18-State Attorney’s Generals Call On UPS & FedEx To Clarify Gun-Purchase Tracking

UPDATE December 8, 2022: UPS Statement to AmmoLand News’ Reporting on Gun-Shipment Tracking Clarification

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HELENA MT – -(AmmoLand.com)- Seventeen state attorneys general joined Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen today in asking major shipping companies to clarify new policies that allow them to track firearm sales with unprecedented specificity and bypass warrant requirements to share that information with federal agencies.

Reports from Montana federal firearm license (FFL) holders made to Attorney General Knudsen’s office indicate that UPS and FedEx are now burdening them by requiring them to ship separately and track firearms, firearms parts, and firearm products so gun purchases can be tracked and retain documents about what specific items those shipments contain and make that information available to the companies upon request.

Knudsen and the coalition of attorneys general sent letters today to leadership at both companies requesting additional information on their new policies and the possibility that the effort was coordinated in part with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

“These demands, in tandem, allow [UPS/FedEx] to create a database of American gun purchasers and determine exactly what items they purchased… In doing so you, perhaps inadvertently, give federal agencies a workaround to normal warrant requirements. This allows [UPS/FedEx] to provide information at will or upon request to federal agencies—information detailing which Americans are buying what guns,” Attorney General Knudsen’s letters state. “Additionally, we recommend that you consider taking actions to limit potential liability moving forward, including the immediate cessation of any existing warrantless information sharing with federal agencies about gun shipments.”

In addition to requesting updated FFL-related shipping policies from the two companies, Attorney General Knudsen asked them to clarify the following:

  • Did UPS/FedEx enact these policies with the goal of information sharing with the ATF or any other federal agency;
  • Did UPS/FedEx enact these policies at the request of officials in ATF, a different federal agency, or on its own initiative;
    If UPS/FedEx implemented these policies at the request of a federal agency, please identify that agency, the officials who made that request, the nature of that communication, and any legal authorization cited by those officials;
  • If UPS/FedEx changed its policies on its own initiative, please explain why it made those changes;
  • Did UPS/FedEx communicate or coordinate with each other in making these changes; and
  • Did ATF or other federal agency employees help draft the updated shipping agreements?

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen led the effort. In addition to Knudsen, state attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming signed one or both letters.

Click here to read the letters as delivered.

18-State Attorney’s Generals Call On UPS & FedEx To Clarify Gun-Purchase Tracking Policies

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Rob J

Can’t ban firearms or make a national registry? Have the private sector do so and use post 9-11 privacy violation policy to side step the Constitution.

“If you are doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear!” sounds like “Have your papers ready!” But so long as it is in the interest of “public safety” we should all line up for the next cattle car.


The misnamed Patriot Act is unconstitutional.


I think the firearms industry should band together and create their own credit card for gun buyers and gun owners only, with transactions that are untraceable by the government.


Include in that the firearm industry’s own carrier system. I never thought I’d think this, but USPS is currently the carrier of choice for me.I’m getting 3-day delivery-sometimes less, with firearm parts including barrels without question or suspicion from them. I’ve talked to several retailers in the industry,(Midway USA, Scopelist and others) telling them I don’t understand why they shell out millions of $$ supporting companies that want to ultimately destroy their business. The reply from two of them….well, we haven’t had any delivery problems with them yet……where I scream THAT”S NOT THE POINT!

uncle dudley

It’s none of ATF’s business who buys what, Biden needs to put these agents on the southern border of the U.S. and put the Air Marshals back in the planes.


Biden is the one that has weaponized the ATFE to violate our 2nd ammendment rights, he’s not going to do a damn thing to them except maybe give them a raise and encourage them to keep breaking the law and violating our rights. Oh and to keep creating that illegal gun registry they claim to not have.


Idaho missing from the list again…Sigh…. Fortunately the incumbent RINO has been replaced with a Constitutionalist who will be more active beginning next month .


Arizona as well, sad to say.


Arizona has been taken over by liberals from Kalifornia..Sad to say


Virginia AG is MIA also, despite running on Conservative credentials. The VCDL is holding their annual Lobby Day in January.
Somebody has some ‘ splainen to do .


Tennessee is also missing.


Dissapointed to not see A.G. Schmitt from Missouri as a co-signer. Maybe he’s too busy packing his bags for the U.S. Senate. As an exercise I filled out the form and asked WTF?


Couldn’t FFLs provide mis-information to shippers? How would shippers know the difference? There is no law that info provided to shippers must be accurate. Instead of a Barrett M82 as purchased, indicate a used single shot .410 with fake S/N, etc.. Shippers are not authorized to access FFL ATF records….4473, etc, match ATF records info against that provided to shippers.