End The Absurd Policy of Military Gun Free Zones

End The Absurd Policy of Military Gun Free Zones

Military Gun Free Zones
Military Gun Free Zones

Manasqaun, NJ – -(AmmoLand.com)- I am glad I am not the only one to see a common trend here? Gun Free Zones are Death Zones.

Jacob G. Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, recently wrote a good article entitled “A Gun-Free Zone at Ft. Hood” that makes my point quite well and is worth reading.

“With the massacre at Ft. Hood, we once again see the consequences of gun control.

Remember what the gun controllers say: that once gun control is imposed, would-be murderers will obey the gun-control law by resorting to some other form of murder. At least the killers won’t use a gun, the gun-controllers exclaim, because gun possession is now against the law.

Yet, once again that reasoning hasn’t panned out at Ft. Hood, any more than it panned out at Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, or, for that matter, on the streets of Washington, D.C., the gun-control, murder capital of America.”

Time and time again Gun Free Zones have been come killing grounds where evil men can go about killing innocent people with no chance of having to face an armed citizen.

“Now, you would think that of all places where people would be armed, it would be a military base. Not so, however. There are strict gun-control laws on military bases, including a prohibition against concealed-carry, even if the state in which the base is located permits concealed-carry.

Thus, at Ft. Hood, the shooter knew that the likelihood of anyone being able to defend himself from the coming onslaught was virtually nil. He knew that since this was a federal gun-free zone, he would be able to shoot his gun and kill his victims until he ran out of ammunition or until the local police arrived and gunned him down.

Why do shooters select gun-free zones to commit their massacres rather than, say, gun shows? No doubt that question continues to befuddle the gun-control crowd.”

The greatest irony in all this is that we have the best trained military in the world and some cowardly politician who is to afraid to take on the responsibility to defend themselves and needs to feel better about this personality flaw has created policy that say no one else including the best soldiers on earth can have a weapon to defend themselves or their family’s!!?

Of all the place in the USA our Military Bases should be the last places that are Gun Free Zones.  Am I the only one outraged by this?  If you are to then email your representative and tell them you want change.  Republish this article on your blog or book mark it in your social media network and lets make a change so that the best military on earth does not have to lay down and die without the tools they are trained with to defend you and me.

Action: Write your politician and demand that they end Military Gun Free Zones. We have included a sample letter below that you can use of modify and you can easily find and email your representative through the NRA-ILA Cap-Wiz Tool:


Dear Congressman:

I was deeply disturbed and heart broken, as I am sure you were, to see the number of servicemen and women that were killed or wounded in the recent Fort Hood Shooting in TX.

But what was even more shocking is that the best trained fighting forces in the world, trained in multiple deadly weapons systems and expected to be ready to take on our worst enemy’s, are not allowed to have a simple common everyday firearm for self defense.

Apparently not even their on-base security is allowed to have weapons? The same weapons that any law abiding citizen of Texas can have in his or her home, stored in their car or carried on their person with minimal training?

Instead our top fighting units were gunned down like sheep with no way to defend themselves because some government coward decided our brave soldiers could not be trusted with a gun and should have to live and work in a Gun Free Zone.

I am ashamed that our government would allow this to happen and demand that you correct this issue and remove all Gun Free Zones from US military bases and allow our servicemen and women the god given right to self defense.

Do the right thing and end this absurd policy of US Military Gun Free Zone at once!


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Christopher J Hoffma

It's always amazing to me when opportunistic ideologues use tragedies such as Ft hood to trot out the same old hand-wringing argument for expanding the same failed gun control policies, which allowed the event to occur in the first place. Nothing so clearly demonstrates the futility, and immorality of gun control as perfectly as an incident like this. The utter failure of absolute gun control is perfectly modeled here in the microcosm of the Ft Hood military post. 

All that expensive training and conditioning, all the background checks, and all those weapons and ammunition were locked up in the armory.… Read more »


You obscurity will increase with your duplicity. AM radio and Fox News are not only your fantasy land, but your final resting place. Your extinction will be mourned like the dodo. Buh by.