NRA Elections 2023: LaPierre Wins – NRA Members Lose

NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
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Tombstone, Arizona – -( This could be our last chance to vote in an NRA Board of Directors election. Unfortunately, there’s not really anyone to vote for or anything they could do to save the organization. While there are a lot of relatively good to simply benign candidates on the ballot, there are none that I would expect to challenge the status quo, and there are several who are strong supporters of Wayne LaPierre, chief among them being current NRA President Charles Cotton.

While I think it would be a victory for NRA members to rid themselves of Mr. Cotton, I see no viable way to accomplish that. Cotton has historically landed up in the top 10 vote-getters in his past several elections, and the extra exposure he gets in the NRA magazines makes it very unlikely that he could be pushed down into the bottom 4. And even if that were possible, he would almost certainly be subsequently elected to the 76th Director seat that is voted on at the Annual Meeting of Members.

NRA Board of Directors election Ballot 2023

NRA Board of Directors election Ballot 2023
NRA Board of Directors election Ballot 2023

Ballots are included in the latest editions of NRA magazines. All Life Members, and Annual Members who have maintained membership for at least the past five consecutive years, are eligible to vote. If you’re an NRA member, but don’t have a ballot in your latest magazine, then NRA’s records indicate that you’re not eligible to vote. If you believe you are eligible, you should call the Secretary’s Office through the NRA HQ switchboard. The number is in the Official Journal section of your magazine.

On the ballot are 30 names, with 22 of them being incumbents. The Nominating Committee didn’t renominate Judge Phil Journey, who has been a contributor to AmmoLand News an outspoken critic of the current “leadership” and their policies, nor did they renominate long-time Director Graham Hill, who has quietly asked uncomfortable questions of LaPierre and company. They also failed to nominate Frank Tait, who was appointed to temporarily fill the seat vacated by the death of Dave Butz last November. Tait was also a vocal critic of the LaPierre regime. He was the last available, non-winning candidate from the previous election, and his appointment lasted only until the end of the Members’ Meeting this year.

Among the new names on the ballot, I am only really familiar with two of them. The DC-Projects’ Amanda Suffecool, who is a pretty sharp cookie but doesn’t strike me as much of a boat-rocker, and Rick Ector, who is a heck of an activist and trainer out of Detroit. I like both of them, but I don’t see either of them having a significant impact on the decisions of the Board. It looks like the other six new candidates are just more of the same rubber-stamp LaPierre sycophants that have become standard for the Association in recent years.

Still, you never know how they will actually perform on the Board until they get there, so I’ll give them some small benefit of the doubt.

The best I can do in the way of recommendations is to suggest voting for any of the new folks: Rick Ector, Amanda Suffecool, Ed Wilkinson, Bruce Widener, Isaac Demarest, Amy Heath Lovato, David A. Raney, and Charles Beers III.

Read their bios in the magazine, and see if you think they will do a good job. I only personally know Rick and Amanda, and I like both of them.

Among the incumbents, there are a few who I think aren’t too bad, though none of them have demonstrated a willingness to stand up against LaPierre and Cotton.

No one managed to get nominated by petition this year, and I’m not aware of anyone attempting to run a write-in campaign, so all of the candidates were nominated by the Nominating Committee. Slim pickings.

At this point, the Association is in dire straights.

Over the past three and a half years, the Association has lost nearly half of its Annual Members and over half of its annual revenue, not to mention most of its political clout and professional respect. At the same time, the Association has made drastic cuts to core programs and even deeper cuts to staff. NRA TV was an early casualty, along with the much-vaunted Carry Guard program. Still, they’ve also made severe cuts to Competitions, Training, Range Development, and other core firearm-related programs.

At the same time, the Association’s legal and related spending has gone ballistic, with one law firm now accounting for over a quarter of the NRA’s overall spending.

And that’s not spending on NRA suits against unconstitutional laws or anything like that. It’s spending on the legal battles to defend the Association and LaPierre against charges of corruption, cronyism, and self-dealing on the part of LaPierre and other executives.

These are not new problems, but they have stacked up in recent years, now placing the Association on the verge of bankruptcy, actual bankruptcy, not the fake one Wayne & Co. tried using to escape NY state. As well as pending severe sanctions from a New York court.

Wayne LaPierre file photo

Yet, in the midst of all of this, the NRA Board of Directors has reelected Wayne LaPierre as Executive Vice President and CEO every year, with almost no opposition!?

I see no hope of reversing this situation. The New York suit is supposed to go to trial by this summer, and there is little doubt that the Association and LaPierre will lose soundly. The only question is what that loss will actually mean to the Association and its members. The legal geniuses at NRA recently demanded a jury trial – in a Manhattan court – with a jury comprised of residents of New York City… What the hell are they thinking?

Looking at the downward trends in NRA membership and their finances, there’s a good chance the Association will again file for bankruptcy protection before the lawsuit gets to trial. It’s hard to guess how that might impact the trial, but it will probably, at least, delay it some more.

Unfortunately for NRA Members, there’s little we can do besides watch the slow-motion train wreck and hope that there will be enough pieces left to pick up. I sincerely wish I could offer a more optimistic view and suggestions for avoiding the crash, but I’m afraid it’s just too far gone.

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About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father, Neal Knox, led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs, and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona, and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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Money corrupts and Waine could not resist the temptation and now the NRA is paying the price by bleeding members and donations. Yet they still elect the corrupt money grubbing POS . Wow proof you can’t fix stupid !


Montana…. Justice will only happen when the SOB is in jail with most his handpicked and complicit BOD.

Last edited 12 days ago by 3%er

NRA was rigging elections before rigging elections was cool.
Though they normally did more “soft” rigging, like lots of free space in the mag for “preferred” directors, while censoring the reformers.
Then there was the one year that they actually ran a “do not vote for” list in the mag, got hauled in to court for violating their own bylaws, and lost. But by then the election was already well over, and the upshot was (to paraphrase Harry Reid) “they didn’t win, did they?”


These folks smoke peyote off of the LaPierre recycled crack pipe.
There is no path forward with the NRA.

I liken it to quite a large swat of Republicans.. too effing stupid and keep voting for a train wreck with no path forward. Why? Why do these people exist. ?

NRA is not your dads or grandfathers NRA.. That is where I think people lose it.. living in the past, hoping for a prayer, a hope and a dream… it ain’t coming. You can’t go back and you can’t go home… its over. Move on.

Last edited 13 days ago by Jayson

WLP is a despicable reprobate but the shitshow that keeps propping this predator up is 100% worse. To Hell with each and everyone of the bastards. Absolutely correct…”Turn out the lights, the party’s over…”


Jayson…I have one answer for your question about “Why do these people exist?” It is …..$$$$$$


It’s truly time for Wayne to go. If he really cares about the NRA he would retire. He helped build the NRA into powerful organization and we thank him for that. He needs to realize that for the health of the NRA he needs to go, he has become an albatross and doesn’t’ seem to see it.


Jeff; Thanks for the recommendations. I received the ballot yesterday and, after looking over the candidates, I was thinking why bother. This keeps me from having to think about this mess. Thanks for all you’ve done, but, it looks like the end is near.

Roland T. Gunner

Jeez, what a goat screw.

LaPierre is such a slimeball.

The only truly correct solution is for every honest, ethically minded NRA member with a lick of sense to ditch the organization, and join one of the numerous other truly pro-2A organizations that have cropped up in recent years.


When I met Wayne in 1994 he was a lonely humble soul sitting by himself outside a mall bookstore hawking “Guns, Crime, and Freedom.” How things change. Maybe I’ll finally read it now just to enjoy the irony.


SAD. I have personally signed up 121 Life Members. Everyone in my family…my friends… over the years. I joined Life for $100 with my very first adult paycheck in 1970. Benefactor in 1980. My Uncle… Life for $25 back in his day as an NRA Marksmanship Instructor in WW II.
And we’ve come to this….SAD.


Yes, as a 5th Generation Life Member it is sad and disenhearting to have watched this long slow fall.
I believed for a while that maybe this mess could be straightened out, and New leadership could chart a new course. I’ve slowly come to accept that we’re still headed straight for the Iceberg.
At this point, even if WLP stepped down today, the end is inevitable.


Billy Bob, you ran a righteous path doing the right thing with the NRA all along. Don’t go away with your head hung low. You brought all those people on board to what was supposed to be a righteous path to defend and protect our second amendment along with all of our other rights in this country. You can’t fault yourself for the route that LaPierre and his cabal chose to take. Along the way I am sure quite a few of your members that you brought on board trained a lot in the safety in the use of firearms… Read more »


Jeff, Thank you for your valued input … once I became aware, I searched for your advice and tried to spread the word to try and create change. Really a shame to see the slow sinking … everywhere I look I see a lot of sinking ships as the “captains” of each ship claim the opposite. So, I greatly appreciate the honesty over the usual mushroom treatment by others. It’s also a shame and disgusting how the members and country continue to be screwed over. For all those thinking good, should go to GOA, SAF, etc well keep in mind… Read more »


I just threw my magazine and ballot in the trash last night after looking it over and not seeing anyone I recognized. Mainly Tait and Journey. I guess I’ll dig it out of the trash and mark your recommendations.

Wild Bill

I am glad that you brought the ballot up. I notice that every candidate was nominated by the Nominating Committee, so why write in Jeff Knox?

Wild Bill

I see that my post was unclear. What I meant was I noticed that every candidate was nominated by the nominating committee, so why vote for them? Why vote for Jeff Knox? Are we doing a write in campaign to support him?


If I was in his shoes I would be blowing all your NRA membership and donation money on hookers and drugs… The NRA would save millions if they quit sending out so much mail begging for more hooker money.


You would think it the price of eggs that they would at least have enough brains to raise chickens and trade them for the hookers instead of waste our membership money. But I’m sorry guys I’m not going to vote. I’m done with voting for The Best of the worst just to get by. I’m pulling the plug on my lifetime. Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, Citizens for the Right to Keep and Bare Arms, National Association of Gun Rights and Gun owners of America have my money and my attention. And sadly I’m going to have to cut… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by USMC0351Grunt

As a Life Member I found voting for the NRA BOD to be nothing short of guesswork. Okay there were a few candidates that had high profiles in the gun, business, and political communities, but other than that it was basically potluck.
Not only that but it sure seems as though BOD was controlling all of this.


Same here, and I’ve been a Life Member since the mid 80’s. A few stood out, but most I had no clue who they were.

Dogma Factor

Jeff Knox if you don’t like them run a write in campaign your self!

OH snap, I just wrote your name on my ballot!


The L.O.C. F., LaPierre Organized Crime Family, referred to in legal proceedings as The National Rifle Association, is the only organization I’ve seen, or even heard of, where the executive staff employees have complete power and control over the Board Of Directors. It’s supposed to work the other way around. That in and of itself is the hallmark of a corruptly led organization. Join & Support your individual State’s most pro-2A organization. Regularly contact your State Legislators in a professional, respectful manner to voice your opinion on any and all firearms related legislation. Don’t depend on any national organization to… Read more »




He isn’t the only one that’s thieving from that organization. When the ILA and other parts of the NRA call, I blast them with bleep bleep bleep you bleep bleep bleeps. And I am a lifetime member and certified instructor. Several years ago, I came face to face with LaPierre up at their HQs – I told him to resign, immediately. He should be ashamed of himself. His little monkey lackeys tried to shush me up, they were unsuccessful.


I reiterate: attend the members’ meeting on 15 April and then silently stand and turn your back on Wayne when he comes out to speak.


Why waste the time and money when those resources could better be used fighting the battles alongside the Second Amendment Foundation?


And just who or how are the votes even counted ? If they use a machine installed with some form of IT coming from IT-ISAC the outcome is sure enough.


Wayne LaPierre’s jury trial might, just might have a better chance, in NYC, if it moved venue to some low populated area of Staten Island. Lots of luck, Wayne.


Poor Wayne will never see that $4.5 mansion that his handpicked and complicit BOD had approved for him through theft of member funds. His old lady had already started looking at curtains. The only problem they were having was deciding how large the swimming pool would be and where the heliport would go. Justice will only happen when that useless SOB and the majority of his BOD is locked up,…esp.Tom King (NY)


Jeff, I wrote in votes for Journey, Hill, and Tait and hope I got the cities correct: Wichita KS, Arlington VA, and Wayne PA. Don’t forget to fill in the bullet (little circle) if you do the same. I also voted for the 8 you mentioned and no others that were nominated.


The whole problem is Wayne Lapierre is still there. His hand picked and complicit BOD in crime is what destroyed the former NRA. It would make more sense to try and salvage and restore the Titanic then support that thieving trash. The former NRA is dead.

Last edited 8 days ago by Ope
Eugene V. Debs

Humans, captive to our anthropological heritage, as we are, … … inevitably degrade the institutions we create. Turning them into ‘organizations managed for the benefit of the managers of those organizations’ ! Or, as Eric Hoffer once observed: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Whether it be, our NRA (that’s degraded into a grift), NASA (that can’t build a cost-effective rocket), Boeing (that can’t build a safe airplane), Public Schools and Universities sliding into stasis and financial collapse with bloated, overpaid, administration, Religions and Governments populated by LIFETIME, OVERPAID, careerist… Read more »


LaPierre has made his lawyer friends rich off the NRA members contributions. I am constantly being solicited to Up my Member status, but as long as the dictator is in control I will not spend another dime. Anyway, how much closer to the front do I need to be able to sit at the National meetings. That seems to be the only real increase in benefits by Upping my status. My single annual paper magazine showed up yesterday and I am debating about sending in a BLANK ballot or simply do what I have done for the past several years,… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by Cuda70

Anything within 100 miles of the Washington Monument is rotten beyond redemption. It is no wonder the NRA cabal is likewise infected with dry rot. Move-on-dot-org to GOA and 2AF.


I received my ballot the other day and just thought why bother, Wayne has destroyed it and there is no way to vote in change that could excise the problem.


Is there the lesser of two evils voting list that someone could provide. My reasoning is if the cabal can be broken up, the lesser of two evils that are elected, won’t have the staying power, and can at least be flushed the next election cycle.Is this even a possibility?


Why Bother?
This situation is just as hopeless as re-electing DJT

Dry gulched

I knew it wouldn’t be long before somebody brought Trump into this. Pathetic.

Roland T. Gunner



Off-topic, but I agree.


What I don’t understand is why there are more down votes? If you can’t face the facts and the reality of what this has come to none of you will be worth a damn in support of the Second amendment battles that are in front of us.

Last edited 12 days ago by USMC0351Grunt