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Open Carry Texas Austin Jan 26 2015

Open Carry Activists in Texas Gain Ground

The movement to restore open carry to Texas has heated up in the last year and a half. It arguably accelerated with C.J. Grisham being accosted by a police officer in rural Bell County…

Please do ring in the new year with celebratory gunfire.

Celebratory Gunfire in Dallas

Celebratory gunfire has a long history in this country. It can be done responsibly, but firing bullets into the air in urban areas is a bad idea.

Texas Licensed v Unlicensed Open carry Poll

Texas Poll on Open Carry Still Running

A Texas radio station is running a poll on whether a license should be required for the open carry of firearms. Currently, NO is ahead of Yes by 5-1.

Restore the Texas Coast

BP Spill Restoration Money Flows to Texas Coast

Two different sources of restoration funding are now flowing to Texas, both are good news for natural resources, fish and wildlife and nature-based recreation and tourism on the Texas coast.