What Are These ‘Stealth’ Gun Control Bills

What Are These “Stealth” Gun Control Bills?

Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

Washington, DC –-(AmmoLand.com)- By now you probably have seen one or a hundred emails warning you about SB-2099 and HR-45, supposedly “stealth” bills which will require you to list your guns on your tax return, register your guns, neuter your goldfish, and join PETA.

Okay, I made up the last two, but depending on which email you have gotten, there’s a real “Chicken Little” feel to these. So, what’s the skinny.

Forget ’em. That’s it.

SB-2099 is easy to check out on the Snopes web site (always a good idea to use Snopes when you get an email about a story that is hard to believe.)

The short version: It’s a bill introduced in 2000, not 2009, and it didn’t go anywhere.


How about HR-45? Yes, it was introduced by Bobby Rush. Yes, it is a real bill. No, it is not going anywhere. Don’t waste your time and effort and good electrons sending that email to your list of friends. Sure, there are gun rights groups using HR-45 to frighten you into giving them money. That’s their problem, and in my view it hurts their credibility.


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