Alaskan Concealed Carry and a Big Announcement on Gun Talk Radio

Alaskan Concealed Carry and a Big Announcement on Gun Talk Radio

Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

Natchitoches, La – -( Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk (R) Radio revisits Alaskan concealed carry law and reveals one big announcement this Sunday, June 13th, 2010. Airing live from 2PM – 5PM Eastern, Eric Croft will update Gun Talk listeners on the effects of Alaskans no longer needing to obtain a concealed carry permit.

Former Alaskan Representative Eric Croft introduced HB 102 to the Alaska Legislature in 2003, which passed and was signed by then Governor Frank Murkowski. HB 102 essentially adopted the “Vermont Law”, stipulating that Alaskans 21 or older that were legally allowed to own a firearm or weapon no longer needed to have a concealed carry permit to carry their legal weapon of choice concealed.

Back when this bill was proposed, Croft said, “I object to the government putting a precondition on that constitutional right (to carry a weapon). I’m presumed to be a responsible citizen until proven otherwise.”

Another reason to enact HB 102 was the fact that many weapons fell under the old conceal carry law, not just handguns. The law included rifles and shotguns in the backseat of a car, and even sheathed knives, if the person was not out hunting.

Also on Sunday, tune in as Tom announces the newest way to connect with Gun Talk Radio!

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