Hochul & New York Ban Toy Guns Right Before Christmas ~ VIDEO

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USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Kathy Hochul is suffering some major defeats in New York State. As hard as she tries to ban guns in the Empire State, the Supreme Court continues to punish her for violating the very people she represents. The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association defeat that she suffered seems to have caused more irrationally reactive behavior from the originally appointed Governor. In what seems to be a last-ditch effort to make her hatred for the 2nd Amendment known, Hochul has now decided to ban children’s toys right before Christmas.

On August 16, 2022 Kathy Hochul signed legislation S.687/A.3998 to strengthen restrictions on toy guns, preventing the sale of them in New York, under the guise of “keeping New Yorkers safe.” This new law went into effect right before Christmas on November 14th, 2022.

Hochul said, “My top priority as governor is keeping New Yorkers safe, and that means cracking down on devices used to commit crime. Restricting these realistic-looking devices will ensure misleading and potentially dangerous devices are off our streets, keeping kids, law enforcement and all New Yorkers safe.”

The Democrat’s justification for this legislation is that since 1994 there have been eight deaths where toy guns were used in the incidents. In these cases, it would be safe to assume that the victims of the crimes were not the ones killed. Remember, the guns used by the criminals were fake. This leads us to believe that the people who died in these crimes, were the bad guys. Hochul said herself, she wants to crack down on “devices used to commit crime.” Is she trying to protect the criminals?

It’s interesting how Hochul focuses on “cracking down on devices used to commit crime,” yet somehow cracking down on the “people who commit crime” isn’t found on her list of priorities. Protecting those who get killed as a result of committing a crime with a gun that doesn’t shoot, appears to be the goal here.

Ironically, when Hochul was appointed Governor, one of the first things she did was let 191 prisoners out of Rikers Island. Crime has since skyrocketed in New York State and in many cases the culprits are the very people who have been let out of jail, given early release or who have enjoyed the no-bail policy. You would think Kathy Hochul would make it a priority to prosecute criminals and keep violent perpetrators in jail. Well, it would be if her intentions were really to “keep New Yorkers safe.” Instead, she has decided to ban toy guns right before Christmas.

This is not the first time we have seen this type of attack on children’s toys by New York Democrats. Just two years ago the Empire State Consumer Project attempted to ban Nerf guns under the guise that toy guns breed mass murderers.

Is the intention behind Hochul’s toy ban really to stop crime, or is this an example of an angry woman intent on protecting criminals from their victims and punishing children for playing with guns?

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.
Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy
Host – The Loaded Mic

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Dan Wos
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“Hochul said, “My top priority as governor is keeping New Yorkers safe, and that means cracking down on devices used to commit crime. Restricting these realistic-looking devices will ensure misleading and potentially dangerous devices are off our streets, keeping kids, law enforcement and all New Yorkers safe.” Well, then she had better get on the stick (Pun intended) to ban dildos and a wide array of other sex toys before Christmas as adultery, sodomy and a wide variation of other sex crimes are still illegal in New York State and she DOES want to keep these “toys” out of the… Read more »


They’ll legalize meth first! 🙂


Interesting how politicians think that their primary responsibility is to micromanage everyone’s lives so that the people are all perfectly safe (and completely impotent — as well as ignorant and dependent).


Bill – notice how all of those attempts make the common person even less safe and more dependent on big gummint. And the sheeple never seem to figure it out.


and all require police to enforce


“cracking down on devices” is her key phrase. NOT cracking down on CRIMINALS which ‘might’ actually make her sheeple a bit safer. Notice that she has not made any indication of cracking down on any of the ‘devices’ you mentioned, just the ‘evil guns’.


It would be a site for soar eye’s if She was shot by a criminal. I’d say good riddance.


we should all post her where abouts with luck someone will can her


American gunners should refrain from all additional compliances and abolitions. Enough has already been done and it never changes anything anyway. Like trendy insurance policies and eliminating toys for example. If an armed person is forced to open fire no insurance company is going to pay anybody anyway. No, the friendly insurance man will roll with the liberals and insist that the defensive action was some kind of crime. Besides, lack of safeguards is not what drives these people anyway. They’re driven by their hate for gunners.

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Hochul is like the drag queen story hour grinch.


Make escape from New York reality. Wall the city up, and keep sending criminals there. Most of the residents already qualify. Certainly ensure all politicians such as hochal are incarcerated in New York.


Hell, send in Snake Pliskin…..


If it gets walled up please fill it with water afterwards.That should help dampen at least some of the stupidity.

Jay Dee

Governor Hochul & New York is signalling that they are really, really useful idiots.


Well if I’m going to be honest… My kids were never allowed to play with toy guns, either…but then again…, They’re girls. That…and they grew up with a pistola in every room of the house…at the ready. And an m4 here, an AK there…..I didn’t want to risk it. But even from 18mo old, they new what a gun was, and what it would do… Just like I showed them what happens to a cantaloupe (consistency much like a human head) when it’s backed over… And guess what? They never got around moving vehicles, either… Not like these kids that… Read more »

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Hey that’s right! “Use your Truck!” –SSG. CACSIO …. One heck of a deadly weapon.


One of my kids got a moose, with an arrow. A PLYMOUTH ARROW! The Trooper told him that he needed to use cheaper ammo! Yeah, he did manage to repair the car.


Oh, it was funny all right, as nobody (except the moose) got hurt. It could have been much worse.


It seems like only two kinds of people live in New York City. The criminally insane and the insane. I like the first posters suggestion about walling up the city and sending all the undesirables there. (Send the criminally insane ones from Albany first)

Wasn’t there a feel good Batman movie where they did just that?

Our Legacy III

She is doing this to kill the gun culture. Most kids like myself started out playing with cap guns and other toy guns. She believes that if you kill the culture at an early enough age they won’t be pro- Second Amendment when they grow up. This is just another communist indoctrination by the radical left. The Democrats need to just come right out and start calling themselves the communist party!


Not to wax nostalgic, but in my childhood days, we had zinc casted pistols which looked like the real thing as well as being mechanically correct. I don’t recall ever lectures by adults, much less politicians, on the danger of toy guns. Of course, common sense tells you, these can be used by criminals in the commission of crimes.


Criminals don’t follow the laws, they might bring the toys in from Indiana or Georgia.


Now, they will add TOY guns to the smuggler’s list! I once met a nice looking young guy who robbed a bank, using a flint-lock lighter. Got away clean. But talked too much. He spent some time in a big-city jail in CT. As some big guy’s “wife”? I wonder how he liked that!


Imagine being in court charged with trafficking toys. How do you prevent giggling every time somebody says that?


Having to choose between a bright blue cap gun or no cap gun, I’ll take the blue, thank you very much.


Nobody would dare paint a toy gun a realistic color. That would be illegal!

Rebel VA

Since when?


If nothing else, one would be creating an illegal toy, and thereby subverting the law. There must be a law for that!


Yep, instead of a tool to be used in the outdoors for the harvesting of 100% organic meat (something they all seem to love), let’s make them SCARY and if you even as much touch one you might die ooooohhh. So dangerous!! ugh..


She really is Koo Koo for cocoa puffs. Just how are they going to enforce such nonsense ?


Easy. Deny sales of all non-compliant merchandise throughout the state. Think the manufacturers won’t comply?


She’ll set up check points at all entries to NY, and do vehicle searches and confiscate all contraband toy firearms and sandwiches that kindergartners bit into the shape of pistols. Much more important than addressing the rampant crime running in their streets.


Seems as if someone has aIready beaten HochuI senseIess.


Meanwhile Ken dolls in drag are available In stores throughout the state.


Hey, they love her in New York!!! They just elected her to serve another term.



For those interested in the facts, here’s the legislation (excessive use of italics are New York’s, not mine): THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, REPRESENTED IN SENATE AND ASSEMBLY, DO ENACT AS FOLLOWS:     Section 1. Subdivision 2 of section 871 of the general business law, as added by chapter 475 of the laws of 1988, is amended to read as follows:   2. “Imitation weapon” means any device or object made of plastic, wood, metal or any other material which substantially duplicates or can reasonably be perceived to be an actual firearm, air rifle, pellet gun,  or “B-B” gun; unless… Read more »


I guess that’ll be the grey area, if they want to prosecute or not. lol


Yeah you would think they would have to run Disney pedo movies everyday for complete brainwash to work.


I like Arnys name. (No homo)