End Clinton-Era Military Base Gun Ban

End Clinton-Era Military Base Gun Ban

Washington –-(AmmoLand.com)- Time after time, public murder sprees occur in “gun-free zones” – public places where citizens are not legally able to carry guns. The list is long, including massacres at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School along with many less deadly attacks. Last week’s slaughter at Fort Hood Army base in Texas was no different – except that one man bears responsibility for the ugly reality that the men and women charged with defending America were deliberately left defenseless when a terrorist opened fire.

It is hard to believe that we don’t trust soldiers with guns on an Army base when we trust these very same men in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Clinton’s deadly rules even disarmed officers, the most trusted members of the military charged with leading enlisted soldiers in combat. Six of the dead and wounded had commissions…..read the complete article here.

As we reported on yesterday we End The Absurd Policy of Military Gun Free Zones.

Action: Write your politician and demand that they end Military Gun Free Zones. We have included a sample letter below that you can use of modify and you can easily find and email your representative through the NRA-ILA Cap-Wiz Tool:


Dear Congressman:

I was deeply disturbed and heart broken, as I am sure you were, to see the number of servicemen and women that were killed or wounded in the recent Fort Hood Shooting in TX.

But what was even more shocking is that the best trained fighting forces in the world, trained in multiple deadly weapons systems and expected to be ready to take on our worst enemy’s, are not allowed to have a simple common everyday firearm for self defense.

Apparently not even their on-base security is allowed to have weapons? The same weapons that any law abiding citizen of Texas can have in his or her home, stored in their car or carried on their person with minimal training?

Instead our top fighting units were gunned down like sheep with no way to defend themselves because some government coward decided our brave soldiers could not be trusted with a gun and should have to live and work in a Gun Free Zone.

I am ashamed that our government would allow this to happen and demand that you correct this issue and remove all Gun Free Zones from US military bases and allow our servicemen and women the god given right to self defense.

Do the right thing and end this absurd policy of US Military Gun Free Zone at once!


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Ok – so I just read "End Clinton-Era Military Base Gun Ban and granted I was in the Marines and not the Army but when I transferred to my first permanent duty station in May of 91 we already had civilians for gate guards and military personnel (except MP's and Security Forces) were not allowed to have weapons on base outside of the armory. I'm not sure if this writer is just mis-informed or a lying sack or crap. Inaccurately reporting facts does not help our side.