Children Endangered By Lack of Guns In Parks

Children Endangered By Lack of Guns In Parks
I recently read some editorials concerning banning guns in Tennessee parks and thought it would be fun to take those articles and rewrite them from a pro gun point of view. Let us know what you think.
Fredy Riehl –

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Clarksville,Tennessee – I have to ask, have those in the county government lost their minds? Is passing laws to prevent the carrying guns around small children at play really necessary? People are afraid to bring their 4-year-olds to parks because they will have no way to defend their children or their families if they were to come face to face with someone who means them harm. Or is it the rampant and overwhelming crime in our parks that have people scared?

Because I seriously want to know what benefit there is in people NOT carrying a gun in a public park. Self-defense is the only reason I’ve heard.

Every crime prevention or safety Web site you go to will tell you to never approach someone committing a crime and to not fight back. You should be happy being the victim. You should call the police and let then handle it because when seconds count the police are just minutes away. That’s one reason we pay taxes, to make sure we have police officers available when needed.

I understand that you must have a carry permit in order to be able to have a gun in bars and parks now. But a carry permit is not the same thing as knowing how to use a gun safely. Yes, they’re screened, but who’s to say the person with the gun in their possession is really a safe gun owner because CCW licensed permit owners have only been finger printed, subjected to mental health and criminal background checks?

I believe the Second Amendment has it uses, but the right to restrict that right and endanger my children shouldn’t be one of them. I, for one, will not be taking my children to a county run park to play if it is a gun free zone.

I will do everything in my power to get guns allowed in our county parks and bars. I can’t imagine two more dangerous situations than someone with a gun around a bunch of drunks or innocent children and no way to defend myself or family. I hope the county government gets on board with the city and does the right thing, and that would be removing all gun free zones and allowing guns in all places.

You can see the original anti-gun article here.

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Yes pass a law saying no guns in parks will stop drug dealers robbers and thugs from using guns in parks just like passing a law to make it illegal to carry a gun in banks makes bank robbers a thing of the past. Ha Ha

As for as carrying in bars read the law the person with the gun is not drinking.

Your way of thinking only the bad guy has the gun. I like my chances with me and my 45.