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Rule of Law

Rule of What Law?

America will soon become a nation no longer under the rule of law, burt simply a country under the rule of men. Corrupt, contemptible men…

View from the Higgins Boat on D-Day

The Boat That Won World War II

General Eisenhower once proclaimed that Andrew Higgins was the man who won WW II, because of his boat. There are less that 130 Higgins Boats in service in the Navy, but they still get used…

It Is For The Children

Political ‘Bait-and-Switch!’

Such “enforcement measures,” while coddling real criminals, permit, indeed encourage, criminal and civil and harassment of honest gun owners who don’ t commit crimes…

Online Poll Guns in Schools

Online Poll: Guns in Schools?

A poll in a Michigan newspaper is asking the following question: Should concealed pistol permit holders carry guns into schools???