Check this Out: Gemtech NEUTRON 7.62 Suppressor …runs on Full-Auto!

Gemtech NEUTRON 7.62 Suppressor Live Action
Gemtech NEUTRON 7.62 Suppressor Live Action

SPRINGFIELD, MA – -( Gemtech, a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry, is proud to introduce the all-new NEUTRONTM 7.62 suppressor.

Gemtech NEUTRON 7.62 Suppressor

Gemtech NEUTRON 7.62 Suppressor
Gemtech NEUTRON 7.62 Suppressor

If you’re looking for a versatile suppressor that strikes the perfect balance between size, strength, and weight, then look no further than the Neutron. Designed with four of Gemtech’s patent-pending technologies, this 6.6-inch suppressor is durable enough to withstand full-automatic applications while, at the same time, light enough for extended all-day use. The Neutron is compatible with HUB 1.375-24 thread standards, accepts a wide range of mounting hardware, and comes with Gemtech’s ETMTM (Elite Taper Mount), which provides precise alignment and helps resist carbon lock. It has a tubeless construction that helps eliminate unneeded weight and a high-efficiency baffle design for superior sound reduction.

Decrease decibels and increase shooter comfort with the new Gemtech® NEUTRONTM 7.62 suppressor.

MSRP: $829.00

To stay up to date on products and news, visit the newly designed Gemtech website: GEMTECH Suppressors.

About Gemtech Suppressors

Gemtech®, a Smith & Wesson® brand, is a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry, providing noise reduction benefits to law enforcement agencies and officers, hunters, and target shooters. With nearly 30 years of designing, testing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing the highest quality suppressors and accessories, Gemtech has developed the expertise that proves Silence is Golden. For more information, call (844) 363-5386 or visit

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All this BS on sound suppresors. You have to get a mother may I card for each one. Why???? I just watched a video. 308, 5.56 using a decibel meter. The average without is 175 db. With the suppressor added the best was a 25 db drop. Anything over 80 is bad for your hearing and 140 is supposed to be painful and possibly destroy your hearing right then and there. In addition, all of the people doing the tests were wearing hearing protection which they should be. So what’s the big deal. Why should you have to go through… Read more »

Last edited 19 days ago by musicman44mag

Well they are great if you hunt with them. I use mine in my 300 win mag, 6.5 cm, 308, 300 BO, and another one on the 338lm. The reduce Muzzel blast, and calm recoil a great deal. As far as hunting with one shot, with out ear plugs they seem to work for me. As far as gun ranges lending them out (legal restriction of Possession might apply), plus they affect the the POI so you would have to re-sight once it was removed. If you don’t want one, don’t buy one. I do agree with you that the… Read more »

Last edited 18 days ago by Terry

I have never heard that they calm recoil. All you ever hear is that they make the blast less. That would be great calming the recoil. I have a friend who has a compensator on a 5.56 of all things. You can feel the air pressure hit you when you shoot a round and to me it seems louder. I would opt for the suppressor over that.