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Save Maines Bear Hunt

Maine Deception: The Real Agenda of HSUS

Do you trust an anti-hunting special-interest group from Washington, D.C., with a shameful record of behavior? Or do you trust Maine’s bear biologists, guided by sound science? Vote No on question 1..

Connor Gibson

Greenpeace Showcases Its Anti-Human Side

Greenpeace activist confirms every negative story you’ve ever read about this group & their vicious war on dark-skinned women & children, who die from malaria, malnutrition & severe diarrhea…

Jennifer Fearing HSUS

HSUS Involved in ‘Tail Wagging the Dog’ Hypocrisy

Walking the dog gives Fearing access to the Governor and, to some degree, puts him in her debt. Fearing’s attempts to cast it in non-political terms, smells like what she’s picking up after Sutter Brown…

PETA Drones Used to Stalk Hunters

UPDATE: PETA Acquires Drones to Stalk Hunters

PETA says they aim to specifically seek out hunters “drinking while in the possession of a firearm, injuring animals and failing to pursue them so that they die slowly and painfully, and using spotlights, feed lures and other hunting tricks”…

Russians had seized the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise

Russia Busts Greenpeace

Russia has provided an object lesson in how to deal with these Green “warriors” on oil, coal, and nuclear energy, and other issues that harm people…