U.S.A.-( SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the evolution of the most advanced and tested rifle platform in the world with the introduction of the MCX-SPEAR-LT. Built off the foundation of the MCX Virtus the third generation of the MCX combines all the extensive testing, continued product development, and customer/special operations feedback to become the MCX-SPEAR-LT.

“The first generation of the MCX platform was designed to be an AR-15 style platform with added modularity. The second generation of the MCX, the MCX Virtus, was purpose-built for rugged durability and brought unprecedented modularity. Now comes the MCX-SPEAR-LT, which incorporates the best of both generations and is the culmination of the latest research, development, and innovation in the MCX platform,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The lightened handguard has the expected rigidity and durability of the MCX, the lower is a familiar SDI, M400-style lower and ambi-bolt catch and release that is designed to fit the legacy VIRTUS uppers for more versatility. The MCX-SPEAR-LT will accept AR-15 style triggers, in addition to the legacy triggers for even more flexibility in the MCX platform. With the MCX-SPEAR_LT also comes the long-awaited addition of the 7.62×39 caliber to the MCX family bringing even more modularity to a platform that simply can’t be matched. The evolution continues and the MCX-SPEAR-LT has raised the bar for modular weapons technology.”

The MCX-SPEAR-LT rifle is an aluminum frame rifle with a gas piston operating system featuring a lightweight ergonomic handguard, push-button folding stock with cheek-rest, and a cold hammer forged carbon steel barrel available in 9-inch (300BLK), 11.5-inch (7.62×39 & 5.56), and 16-inch (7.62×39 & 5.56) lengths. The rifle offers fully ambidextrous controls including bolt catch and release, a SIG QD suppressor-ready flash hider optimized for SIG SAUER QD suppressors, a SIG flatblade match trigger, comes optics ready and can be easily paired with a SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEO8 or TANGO6T, and is finished in a Coyote Anodized finish. The MCX-SPEAR-LT is available is 300BLK, 556 NATO, and 762×39 calibers.

NEW SIG SAUER MCX-SPEAR-LT chambered in 7.62x39.
NEW SIG SAUER MCX-SPEAR-LT chambered in 7.62×39.


  • Caliber: 300BLK
    • Barrel Length: 9 inch
  • Caliber: 556 NATO
    • Barrel Length: 11.5 inch
  • Caliber: 762×39
    • Barrel Length: 11.5 inch
  • Caliber: 556 NATO
    • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Caliber: 762×39
    • Barrel Length: 16 inch

*For additional specs including weight, overall length, width, and height by model visit the product page at

The MCX-SPEAR-LT is available is 300BLK, 556 NATO, and 762x39 calibers.
The MCX-SPEAR-LT is available is 300BLK, 556 NATO, and 762×39 calibers.

The MCX-SPEAR-LT is now shipping and available at retailers. To learn more about the MCX-SPEAR-LT or watch the product video visit MCX-SPEAR-LT series product photos.

About SIG SAUER, Inc.

SIG SAUER, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, suppressors, airguns, and training. For over 250 years SIG SAUER, Inc. has evolved by blending American ingenuity, German engineering, and Swiss precision. Today, SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters and responsible citizens. Additionally, SIG SAUER is the premier provider of tactical training and elite firearms instruction at the SIG SAUER Academy. Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, SIG SAUER has over 2,900 employees across eleven locations. For more information abo ut the company and product line visit: SAUER Logo

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American Patriot

That may give me reason to look into the 7.62 X.39 cal, depending on the price point.


Great article on the Sig MCX SPEAR LT however it is a bit short but to the point. From everything I have seen and heard of the SIG MCX SPEAR LT it is going to set a new standard for the future of AR-15 platforms everywhere. So in order for the AR-15 able to compete with the SIG MCX SPEAR LT. The AR-15 platform will have to step up it’s game while remaining budge friendly. Which the AR-15 has started making small advancements such as ambi controls which should be a standard without the high cost. also more and more… Read more »


Actually, the babbling on is appreciated as it provides additional critical information worthy of consideration.