Correction: Gun Talk Radio Listeners Total 85 Million With Latest Arbitron Numbers

Correction: Gun Talk Radio Listeners Total 85 Million With Latest Arbitron Numbers
This Post is a correction to the previous “15 Million Additional Gun Talk Radio Listeners” The post should read 85 million readers, with 15 million new subscribers.

Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

Natchitoches, Louisiana – -( Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk (R) Radio received a big boost in reach last week when SIRIUS and XM satellite radio announced new subscriber numbers, pushing the total audience for the only national radio talk show about firearms beyond 85 million.

According to a release from SIRIUS/XM, a recent Arbitron study of satellite radio subscribers conducted in October and November 2009 found listenership is larger than previously estimated and scores very high in key demographic criteria compared to the general population.

Arbitron’s study showed that more than 35 million total adult listeners tune in to SIRIUS XM, 32 million of which are weekly listeners.


Significantly, the Arbitron study revealed that past week SIRIUS XM listeners indexed higher on key audience attributes – education, income, and receptiveness:

  • Highly-educated audience. 56 percent of SIRIUS XM listeners graduated from college or have advanced degrees.
  • Affluent listener base. 24 percent of SIRIUS XM listeners have household incomes of $150,000 or more.
  • Highly receptive to commercials. SIRIUS XM listeners are 61 percent more likely to stay with a commercial on satellite radio.

Gun Talk Radio runs on SIRIUS channel 108 and XM and XM Canada channel 139 on Sundays from 7pm-10pm Eastern. This new study increases Gun Talk Radio’s potential listenership over the 85 million mark.

Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio is in its 15th year of national syndication and runs on 87 stations, plus SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio. All Gun Talk shows are available as a podcast through Apple iTunes or at

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