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The Thin Man

Somebody Else Defend Me, Once More

Somebody-elsers, otherwise nice, polite persons, now instinctively and nervously look for “somebody else” to take action whenever danger threatens…

End Game Ban All Guns

The End Game – Ban All Guns

They attack the Second Amendment. If successful, the antigun zealots will target guns and gun possession directly. That’s their endgame…

Moms Demand Action: Emotion Wins Debates

Ms. Watts believes that debates are about emotion, and apparently, questions of law should be decided by the fears of mothers rather than by facts, or logic.

The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Agenda

Most do not know who or what the Muslim Brotherhood is, but it has been around a long time seeking to control events in the Middle East. It also plays an astonishing and frightening role in America…