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By Jeff Moran

Black vs White Gun Deaths

Mr. Obama and his policy advocates seem to be ignoring the giant black and white elephants in the room, and this is shameful.

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

GENEVA  --( On Jan. 16 213, President Obama put forward his 15-page plan to “better protect our children and our communities from tragic mass shootings like those in Newtown, Aurora, Oak Creek, and Tucson.”

The plan’s titular theme was “now is the time” for action. The top two priorities: universal background checks for gun purchases and a categorical rifle ban.

Setting aside the troubling facts that the White House sales pitch had significant omissions and/or exaggerations, that other experts say mass shootings are not any more prevalent today than they were in the past, and that rifles account for approximately 3 percent of all homicides, Mr. Obama’s two priorities are simply misguided and off-target, especially if he wants to move the needle with respect to American gun homicides and suicides.

This is because his top two priorities, as well as the rest of his plan, are based on the false assumptions that lethal gun abuse is a large and growing problem, and that it impacts Americans equally, making one-size-fits-all solutions appropriate.

My analysis of data within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System reveals 10 empirical and interrelated reasons why Mr. Obama’s assumptions are false and why his top two priorities are dead wrong:…

Visit the Washington Times to read more:

  • 12 User comments to “Obama Gun Grab Based On False Assumptions”

    1. swampsniper on February 9, 2013 at 3:05 PM said:

      Obama doesn’t care about facts, he just wants to end civilian possession of guns, all guns.

    2. G. L. Wilson on February 9, 2013 at 7:43 PM said:

      The violence and inner city murders can be tied directly to the demise of the two-parent family.

    3. Obama’s plan IS NOT based on wrong assumptions. His plan is based on totally disarming the American public. His selling points are what are based on wrong assumptions and he knows it. He also knows that there are a lot of people that will take what he says as gospel because of who he is and that a lot of people that know the truth, won’t speak up and even more that do speak up, won’t attend meetings, write their representatives or go vote, because they think “Someone else will do it” or “My single vote won’t matter”. That’s how we got in this mess in the first place.

    4. The candy ass liberals and the kenya born african that is putrifying the White House talk about expanding the background check ? Just how do you do that ? Are law abiding gun owners all of a sudden going to have mental issues ? Are law abiding gun owners going to be considered terrorists ? There is not a damn thing wrong with the system thats in place,and they know it ! Feinstein,obama,pelosi and all this other trash needs to be impeached,tried for treason,and convicted.

    5. Do they still hang for treason? If so theres gonna be a lot of openings in Washington D.C.

    6. It does not matter what kind of charts we put up, Obama does not care.His biased and one sided thinking is typical of the black community. I worked with the public as a serviceman for years and can’t ever remember going in a black’s house and seeing guns anywhere. They have the false assumption that the government will take care of them from the cradle to the grave and, sadly, only black gangs believe in protecting themselves. The regular black Joe doesn’t realize that when these gangs show up, if they, the citizens, were to walk out and blow them away, they would not have to worry long about their kids playing outside anymore. These gang banger are criminals and criminals are cowards. The love it that you don’t arm yourselves and you and your kids are easy targets. They don’t come in the white neighborhoods because they are afraid of the cops. They know if they come there looking for innocent victims they are going to meet a hail of gunfire. They’re not dumb. They’re going to keep it in the hood where there is no resistance. They are very bad shots. That’s why they hit more innocent kids playing than they do the people who they are shooting at. Have you ever tried to turn a gun sideways and hit anything over 15 ft. away? It does not work very well, no matter how gangster you think it makes you look. They make sights on pistols for a reason. They are not just to look pretty or gangster. I know most blacks did not grow up hunting and you are at a great disadvantage because of this. There is nothing that takes it’s place other than combat. But even in the army, I was very nervous around guys who never killed anything in their lives but paper targets. You can never pick up a gun for the 1st time at 18 or 20, and ever reach the confidence that a guy has, who grew up hunting since he was 3 or 4. It just can’t happen. The do some catch up but never have that instinct that hunters do. Hunting is a lot like combat, except the prey doesn’t shoot back. When the guy who grew up hunting, get shot at a few times, he says, ” this SOB is trying to kill me,” and then he gets pissed. That is all he has to learn. All the rest, he learned as a kid. Yeah, a grown person getting a CWP and never firing at anything but targets can get pretty good at it. When that target starts to fire back it is a whole different ball game. It’s like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. You think you can or think you can’t but never know for sure until you are standing at the door. You have to get a pair and decide if you are going to defend yourself and your family, or you are going to be a sheep and be lead to slaughter. Quit confusing gang bangers with defending yourself, home and family. The government can’t do it for you. It is hard to carry a 500 lb. cop in your pocket and pry his hands off his doughnut.

    7. Becker,very good points. Like they say,”when seconds count,cops are only minutes away” !

    8. Misleading title that upsets your uneducated followers. A rifle/ammo clip ban is NOT a gun grab. A ban and confiscation are 2 totally things, you dumb cracker. There will be no confiscation because that would be impossible. Hell, it has never been suggested. And the remarks above of your followers confirms what the “makers” of this nation have suspected for a long time – gun nuts are a bunch of sheep f***ing, inbred, uneducated white extremists.

      Hope you enjoy that welfare check I sent your way, Gomer.

    9. G,go dust off your picture of MLK,..”boy” !

    10. “Texas like a whole other country”…and in the next year or two, it will be,again !

    11. This G moron has to be a yankee,prob.from NY,or the NE. They are the ONLY MORONS that ever refer to magazines as clips !

    12. @G,
      Check out the proposed Kalifornia gun bill. You’re either a paid socialist troll, or a Obamie dry humper. Permits to buy ammo? Yes, confiscation is being proposed. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

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