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Gun Lies

Unraveling More Gun Control Lies

Honest facts are not on the side of gun control, therefore those lobbying for infringements on our rights are left with a choice of either giving up & going home, or lying & misrepresenting the facts.

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling

Hard Facts: More Guns but Less Crime

They say that figures don’t lie, but liars do figure. The next time you see some “research” painting guns as a public health hazard, realize that you are face to face with a liar who figures…

Making the Pro Gun Grade

THe NRA increases the problem by failing to hold politicians like Begich accountable for Supreme Court and other confirmation votes that are grave threats to gun owners, suddenly it’s not Bloomberg.


Demanding Moms’ War on Kroger ~ Video

The PR company, Moms Demand Action, a subsidiary of Mike Bloomberg’s gun control conglomerate, is waging a media campaign against one of the nation’s largest grocery and consumer goods companies…

Gun Violence Is Off The Charts

Obama’s Biggest Frustration: Reality

When the President of the United States is asked about his greatest frustrations and his response is the lack of action to restrict the enumerated constitutional rights of Americans, that’s a diversion…

Bloody BMW

It’s the Murderer Stupid!

On a recent Friday, one demented little narcissist took a knife and slaughtered 3 innocent people in the opening act of a really bad play he called his “Day of Retribution.”…

Pro Gun Bumper Stickers

Not So Stupid Criminals

Maybe police should consider leaving their guns at the station until they’re actually needed for a gunfight…

Everyone in Georgia is About to Die!

At least that’s what the anti-rights crowd and their friends in the lamestream media would have you believe based on the screeching headlines and breathless stories…

Walking Dead Gun Safety...NOT

Guns Are Dangerous

Too many people rely on movies and television for their firearm training. One thing that should not ever be forgotten is that guns can be very dangerous if not handled properly…

AR Militia

Justice Stevens’ Dishonest Diatribe

Today’s RKBA would most certainly include firearms such as AR-15 rifles and their standard magazines – equipment that Stevens argues can and should be federally regulated…

Mini Radom-Sport semi-automatic pistol

ATF Bans More Ammo

My father, Neal Knox, was adamantly opposed to any legislation suggesting that some bullets are too dangerous for responsible Americans to possess…

Raymond Felton

NYC Says a Gun Under the Bed is a Felony

Felton’s crime involved having a single, loaded handgun in a bag under the bed in his apartment. The only thing that made the gun illegal was the fact that the apartment is in New York City…

American Flag Guns

America’s Gun Culture, We are America

We are the culture upon which this nation was built & has thrived. We are still the dominant culture, but that will only remain true if we continue to cling to our bibles and our guns and fight back…

Gun Barrel Smoke

Twenty Years of Brady Law Failure

Of the 72,659 prohibited persons who illegally attempted to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, only 62 were considered worthy of prosecution, and of those only 13 were found guilty…