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Rick Perry CPAC 2014

Caruba: Straw Votes and Real Votes

Much has already been written of the “divisions” within the GOP as a strong conservative debate ensues among the candidates who, in truth, all know that Obamacare will be a deciding factor in the midterms…

2014 Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day A Success!

2014 Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day A Success!

Despite extreme icy road & blizzard conditions, on March 5th 2014 several thousand dedicated Second Amendment supporters converged on the Illinois State Capitol to lobby their legislators…

The Left Versus Minorities

far left Mayor Bill de Blasio has launched an attack on charter schools, cutting their funding. These schools give thousands of low income minority children their only shot at a decent education…

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell: Freedom Is Not Free

Arbitrary power is ugly and vicious, regardless of what pious rhetoric goes with it. Freedom is not free. You have to fight for it or lose it. But is our generation up to fighting for it???