there riled up, hoping they would say or do something ugly or stupid, which he could then post on social media to prove that Republicans are hateful, violent bigots.

Unfortunately, the folks there jumped at the bait, badgering the guy about “All Lives Mattering,” killing babies, and the like. They demanded that he leave, threatened him with arrest, got in his face, and tried to block or grab his camera. Eventually, an older woman, reaching for the guy’s camera, made physical contact, and things turned into a scuffle, ending with the guy being tossed out on his keister. Regardless of the details of who did what, the video of the Republicans being belligerent and getting in the guy’s face put Republicans in general in a bad light. Someone trying to diffuse the situation at one point even asked one of the belligerent guys to back off, and the guy responded, “They do it. Why shouldn’t we?”

The proper answer to that question is “Because we’re better than that,” but almost as important is that this is exactly what the guy wants you to do.

He was a Troll in the current vernacular and was very successful in that instance. He got what he was looking for, and his video made the rounds, with Republicans getting the short end of the stick.

Today, we don’t have a President, we have a Troll in Chief.

Remember that Joe Biden is several cans short of a six-pack, and his speeches are being written by far-left acolytes of Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals.” His words and actions are intentionally geared to anger his political opponents, hoping to instigate some ugly or violent response. And there are too many people on the “right” who are more than willing to take the bait and provide “proof” that his disparaging characterizations were accurate.

I guarantee people are reading this right now and are berating me as a wimp, afraid to stand up for my beliefs, who have a whole litany of excuses and rationales that they believe justify “hitting back” and “returning tit-for-tat.”

Again, I say; This is exactly what Biden and his handlers are hoping for.

I firmly believe in taking the higher road, living by the Golden Rule, and following my mother’s advice that if I don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all, or at least don’t say it in an ugly way. But all of that high road stuff aside, I also believe in not giving my opponent ammunition to use against me.

In the Comments section of articles on social media, we often see the phrase; “Don’t feed the Trolls,” but there’s almost always someone who will expend tons of time and energy writing endless rants in response to some Troll who’s sitting in his mom’s basement giggling at the rage he’s engendered.

Right now, the stakes are incredibly high. The Democrats have made gun control one of their core legislative objectives and one of their top campaign issues.

They believe that GunVoters are too divided and disorganized to be an effective voting block in this November’s elections, thanks to the dramatic decline of the NRA and betrayals of stupid Republicans who have backed some gun control efforts. They need as much evidence of “gun nuts” and “radical Republicans” behaving badly as they can get to scare the squishy middle over to their side, and they have the full support of the legacy media available to them to splash that bad behavior all over the news and social media.

Democrats desperately need to distract Americans away from rampant inflation, high gas and food prices, the destruction of US energy companies, unfathomable levels of government spending on idiotic and corrupt “investments,” [aka wars] the total collapse of our foreign policy, and the simple fact that the current President of the United States is clearly an idiot. They need distractions that will turn voters away from those things and instead focus their attention on synthesized bogeymen, imaginary enemies, and the former President’s foibles and failings. It’s working.

Two months ago, Republicans were expected to crash through the November elections like a tidal wave, and today those predictions are ringing hollow, as American voters are having their attention and energy sucked away from the real issues to instead focus on tertiary matters that should have no bearing on the coming elections. Just as Barack Obama once cautioned that one should never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to “F- things up,” I have warned never to underestimate Republicans’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Focusing on Donald Trump’s legal troubles is a huge mistake, regardless of how false or factual they may be or how unfair the double standards of the FBI and Justice Department are. It’s a distraction. So is righteous anger over Joe Biden’s characterizations of Trump voters, gun owners, and “right-wing” politicians as enemies of democracy.

All of that energy should be focused instead on turning the debate back to the real issues at hand, the absolute failure of Biden and the Democrats to do anything right.

Every Republican politician should deflect every question and comment about Trump and right-wing extremism by pointing out that this is all just an effort to distract attention away from the real issues. then follow that up with solid proposals to correct the disastrous policies of the current administration and Democrats in Congress.

The American people are hurting. Democrats like Senator Mark Kelly (Mr. Gabby Giffords) of Arizona are putting out ads bragging about how they are working for their constituents to lower inflation, strengthen the border, and reduce gas prices while they vote in lock-step with Biden and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on policies that do the exact opposite of their claims. This should be Republicans’ talking points, and voting records and videos of these politicians’ actual words should be the core of their campaign ads.

Biden and the Democrats are Trolling GunVoters and the “right.” Don’t take their bait. Don’t give them bad behavior in response to inflammatory rhetoric. Focus on the facts that really matter: The Economy, the Border, Foreign Policy, Profligate Spending, the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment.

Hold the line. Don’t Feed the Trolls.

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox, led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs, and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists through education, analysis of current issues, and a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona, and Manassas, VA. Visit: www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

Jeff Knox
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Wild Bill

If someone shows up in clothing and paraphernalia designed to trigger anger and “a scuffle”, then he has a partner or two in regular clothes with a camera.
The guy in the “Joe Biden is wonderful” tee shirt is the bait, the camera man (or even professional rioters) are the trap.


Hunter-Kill teams…

Wild Bill

In a way, yes.


A bit of intel, antifa has been seen using small private camera drones to watch and direct their group actions. most of them are on earbuds with their phones where they receive and pass instructions. This then becomes an intel type situation where we have to identify their leadership chain in order to cut the head off the snake first and then destroy the body.

Wild Bill

I agree. The silent and perfect arc of the framing hammer, comes to mind.


…if it flies, it dies.

Greg K

Am torn by today’s events…Often wonder when the Jews realized if they only would have fought back, what may have happened. Their forefathers did, so why not?


What events?


Unintended Consequences by John Ross!

Roland T. Gunner

Been waiting for the sequel for 20 years.


“Today’s events”


I don’t think the German enforcers could kill the German state’s enemies, simply for moving too fast and the victim gets blamed, that should have been a warning. A big warning should have been when the government made legally owned property illegal, so its enforcers could hurt the targeted groups. The concentration camps wouldn’t have needed to be hidden if the German state’s domestic enemies would have fought back. They would have been eradicated and then it would have depended on if Germany had won their war if that eradication was bad or not. Like how we are typing on… Read more »


They weren’t really Jews. They were Jew-ish….

Roland T. Gunner

Mila 18.


I guess if you keep turning the other cheek you won’t feel the chaffing of the slave chains on your wrists


I believe democrats end game is trying to bait the American people or MAGA Republicans to violence. Any excuse to declare Marshall Law and declare permanent democrat rule. Essentially anyone who opposes them will be targeted. This happened in the Philippines when Marcos became dictator after declaring Marshall law in 1973. Biden’s speech had no other reason but to admonish, label and divide Americans. MAGA Americans are enemies of his state.


Who’s this guy Marshall that does laws?


It’s Martial** law… Sorry…had to do that. I apologize.

Roland T. Gunner

I’ll bet all your socks and ties are neatly folded in your top dresser drawer, too.

Roland T. Gunner

Wasn’t being ugly, the system deleted the smiley face.


Neatly rolled, yes. ..haha, well not that neatly..but kind of neatly.

Wild Bill

I was going to mention that the Army rolls their socks, rather than fold, but …

Wild Bill

Yes, their egos do not let them find the fault within themselves; therefore it must be someone else.


correct, show some self-restraint. something the left does know or do. the left does things like this to take our attention off the worst economy since the carter administration, and it at times seems to be working. don’t let the talking heads, utoob, fakebook or the twit posters gaslight you, keep pointing out to them the worsening economy, increased inflation, belief you can change your gender, crime in blue cities and then laugh at them, because that really pisses them off. they will become unhinged and then are easily manipulated. and it is also somewhat fun. be better at it… Read more »


Well I guess it’s time for a full delete…DEF delete, EGR delete, DPF delete,. catalytic Perverters, DELETE. ….retune.

…..if you haven’t already…

Diesels the way of the future…at least it should have been…


Yeah…I’m a person that can see things into photographs..I can tell ya all about the person in the photo…I dunno, it’s a gift…anyways… Some photographs are easier than others…


How do these things get into office? See… That’s been my point all along.. it’s not enough to have to fight an enemy that can press a button; and devastate a whole zip code…when they can do that, our numbers don’t matter…. BUT, Not only are we facing that from them…we are facing collaborations against us, from the “majority” that vote for creatures like this….I mean, what is wrong with these “Americans “? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with them, they’re Americans. And come with all the stuff that goes along with that. ..subject of the programming and of all… Read more »


Obviously not. Or it would not have become the wanna be dictator it has…jeez. how can some one put something like that in power? And seriously, where are all the men at?

What man says, I want this broad to be my political leader ?


I disagree about discussing biden’s attacks on gun owners and republicans. It is important to point out to anyone willing to listen that desperate-failing leaders almost always pick scapegoats to attack, pretending that such group is a “threat to all of us.” This technique has been a major tool of tyrants including Mao, Mussolini, Stalin, and yes Hitler. This is exactly what biden is dong in his efforts to vilify guns, gun owners and republicans in general. Why not take advantage when opposition hands you victory on a silver platter? Don’t attack democrats in general, that just alienates democrats and… Read more »


“Fight back! Whenever you are
offered violence, fight back! The
aggressor does not fear the law, so
he must be taught to fear you.

Whatever the risk, and at whatever
the cost, fight back!”

Jeff Cooper


Go ahead. How do you think the nightly news will cover it?

Wild Bill

Hmmm, how is the dead passive non resister covered in the nightly news? I guess if I were killed, I’d miss the news that night.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill

Mr Cooper lived in a different world….not that I don’t agree with the statement…I just sort of wished I didn’t….my personal escalation of force has grown to be very short…in my mind.

Wild Bill

COL Cooper said, “Whenever you are offered violence …” So the violence has to come to us first. Then we must be aware of the witnesses around us and how to make sure that we are seen as the victim. Then we have to preserve the scene.

Wild Bill

Yes, maybe. A guy just never knows what the spark will be. Once it happens a guy is behind the preparations curve.

Wild Bill

Oh, thank you.


“don’t take the bait, we are better than that”

Look how far that has got us. The mobs of people that beat up people in the street and at restaurants and burned down buildings and torched cop cars are getting their way right now. There’s no rewards for cowardice, no wars have been won by complacency.


Most wont say it is time to fight until they are starved, beaten, wearing rags (if anything) and standing at the edge of a pit, totally defenseless. As if it matters at that point. No, you fight when you have a chance of success, and keep fighting. The authoritarians will only keep getting stronger as they incrementally steal freedom away, and you cannot vote your way out of this. Ask the Germans, Venezuela or dozens of others.


So when will it be time to fight back? As we’re being loaded on the cattle cars? Pacifism, Golden Rule and Turn the other cheek are all fine and dandy maxims from our Judeo-Christian upbringing, but 1930’s Germany had similar background (they were after all, at the root of the Reformation, even though Germany as a country did not yet exist). While we sit here, taking the High Road, our Rights, the pillars of that road, are being gnawed away by the futt bucking ugly Beavers of Progressive Fascism. I weary of the be patient and trust in God attitude.… Read more »

Wild Bill

Whoever begins armed revolution first will have to face the American military and all of the armed alphabet LEO agencies. In the mean time, there are lots of ways to “fight” back. One commenter, here, wrote about giving UPS a close but not correct birth date. Gun shows and cash come to mind for every kind of logistics. One of my favorites is putting four random numbers on a 1″x 6′ board that is eight inches long in front of your house numbers. Easy to remove, if you are expecting a delivery. Easy to place, if you are expecting surveillance.… Read more »


Your opening statement is lacking in analysis and is overly broad.

Wild Bill

How would you have written my opening statement?


Jus show them this….

Wild Bill

That is one cool picture!!! However, Quartermain’s complaint is that my “… opening statement is lacking in analysis and is overly broad.”

Opening statements do not usually contain the analysis, and are designed to grab the readers attention. So I asked him how he, Quartermain, would have written my opening statement.


Yeah…I just took this as an opportunity to put that picture out…

That’s ‘old Bill ‘

Wild Bill

Don’t get me wrong, I love horses, and have a dozen of them, but for combat … give me tracks every time.


Yeah I guess it depends.. it’s all METT-TC dependent… Did you know, you can hear a Bradley idling for over 2 miles away…of course, terrain dependent… You may already know this …but did you know that I’m partial to 113’s over Bradley’s? I am. Infact, some of the best time of my life was spent on 113’s… They are much more nimble… obviously, they don’t have quite the survivability that Bradley’s have.. but their armor is upgradeable…as far as the power, I am both a Cummins man & a Detroit man… Love them both… As far as urban shit…I’ll take… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yep, I’m familiar with it. METT-TC it is part of the MDMP. The Cmdr gets an oporder, issues a warning order, then confers with his S1 and S3 in making the METT-TC analysis. You are talking yourself into a staff puke job here at the disorganized militia. Grid coords to follow.

The US has a couple million of the M113s in storage all over the place… just in case.

Horses are pretty thin skinned, slow, need lots of water, and individual care, but maybe in limited circumstances.


They can definitely make a quick get away…and they can go places tracks can’t. Even 113s ….then again…I’ve been places in both 113s & 1165/67s you wouldn’t think could happen… I’ve ridden a gun down, almost, damn near, a straight 90 cliff…maybe 82°… (Ft. Hood) I wouldnt have wanted to do that on a horse. …..I’ve taken them WAY past the 20° tilt, sideways wise…around 45° ….so much so that you’d have to crain your head up and over to look at the driver….. thankfully, ive never been in a roll over…i don’t know how I haven’t, but I’ve been… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yep, I’ve done that too. Oh, and if I never ride in a humvee again … it will be too soon.


What is an m520 Goer?

I also believe we only see 50yrs later….that newest phone out, they had no less than 30yrs ago…it only makes sense.

Wild Bill

The Goer was an 8ton, four wheel cargo truck.


Yeah but in his comment, he listed the goat as one of the vehicles that he had driven…and didn’t know what the name of the ‘other’ vehicle was…and details it as having tall tires…, And a cab….. The goer did have other configurations too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Boom
Wild Bill

Oh, well, perhaps I misunderstood.


Well maybe he’ll come back with an answer on way or another…I’m interested too…

The engine in that goat was a 3-cyl Detroit…I didn’t know that…I like stuff like that.. I like it when engines have big bore for configuration set ups.. such as a 2.6L 3-cyl …that’s cool.


See… You knew without even knowing.

Wild Bill

Oh, yes … the Gamma Goat. The goat was a three cylinder diesel, six wheel drive, amphibious, pivot in the middle vehicle designed for taking logistics and ammunition to the FEBA and wounded to the rear. It was replaced by the Huey.


What about an Uparmored Mule? haha

Wild Bill

Yes, but horses and mules are too thin skinned, slow, and need too much food and water for combat operations.

Wild Bill

Huh, and here I thought that I was about to learn something.


I live in the sticks what house numbers, mailbox has numbers it is on the main road 3/4 of a mile from the house, garbage truck knows where dumpster is

Wild Bill

Can you get some magnetic numbers to cover the real numbers if you suspect surveillance?
I live out in the sticks, too. We have the advantage of noticing things that are out of place… vehicles, people, a drone or two!
Have you seen the new anti-drone 12 ga. shells? It is called Skynet Drone Defense Munitioins.


A bit of tongue in cheek advice I read on the web:

“Gear up and go out front to the street. If you’re the only one out there, go back inside, it isn’t time yet.”

Seriously, these sort of things have a “critical mass” or “spontaneous combustion” like element. When “its time” it will seem like it takes off on its own.

In the meantime, you can read up on the events that led up to the word “sabotage”


and/or this book for some ideas on how to fight back without fighting back.



Are you a dentist?


If we would just get the civil war started these cowards would go into hiding and be silenced . They keep stoking the flames and it will blow up in thier face . Remember how this country was started by opposing tyrants by force. Its coming soon to the streets of America .


Exactly the response the trolls want!

Wild Bill

The timing is not right … yet.


I’ve asked this before…what do you have chambered for .454 Casull..? Is it a rifle, or a pistola?

Last edited 1 year ago by Boom
Roland T. Gunner

The trick is to not end up going out like Butch and Sundance.


Yup, sad but true.
You can’t win against the Nazis.
They terrorize you with their violent brown shirt intimidation mobs.
And then if you do anything back against them, you are an enemy of the state and the gestapo comes and takes you away. (If they don’t kill you.)

Henry Bowman

You’re right about that, anyone who says otherwise needs a sit-down with Kyle Rittenhouse!


Mtngs should have a plan to eject provocateurs without giving them good footage.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Better yet, welcome them in and treat them as if they’re fellow Americans with a brain disease. Do the opposite of what they want and expect. Video as much as possible.



Idaho Bob

“They do it. Why shouldn’t we?” Because I’m not a blm thug hiding behind a false anti-fascist mask of deceit and lies, that’s why. If I become like them in my actions, I have become them. I stand for the Flag and I knell for God. I will not stoop to the level of the communist left. If a civil war is to be started, then let them start it with the first salvo. There is plenty of time to wait and be patient. In the meantime, get involved. Become a poll watcher. If you live where their are drop… Read more »


Along the same line, Mr. Knox. we should let China know that no matter what they do to Taiwan or to us we will not use nuclear weapons… Right that will do the job.


Bigger threat: Apathy-demoralization over the false belief that fraud decides every election; exploited by psyop agents & those who parrot their “votes don’t matter” poison; keeps us from even voting let alone sacrificing to win.

If all elections are stolen
How did VA flip?
How did Mayra Flores win?
Why didn’t Cheney “win”?
Why do Ds lavishly fund THEIR voter outreach?

If we don’t vote, Ds don’t even HAVE to steal elections. Same for not volunteering & donating to viable conservative candidates and anti-fraud groups like America 1st Legal & Thomas More Society.


Election threats:

Pretending 24/7 bloviation, posts & tweets = activism.

The only voting OFFICER Ope’s sock-puppet troll posse does: Opevote himself –LOSER M.O. Downvote action items, anything not pure bloviation.

Tiger Talkers parrot “ballot box/bullet box” as if the fraud’s total & armed resistance is a romantic picnic.

Thx to Chatroom Commandos & PsyOp Spreaders, 6% of Wyo Rs say they won’t vote again. If 6% holds natl it gift wraps 100s of races for Ds that should be easy R wins.

Sacrifice or don’t whine about the consequences



Get out to the voting booth and VOTE FOR CONSTITUTIONALISTS!!!


Just say “NO” to RINOS like John Cornyn!

Roland T. Gunner

I am thoroughly fed up with that arrogant SOB.




Mr. Knox, are you saying we have to bend over to Kiss the other cheek?