Charter Arms New Revolver – The On Duty Revolver

Charter Arms New Revolver – The On Duty Revolver
Charter Arms announces the new On Duty Revolver.

Charter Arms On Duty Revolver
Charter Arms On Duty Revolver

Charter Arms
Charter Arms

Charter Arms, Dayton, OH – -( Charter Arms new On Duty revolver is designed for concealed carry and back up. The key change in this revolver from other Charter’s is the semi-shrouded hammer.

The On Duty is made so that just the tip of the hammer spur sticks out so it may be used in either double-action or single-action.

There is very little hammer surface to hang up on clothing and if it were to hang up the high rear rails (sides) will most likely dislodge the clothing during the draw. Rarely does single-action mode get used in self-defense but on the range or when plinking single-action mode can make slow firing easier for new shooters; and revolvers are especially good for new shooters.

The above does not exclude the fact that in a self-defense situation there is so much adrenalin pumping a trigger can have the pull weight of the Titanic’s anchor and probably not even be felt. However, a heavier trigger pull actually works to the revolver’s advantage over a semi auto in most folk’s hands as it can help to some degree to prevent accidental discharges. Any good firearms trainer will tell you that the goal is to get out of the situation unharmed and if you can do that without launching lead, all the better, always.

Combine a 7075 aluminum alloy frame with a 2-inch stainless steel barrel and tough innards and you have a very compact 5-shot revolver weighing in at only 12-ounces.

The On Duty is Chambered in .38 Special + P. Today’s modern .38 Special loads are way beyond the days of 158 grain lead solids and round noses, and who remembers that 200 grain slow motion so-called special police load of the last century (makes us sound old doesn’t it?). Let’s face it the .38 Special is a highly-effective round for self-defense especially with today’s ammunition.

As you know revolvers have several advantages over semi-autos as immediate-action back up guns and for most civilian concealed carry revolvers just cannot be beat-well unless you are planning for an extended fire fight and if you plan for that you are going to all the wrong places in the first place.

MSRP: $430.00
Model number: 53810
Availability: Now

An Invitation for you:
At the NRA Convention in Phoenix come by booth 723 and see Charter’s new guns including the revolutionary Charter Arms Rimless Revolver, and the loud Lavender Lady and other new models.

Some Charter Arms advantages:

  • Lifetime warrantee-all American made.
  • Exclusive eight-groove gas sealing barrel.
  • Exclusive three-point cylinder lock up, no screw side plates.
  • Hammer block safety system which Charter invented and then gave freely to the gun industry for the safety of all shooters, this basic concept is on most all new handguns.
  • Charter’s fastest factory revolver-lock time.