Dan Wesson DWX, Now Shipping to a Gun Store Near You!

Dan Wesson DWX
Dan Wesson DWX

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- What began as an innovative idea among the brilliant minds at CZ and Dan Wesson has finally come to life. These ideas resulted in the jaw-dropping DWX pistol, a grand melding between the signature pistol designs manufactured by the two brands. Available in 9mm, the DWX is ideal for everything from USPSA competition to recreational shooting.

The DWX starts with the crisp single-action fire control group from a Dan Wesson 1911 and combines it with the ergonomics and capacity of a CZ pistol. The grip angle and contour draw their lineage directly to the venerated CZ 75, providing an excellent fit for most shooters. Correspondingly, the full-size DWX is compatible with standard CZ 75 grips. In addition, low-profile red aluminum grips help drive the shooter’s hand high in the beavertail and provide a fantastic texture to plant it firmly in hand.

More than just a competition handgun, the DWX sports a locked-breech barrel system for simplicity and features a CZ-style take-down via the slide stop. Borrowing time-proven double-stack magazines from CZ pistol families, the full-size DWX employs the 19+1 magazine from the P-09/P-10.

An ambidextrous safety delivers easy access for right- and left-handed shooters, while a flat, K-style trigger offers a textured face for a positive feel. Front strap checkering aids grip control, while a 1913 Picatinny rail makes it easy to mount a light or laser. A match-grade barrel with a bushing-less barrel system resembles that of the P-09/P-10 and offers shooters unparalleled accuracy and easy take-down.

DWX competitive shooters will appreciate another benefit of its high degree of tunability and customizability. Many parts already on the market will fit, all built around the 1911 fire control group. With a 1911-style dovetail front sight and CZ Shadow 2-style rear sight, factory and aftermarket options also abound.

The long-awaited DWX pistol is finally on its way to the American market, at dealers now.

Dan Wesson DWX
Dan Wesson DWX

DWX Full-Size Specifications:

  • SKU: 92001
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Grips: Henning Aluminum
  • Finish: Nitride
  • Overall Length: 8.5in
  • Barrel Length: 4.95in
  • Height: 5.9in
  • Width: 1.5in
  • Weight: 43 oz
  • Trigger Mech: Single Action
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable HAJO (click adjustable for elevation, drift adjustable for windage)
  • Safety: Manual thumb safety
  • MSRP: $2099.00

About Dan Wesson Firearms

Each Dan Wesson Firearms revolver bears the name of Daniel B. Wesson, who founded Wesson Firearms Co., Inc. in 1968. His goal was to build the finest revolvers that the shooting world had ever seen. As a result of his hardwork and dedication his firearms are known for their innovation, indestructibility, and match-grade accuracy.

Continuing in his footsteps, Dan Wesson Firearms joined the world’s largest firearms producer CZ in 2005. The Dan Wesson legacy continues with new and exciting products and innovations from the excellent people of CZ and Dan Wesson Firearms.
For more information, please visit WWW.DANWESSONFIREARMS.COM.Dan Wesson Firearms logo

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The red grip material looks cheap.


I just don’t see the appeal in ANOTHER 9mm. I guess if you are really into punching paper holes or listening to “ding ding ding” – spending 3-4 grand on this is just the ticket. I prefer a good Kimber Rapide Explore in .45 Auto – putting 230 grain Hornady XTPs firing controlled pairs – it has never let me down and for half the price. Just my preference.


The FBI spent a lot of money and time testing just about every type of 9,40 and 45 and 9mm scored the highest. A critical duty expands to .69” while the best 45 goes to .71”, you can get twice or more the capacity, less recoil, more accuracy and more effectiveness using a proper 9mm. I love my 45’s for the nostalgia, and it’s still fun to shoot and suppresses well. Your Rapide and this gun will be very similar in price, the msrp is 2k. I don’t know your experience or anything but when I’ve used my gun shot… Read more »


The DWX is a revolutionary pistol. You thought the Shadow2 was/is superb, the DWX tops that. No double-action either, its a pure SAO with all the benefits therein.
The DWX will crush most if not all high end 1911 competition autos.


I’d think a blurb would mention Colt as being part of the group instead of the mention of Dan Wesson’s name being on REVOLVERS. How do you expect me to take ammoLand seriously when it appears that nobody reads this stuff before it gets published.


I’m confused.