UPS Statement to AmmoLand News’ Reporting on Gun-Shipment Tracking Clarification

New UPS Policy Requires Unlimited Access to Firearms Shipper's Books iStock-1316371635
New UPS Policy Requires Unlimited Access to Firearms Shipper’s Books iStock-1316371635

U.S.A.-( AmmoLand News on December 8, 2022, received the below statement from logistics company – United Parcel Service or UPS. The statement addresses the recent news reporting that eighteen (18) state Attorney Generals, led by Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, were asking major shipping companies, including UPS, to clarify new policies that appear to allow common carriers to track firearm sales. And if or to what extent were shipping companies cooperating with Federal Agencies like ATF?

Statement from UPS December 8, 2022, to AmmoLand News

Your recent article about UPS tracking firearm shipments contains some information that we feel needs to be corrected. While we were not contacted for a statement, UPS would like to provide information in response to the piece and ask that you update your story. Thanks so much.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (“BATFE”) issued a final rule that expanded the definition of parts that qualify as a firearm “frame” or “receiver” and thus as a firearm. UPS updated its policy to reflect the rule that states UPS cannot accept firearms without serial numbers or any partially complete, disassembled, or nonfunctional frames or receivers that qualify as “frames” or “receivers,” as defined by the new BATFE regulations, that have not been identified and given a serial number in compliance with federal law. UPS does not track gun purchases, nor does it have access to customer data that would detail such information. UPS has not, nor will it ever, track the purchase of guns. In addition, UPS would only provide information about firearm shipments when required to do so by law, such as in response to a subpoena or warrant.

This year, UPS updated the firearm products policy as a result of increased regulation of firearms and certain firearm parts, including complying with federal regulations that went into effect in August 2022. UPS also updated its policy to bring firearm products shippers in line with other highly regulated goods shippers by requiring the shipper to enter into an approved firearm products shipping agreement and provide copies of applicable licenses. These changes help ensure that shippers of firearm products have the appropriate expertise to move these items safely, securely and lawfully through our network.

In addition, UPS would only request shipper information to resolve compliance issues, and the shipping agreement permits the shipper to identify when a request would require information that the shipper believes it cannot lawfully provide and suggest alternate information sufficient to resolve the compliance question.

Thanks for your help,


Michelle Polk
UPS Public Affairs
Policy Communications
Twitter | @UPSPolicy

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Roland T. Gunner

UPS should not require shit, other than payment to deliver goods.


UPS can say whatever they want, but the letters that they sent out to shippers threatening destruction of products that were already shipped can’t be denied.


I have a fishing buddy who used to drive for UPS in the ‘90’s into the mid 2000’snd. People were starting to grow indoor marijuana. My friend was trained by a local/state/fed drug task force at the training room of a Western Washington UPS Distribution Center about what to look for, smell when delivering packages that would help the task force root out illegal grow ops. He quit shortly after. He said he was not going to be a big brown drug cop, he thought the company had zero business doing law enforcement work. I would not believe a word… Read more »


Got to throw the BS card on UPS (Union for Proletariat Shipping)


I have to call B.S. on their statement.

  1. It is common for the purchaser’s name to appear above the FFL’s name on the shipping label for online purchases. I’m sure that data is now kept forever.
  2. I see no explanation for the reported requirement that all but the largest shippers have to pay retail rates to ship firearms and related parts.

I feel for you, Jason I see plenty of people leaving all three of the west coast states for lands with more freedom. I wish you luck fighting the “Not My Fault” attitude of the west coast subjects. Every day it looks more like “The Wall” is being built in the wrong location.

Roland T. Gunner

I’ll have to circle back to you about that.


Don’t feel alone. My Amazon that I had never came in two days, the best was four, My Fedx that is supposed to take 2 or 3 days takes four or five both coming in and going. That includes USPS too and even they have been putting packages in the wrong mailbox and I have had to call and complain to the company that I didn’t receive it. So far I have been lucky and they have replaced the items missing. Since covid, everything has turned to shit. Services, products and in some cases people. No pride in anything anymore… Read more »


When Covid hit, all the shippers, including the USPS threw all their shipping guarantees out the window. All they would guarantee is overnight and second day air. And evidently even those guarantees are no longer being honored. What’s next “We’ll ship it when we feel like it”? Because it kinda feels that way now.


Yes and I am starting to think if you complain about the driver that they put you on their revenge list and the companies support it. All companies, its like the new standard. No pride in anything anymore by the younger generation.


Lol. My wife had a yarn spooler come from china. They said in the beginning that it would take two months. It did but they sent two. Called to let them know and they said keep it, its not worth the hassle taking it back.



The brown turds have been a bad actor for over 30 years . This is nothing new . They bow to the communist regime regularly .


Lol. UPS is really turning to trash. Besides the driver having dyslexia and putting my 1,400.00 package on the porch of a neighbor with the numbers reverse to my house number a couple months ago and one year before that which was an upper from Palmetto State Armory (thank God I have great neighbors). I am expecting a package today. It was supposed to come on Wednesday, then I received notification that it was arriving early on Tuesday, then I received information that it was going to be on Monday then on Saturday, then I received info that it was… Read more »


Turning to trash, indeed. My father died Last year in the middle of the Covid epidemic. Covid didn’t get him, but you can’t outrun old age. He was in Arizona. I am in North Carolina. Sister lived close to dad and sent me some deeply personal and irreplaceable items via UPS. I could see tracking from the origination to two later stops, still in Arizona. Then nothing. Now, those special keepsakes are only memories. UPS sucks.

Roland T. Gunner

Tracking is not tracking, its a formality, going thru the motions.

Dubi Loo

Sorry for your loss


Sorry that happened. Yes and even if you had insurance, they can replace memories. I had three insurance claims on guitars I bought that came to me broken. All of them were neck breaks. The guitars were properly packaged too, better then what they do when they are new. UPS never paid squat.

Roland T. Gunner

I spent 7 or 8 years in a shithole townhouse on the San Jacinto River in NE Houston, after a divorce, back in 2008. Worse than the wrong side of the tracks. After selling my sole remaining NFA giggle switch toy to pay off my lawyer, I was starting to rebuild my arsenal. After arranging the in-state purchase of an M11A1 submachine gun, and waiting for the Form 4 to be approved, I come home from work one afternoon to find a package on my front porch. A small, flat box, holding an M11A1 machine pistol. Had a porch pirate… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Roland T. Gunner

Sometime’s it’s the shipper’s fault. I used to work for a large company with DoD contracts. In the late 80’s I had a custom stock made for my competition shotgun and left them with my business card; daytime contact info on the front, hand written home address and phone on the back. Imagine the ‘Oh Shoot’ feeling I had closing the door behind me to explain to my manager that I just had a shotgun delivered to my office and needed help getting it out past the guards.


Not quite as bad, but came home from work to find a package laying on my front porch. It was my Colt Anaconda back from Colt for repairs.

one of those thing that when you open it you get the cold sweats thinking of what could have happened to the package.


Fedex is engaged in the same slight-of-hand “following ATF regs” BS that UPS has been quite vocal about doing. BTW, what a gobbledegook word salad of a statement from them. If I can’t make a specific USPS shipping selection when buying FA parts online, I’m calling the businesses and requesting that delivery service be USPS. I’m sure it’s not the same everywhere, but for my location it’s the best choice and the fastest. Priority shipping gets me 3 days, and more times than not it’s 2 days. If I don’t need the part or reloading brass, rifle barrels etc.USPS economy… Read more »


I never saw the day that you could order one and get it mailed to your house but I did see a day when I could walk into a sporting goods store and buy a 243 and a 270 for the wife and I at the same time and walk out the door in fifteen minuets without a background check in kommiefornia. Amazing isn’t it. I thought kommiefornia was bad and gun laws is why I left. Now I live in Oregoneistan and they are trying to make it worse!!!!!


Dubi Loo

Dear Michelle from Universal Package Smashers, you will Never get another dollar from me.


BATFE needs to be shut down. Criminals, drug runners, arms dealers, & pedophiles.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (“BATFE”) issued a final rule that expanded the definition of parts that qualify as a firearm “frame” or “receiver” and thus as a firearm. UPS updated its policy to reflect the rule that states UPS cannot accept firearms without serial numbers or any partially complete, disassembled, or nonfunctional frames or receivers that qualify as “frames” or “receivers,” as defined by the new BATFE regulations, that have not been identified and given a serial number in compliance with federal law.


One would read that UPS statement as “to ensure that retail FA dealers aren’t running their own “fast and furious” op, and because we don’t trust them, and we’re snitches, we at UPS have to open every box to verify compliance with ATF. We don’t have a choice because we’re cowards.”


Dear UPS. GFY. If you think I would put an actual real serial number in you documents you would be wrong. I’ll make shit up….

Roland T. Gunner

We need about 1,000,000 metric butt tons of dead gubmint employees


UPS attempting damage control, seemingly unaware of SCOTUS ruling that requiring serial numbers are unconstitutional. Letters threatening destruction of your purchased goods is criminal in nature.


You want to make sure it goes to the wrong place ship UPS they are the worst, Fedx is a little slow but atleast it ends up on my porch


UPS and USPS have stolen my property on multiple occasions, and not just reloading supplies. They both suck. Oh yeah, I ordered some USPS boxes online, took almost 3 weeks to arrive, was suppose to be 2 day.

Roland T. Gunner

Hey kid, you’ll put your eye out!


Michelle must be a lawyer. Only a lawyer could take so many words to say nothing of substance. From what I see, they must be compiling a list of companies who manufacture the parts that the Unconstitutional BATFE wants them to not ship.


Just more lies from UPS.

Country Boy

“Next day Shipping” means they’ll ship it the next day…or the next…or the next…LOL

John Dow

Great non-answer