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Alan Gura

D.C. Second Amendment Case Moves Forward

Court oversight of restrictive legislation on the carry of firearms in the District of Columbia moves forward. Judge Scullin rebuffs the District Government.

Stop the NRA

You Might Be A Gun Control Activist If…

Are you a gun control activist? How do you know when you have crossed that line from patriotic citizen to freedom hating wacko bent on taking away everyone’s rights???

portable lifesaver handgun

Constitutional Carry Confirmed For D.C.

The WaPo confirms the D.C. Police Chief has forbidden police in the District to arrest people for carrying pistols if they do not have a felony conviction.

AR Militia

Justice Stevens’ Dishonest Diatribe

Today’s RKBA would most certainly include firearms such as AR-15 rifles and their standard magazines – equipment that Stevens argues can and should be federally regulated…