The U.N. Gun Ban Treaty That Threatens Your Gun Rights

The U.N. Gun Ban Treaty That Threatens Your Gun Rights
Gun Rights Roundup
by Buckeye Firearms Association

Buckeye Firearms Foundation
Buckeye Firearms Foundation

Ohio –-( During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama assured gun owners that he was no threat to gun rights. And so far, his administration has publicly steered clear of the issue.

However, behind the scenes, he and his staff have shown support for the U.N. Gun Ban, an international treaty on small arms sales that could sidestep established American gun rights and pose a serious threat to the Second Amendment.

President George W. Bush refused to involve America in any aspect of the U.N. Gun Ban treaty. But the government's position changed when Obama gave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the green light to begin the negotiation process.

Worse, the small arms treaty brings up a horrifying proposition that the theory of “international norms” means the U.S. might be bound by the treaty even if we never sign on.

Basically, once the small arms treaty is accepted by enough nations, the argument can be made that the provisions become accepted practice and binding on all nations. Based on that logic, America is hurt by the U.N. treaty whether we are a party to it or not.

Barack Obama is the most anti gun president in history and his anti-gun views are a threat to gun rights. If he can destroy the right to bear arms while cozying up to the U.N., without paying a political price, he will surely do so.

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    Treaties have more power and become law of the land over the Constitution. That is why it is very important this doesn't pass.

    I do like your last sentence. Good point.

    "Try them in a military tribunal where they cannot claim any of the Rights guaranteed to them by the one piece of documentation they try so hard to undermine."


    The thing I don't get is how so many Constitutional scholars and lawyers, both liberal and conservative, give unsurpassed credit to the actual validity and meaning of what is written in it. So, if that is the case, how can anyone that holds a public office get away with these types of actions? Has anyone else that holds a similar or even higher public office told them it is wrong? If so, why haven't actions been taken? Why haven't they been prosecuted for trying to undermine what is the basis for our Republic Government? Or, let's say Mrs. Clinton goes… Read more »


    What other reason could they have for this type of law that they are trying to opress countries with, other than that the IMF, United Nations and their associated organizations, intend to invade free Sovereign Countries with their plan of "One World Communist Government," and they want to disarm the citizens – so they are not able to protect themselves!

    Legislation like this makes gun sales go through the roof!

    The truth is these Elitists are to cowardly to fight like a man, they want to be like Po Pot and slaughter un-armed citizens! Not on my watch dictators!