Adams Arms AR15FIX Retro-Fit Piston Driven System Experiencing Worldwide Demand

Adams Arms AR15FIX Retro-Fit Piston Driven System Experiencing Worldwide Demand

Adams Arms

Adams Arms – -( Has perfected the art of converting standard impingement systems to a piston driven systems, and they have done it without the need to alter your barrel/upper in any way.

Easily installed within twnty minutes from package to rifle,you do not have to rely upon a gunsmith/armorer to retro fit your barrel. The AR15FIX is offered for all barrel lengths. Because of the simplicity of the design, the AR15FIX can easily be removed from an old or burnt out barrel and reinstalled on a new or upgraded barrel.

Palm Harbor, Florida – – ADAMS ARMS, INC. (the “Company”), of Palm Harbor, Florida is a private Company in the business of developing and commercializing proprietary products designed to provide superior solutions to the problems and flaws associated with the number one and two military rifles used in the world – AR-15/M16 rifles. There are estimated to be over 8 million of such rifles in use worldwide. The Company announced today that it’s newly introduced and proprietary “AR-15 Fix” product has been a major success and is in high demand.
Imagine you are in the military in Afghanistan or Iraq. In the midst of a fire fight with the enemy, you are forced to clean your weapon, or worse, your gun jams and won’t work. The malfunction is caused by hot gasses and carbon from the expelled round being directed into the bolt carrier and receiver. This increase in temperature and dirt causes the bolt and bolt carrier to fail in several areas of its function, and causes parts to wear, break and jam.

As reported by the US Army sponsored, center for Naval Analysis conducted survey of 2,600 soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq who had engaged in a firefight using the M4 or M16 rifle during their last deployment, an astounding 19% of soldiers reported stoppage while engaging the enemy and were unable to clear the stoppage and get the weapon running again during the course of the engagement. Nearly one fifth of the unit was “out of the fight” due to serious malfunctions in their basic weapon. “This shouldn’t happen with Adams Arms “AR15 Fix” claims inventor and President Jason Adams because our AR15 Fix Gas Piston Cycling System is designed to make these rifles more reliable which could help prevent American Soldier casualties in the future.”

Gun magazines such as Small Arms Review, Rods & Guns and Guns and Ammo have touted the new product and Harris Publishing plans on running a feature story in the upcoming issue of Tactical Weapons for Military and Police.

Adams Arms has received an offer by a major gun manufacturer to enter into an exclusive arrangement and a request by a worldwide distributor to supply as many as they can make, again under an exclusive arrangement. The Company has resisted such temptations at this time and is assessing a number of options.

Adams Arms expects to finalize a major contract with an overseas distributor within the next couple weeks involving a significant initial order and has demonstrations planned with influential military leaders in the next month. Recent demonstrations with such leaders have been very successful. A distinguished marksman Kirk Broyles

SSG, MP, US Army, recently remarked “I took the hand guards off and looked at the best improvement to the little black rifle since Eugene Stoner first unveiled it. With nineteen years in the US Army and several years as a competitive shooter, I have shot and cleaned my share of AR-15/M16 rifles. The sheer simplicity of your system along with the fit and finish was a work of art. Considering how simple this system is, why has it taken us fifty years to bring this to production?”

Adams and his partners, Wayne Williams and Jim Granger, are excited with the product intro but recognize their young, new Company is about to change in a major way. Williams said “our phone is ringing off the hook.” Granger added: “We have pulled together a strong board of directors to assist us and we are receiving top professional advice. We are expanding our manufacturing capabilities for the retro-fit market and evaluating relationship opportunities with major manufacturers regarding the new gun market. This is an important time for us and we are working around the clock.”

Additional Information:
Adams Arms is located in the Tampa Bay Florida area and in the business of developing and commercializing proprietary products that we believe provide superior solutions to the problems and flaws associated with the millions of AR-15/M16 rifles currently used by the military, law enforcement and civilian gun enthusiasts. Our proprietary patent pending “AR-15 Fix” is a revolutionary new Retro-Fit Piston Driven Cycling System for the AR-15/M16 rifle designed to eliminate the problematic impingement system associated with the most commonly manufactured 5.56x45mm rifle in the world.

Our AR-15 Fix provides end users with an affordable, simple user installed replacement to the flawed gas impingement system. By producing a simple user installed replacement to the flawed gas impingement system during a crucial time in the market Adams Arms plans to supply the massive Retrofit market while pursuing OEM licensing agreements with leaders in the industry.

The Company has attached some additional information regarding the Company to the release. For additional information visit the Company’s website at

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