Bullet Choice Gives You the Advantage in a Fight

Bullet Choice Gives You the Advantage in a Fight
By Robert Lee Mullins

Extreme Shock Ammunition
Extreme Shock Ammunition

CLINTWOOD, VA –-(AmmoLand.com)- In regards to self-defense with a firearm, you always plan for the worst case scenario. That’s why it’s best to choose a bullet that will put the maximum advantage in your corner. Extreme Shock frangible ammunition is the logical choice.

However, before going into the reasons why, I cannot stress heavily enough on the importance of training. A person who has practiced once a week with a .32ACP will beat a person who carries, but has never fired a .44 Magnum. Whichever firearm you decide to use, you must practice firing hundreds of rounds in realistic scenarios. Marksmanship and Tactics win gunfights. I cannot teach these things in this article, but I can recommend solid ammunition.

The important question to be asked, of course, is: What makes a good self-defense ammunition?

Simply put, the point is not to wound or kill your attacker. The point is to stop him in his tracks from hurting you. This is commonly referred to as either “Stopping Power” or “Knock-Down Power”. This is a bullet’s ability to incapacitate an assailant – the greater the ability, the less chance your attacker will be able to do you harm after he is shot.

Extreme Shock 9mm AFR ammunition in Perma-Gel Bullet fragments to release ALL of it's energy.
Extreme Shock 9mm AFR ammunition in Perma-Gel Bullet fragments to release ALL of it's energy.

Extreme Shock frangible bullets usually expand and stop in the human body, and thus the attacker absorbs all of the bullet’s kinetic energy than if the bullet had merely zipped through him and left two small holes. This is pure “Stopping Power”.

A common concern for people when trying to decide which bullet to choose for self defense is over-penetration inside the home. Extreme Shock’s lead-free, frangible ammunition is designed to transfer ALL (100%) of its kinetic energy into the target thus maximizing your “Knock-Down Power” and stopping the threat.

The Extreme Shock Air Freedom Round (A.F.R.) was designed for use by the US Air Marshalls on board aircraft and is the ideal round for the home defense firearm. The bullet is specifically engineered not to over-penetrate a target. The added benefit of the AFR is that it will not ricochet and thereby reduces the likelihood of incurring secondary casualties.

Extreme Shock also has a proven track record. It has been adopted by various government and law enforcement agencies. When facing an attacker, the reliability of one’s self defense ammunition can be a matter of life or death. Extreme Shock has endured and passed rigorous government testing and certification. Thus you can be assured that Extreme Shock ammunition is reliable.

“But,” you say, “there’s no way it’s THAT important to have a frangible bullet over my favorite lead-core round.” That may be well and true. I know you’re not planning on missing, and that you figure you’ll be able to put a couple of shots center-of-mass with no problems…but.

Do not overestimate your ability when the bullets start flying. There won’t be a perfect Weaver stance involved, trigger discipline will degrade, and carefully aimed shots will be non-existent- due to adrenaline or situation.

So we find ourselves back at the original question; what makes a good self-defense ammunition?

  1. You are safer because your attacker is incapacitated after one or two shots and thus unable to do you injury.
  2. Innocent bystanders and third parties are safer because frangible bullets will not exit the body and go on to injure someone else.
  3. The ricochet danger is eliminated thus reducing secondary casualties stated above.
  4. Furthermore, frangible bullet’s stopping power takes the target down quickly so that they won’t be spraying wild lead core bullets around again endangering uninvolved third parties
  5. This ammunition is reliable. You entrusting your most valuable possession to it’s dependability, your life.
  6. Lastly, use of Extreme Shock will strengthen your defense in court in the ensuing aftermath. Use of Extreme Shock shows that you had concern for the safety of others, used the minimum of force to eliminate the threat ( you didn’t use a magazine of ammo), and reduced your collateral damage.

It is my hope that no one who reads this article ever finds themselves in a situation that warrants the use of a firearm to defend him or herself. But remember, Plan for the worst. Be safe, stay vertical.

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