Alaska Enacts Firearms Freedom Act – 8 States Have Now Passed FFA’s

Alaska Enacts Firearms Freedom Act – 8 States Have Now Passed FFA's

Firearms Freedom Act State's Status as of 5/28/2010
Firearms Freedom Act State's Status as of 5/28/2010
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Washington, DC –-( Alaska became the 8th state to enact a Firearms Freedom Act, the 7th enacted clone of Montana's original bill, when Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed HB 186, sponsored by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Fairbanks) today.

In a prepared statement, Rep. Kelly said: “The Alaska Firearms Freedom Act frees Alaskans from overly-bureaucratic and restrictive federal firearm regulation, and allows our state to assume the responsibility for regulation.”

“The Interstate Commerce Clause is used by the federal government to regulate firearms that cross state borders. The Alaska Firearms Freedom Act makes it clear that Alaskans will be responsible for firearms that are made in Alaska, for use in Alaska, and have ‘Made in Alaska’ stamped on them.”

“Outdoorsmen, hunters and all Alaskans defending and feeding their families, and protecting their property, should welcome this new law.”

After the passage of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act in 2009, the other states to enact MFFA clones have been Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Arizona, and now Alaska. Other FFA clone bills are introduced in 20 other states.

In the lawsuit by the Montana Shooting Sports Association and the Second Amendment Foundation to validate the principles of the MFFA, captioned MSSA v. Holder (U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder), currently pending is a Motion to Dismiss filed by the U.S. Oral argument has been requested by Plaintiffs concerning the Motion to Dismiss. A date has been set for oral argument in federal court in Missoula for mid-June, but that date will probably be rescheduled for sometime in early July.

A number of amici (friends of the court) have joined MSSA v. Holder to support Plaintiffs, including the Attorney General of Utah (representing Utah and several other state AGs), the Goldwater Institute of Arizona, the Paragon Foundation of New Mexico, Gun Owners Foundation (Gun Owners of America), the Weapons Collectors Society of Montana (and Western Tradition Partners), Montana Legislators, and legislators sponsoring or cosponsoring FFA bills in other states (represented by the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence).

The Attorney General of Montana has intervened to support the MFFA. Joining as an amicus in support of the U.S. is the Brady Center (for all firearm restrictions).

All parties have written briefs concerning the Motion to Dismiss. Those briefs are available to review under the “Montana Lawsuit Updates” link on the FFA Website at:

I will announce this to AmmoLand readers when the date and time for oral argument on the Motion to Dismiss is finally set. Some receiving this info may wish to show up to attend the oral argument session. Stay tuned for the announcement tomorrow (Friday 5/28/10) of an interesting additional development in MSSA v. Holder.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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