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Pro Gun Bumper Stickers

Not So Stupid Criminals

Maybe police should consider leaving their guns at the station until they’re actually needed for a gunfight…

Obama Scandals

Caruba: Obama Scandal Exhaustion

Listening to President Obama respod to the latest scandal was such a familiar event that I have reached a point of exhaustion trying to keep up with everything that is so wrong about his six years in office…


Veterans, PTSD and US Government Abandonment

Know one can stomach the latest political farce & cover-up from the Obama administration, the secret record keeping & delays in treatment at veterans hospitals that led to dozens of patients dying…


An Un-Teachable Moment of Murder in Santa Barbara

This is an un-teachable moment. A young man stabbed three people and shot three people next to the University of Santa Barbara campus Friday evening. This should teach us what makes us safe and


Criminals Commit Suicide by Citizen

It used to be called suicide by cop. That is when some insane guy points a toy gun at a police officer fully expecting that the officer will kill him…

Colorado 2014 Legislative Session Adjourns

2014 Colorado legislative session has adjourned and with it ended the possibility for the anti-gun state legislators in Denver to do any more harm to your Second Amendment rights…