Tom Gresham Creates Operation Mag Drop

Gresham Creates “Operation Mag Drop”

Tom Gresham Creates Operation Mag Drop
Tom Gresham Creates Operation Mag Drop

Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

Gun Talk Radio – -( A leading firearms journalist has created a new gun rights program to put firearms literature — magazines — into public places where they receive more exposure. “Operation Mag Drop,” is a formal program to expand what many already do, according to radio and television personality Tom Gresham. The host of “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk” radio show, Gresham created the idea, and a web site, to promote leaving used gun magazines where the public can read them and learn more about guns, shooting and gun owners.

The new web site is

“Much of the public doesn’t know us,” said Gresham. “All they know is what CNN tells them about us, and we know how biased that representation often is. Many people have never actually read a gun, shooting or even a hunting magazine. Operation Mag Drop puts our literature before the public. In the end, they may just discover that shooting is fun, and that we are the good guys and gals.”

The idea is simple. After a subscriber is finished with a shooting magazine, he or she leaves it in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, or at the hair dresser, dentist, or anywhere there’s a waiting room with magazines. Gresham says he’s been doing this for years, but he wants to encourage others to join him.

“This is a quiet and ongoing form of gun rights activism anyone can do,” said Gresham. “Besides, I liked the play on words — talking about dropping magazines, which is what you do when reloading your gun, but in this case, it’s the printed kind, not the full-of-ammunition kind.”

Gresham hopes that others will encourage this activism-based recycling. He does suggest that those dropping off gun magazines remove their name and address from the cover.

Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk is a weekly radio show airing on 65 radio stations, XM and Sirius satellite radio services, and can be downloaded from the web site or Apple’s iTunes store.

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Chuck T

The link does not work


Chuck; Your right we have emailed Tom to ask for the correct address as he seems to be making changes. In the mean time we up dated the links to point back to Tom Gun Talk pages where you can find more Gun Talk News…