Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Legal Gun Owners

Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Legal Gun Owners

Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association
Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association

Wilmington, DE – -( While the title above is not the correct title of the organization formed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg it more accurately describes its function than Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

If you read its promotional literature it is only interested in going after the bad guys. However if you look at what they actually do it is an entirely different picture.

Currently eight Delaware mayors are members of this group.

According to the group’s website they are:

  • Wilmington – James Baker
  • New Castle – John Klingmeyer
  • Middletown – Kenneth Branner
  • Delaware City – John Martin
  • Millville – Donald Minyon
  • Lewes – James Ford
  • Blades – Michael Smith
  • Dagsboro – Wayne Barker

The group’s material makes the obligatory mention of the Second Amendment and the right of law abiding citizens to “freely” own guns.

Yet they support restricting where you can have a gun. They oppose reciprocity between states for concealed carry licenses.

Note that this has nothing to do with bad guys and illegal guns because license holders have clean criminal records and are among the most law abiding citizens in the country. They support legislation that would end gun shows. In opposition to the BATFE and the FOP they oppose the Tihart Amendment and advocate for the opening of gun trace records which would jeopardize law enforcement investigations of illegal gun transactions.

They seek to give authority to the Attorney General for a no buy list for law abiding persons preventing them from obtaining a gun. Note this list is only for honest citizens because criminal are already prevented from obtaining a gun from a dealer. They oppose bipartisan legislation now pending in Washington to reform the BATFE. And they want to make criminals of citizens who fail to promptly report a stolen or missing gun.

Please contact your mayor if he is on the list and politely explain to him that you are very disappointed and upset that he has joined an organization that does not trust you as an honest citizen. Some mayors when confronted have claimed that they did not fully understand the nature of the group and accepted it on face value. If he promises to resign do not argue this point because our goal is get him off the list not to punish him for being naive.

At the same time our last newsletter went out the NRA sent postcards to its members in Newark and Dover. As a result of member response both Mayor Vance A. Funk and Carlton E. Carey have resigned.

I would like to thank both mayors for seeing the light and I congratulate the NRA and its members for their action.

John J. Thompson
Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association

The DSSA promotes and protects the interests of gunowners in and around Delaware. If you believe in and want to maintain the private ownership of firearms, or simply hunt and fish, DSSA is for YOU. Visit:

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Christopher Hoffman

I prefer the acronym Mayors Against Firearms In America. M.A.F.I.A.

There is absolutely nothing reasonable about this thinly veiled, frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Second Amendment mob. Any politician that associates with this group does so at their own peril in the mid-term elections.