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Utas UTS-15 Shotgun

Utas UTS-15 Shotgun Review

There are many things that Utas has improved in the newer rev of the UTS-15, but the primary visual difference is the addition of a light and laser combo in the bottom section of the shotgun…

Suitcase Machine Gun MP5K

Suitcase Machine Gun MP5K

Recently I was in Kentucky for the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot and here are of few of the cool and unique guns I had the pleasure of checking out…

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 PDW Review

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 PDW Review

The MP7A1 falls into the category of a personal defense weapon or PDW. The idea is that you produce a firearm that’s as compact as possible, capable of being fired single-handed or with a stock…

Bob Shell Shooting the Marlin New Model 95 in 45-70

Marlin New Model 95 Rifle in 45-70

A lot of shooters that think that the 45-70 is obsolete. There is nothing further from the truth. With a modern strong rifle such as this Marlin, ammo is powerful enough to hunt almost anything…

Types Of No Grades

Gun Collectors – Why You Should Avoid Import Marks

Whether it’s Ming vases, cars, priceless paintings, sports cards, autographs, Beatles memorabilia, or antiques, collectors in nearly every field want their items to be in the best possible condition and above all, original…

Weatherby WBY-X PA-459 Shotgun

Weatherby WBY-X PA-459 Shotgun Review

In a vain effort to try to trip it up, I loaded her magazine with a mixture of shells. I combined lighter 2¾-inch target loads with 3-inch buckshot and slugs and cracked them off as fast as I could…

M3H A5 1AmmoLand

Browning A5 Shotgun Overview

This isn’t your Grandpa’s A5, one of the most famous John Browning designs and when Browning came out with a new version of the gun they added modern updates while still staying true to some of the qualities that A5 owners love so much…

Field Model

Super X Pump Field and Waterfowl Hunter

The only pump shotgun that can deliver three shots in half a second has two new models in its lineup. New in Winchester Repeating Arms Super X® Pump line is the Super X® Pump Field and Waterfowl Hunter.

Custer overlooks the massacre and mutilation of Lt. Lyman Kidder and his detachment. "Custer's scout, William Comstock, believed Kidder might have escaped had he heeded the advice of his own scout. (Picture courtesy of Wheeler)

Tortured By Indians – Scout Robert Pilson

Among all the revolvers, war trophies, lever actions, and antiques is a curious, small photo. It is of a sturdy man posing in a portrait studio with rifle present and revolver on his hip…