The Guide Shoots First – A New Memoir by William D. Baker

The Guide Shoots First – A New Memoir by William D. Baker

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Victoria, MN –-( In The Guide Shoots First, author William D. Baker recounts his experiences hunting upland birds and waterfowl across the Midwest.

With a unique voice ranging from humorous to contemplative, Baker takes us on a journey that not only provides an absorbing narrative of his hunting experiences – his lively interpretations of the human condition demonstrate there is grace and grunge in every one of us.

The Guide Shoots First - A New Memoir by William D. Baker
The Guide Shoots First - A New Memoir by William D. Baker

The Guide Shoots First invites the reader along on Baker’s travels across a broad swath of memories from running an unofficial hunting camp in a 19th century hotel, to avoiding polar bears along the shores of Hudson Bay.

Each chapter in this engaging memoir is filled with stories of the interesting characters with whom Baker shared his exploits, as well as vivid descriptions of the environment in which each tale occurred.

Those already in love with the sport of bird hunting will be greatly entertained by Baker’s reminiscences, Any reader will be enthralled by the author’s unique portrayal of the powerful pull of nature – one that draws all outdoorsmen and women to the land time and time again.

“For over sixty years I’ve been a bird hunter, upland and migratory. I’ve chased geese from Hudson Bay to Chihuahua, and ducks from the potholes of Saskatchewan to the shallow, saline marshes of Culiacan, Mexico.

Annual expeditions to the Dakotas after pheasants and periodic ramblings in west Texas after the elusive quail have been a constant in my life. While I’ve ranged north to south for thirty-five hundred miles, my east-west wanderings have been restricted to the five hundred miles between the 95th to 105th meridians west-a true Midwesterner.” – Excerpt from The Guide Shoots First.

The Guide Shoots First is an absorbing memoir of a retired insurance executive’s experiences hunting waterfowl and upland birds amidst the beauty of the North American prairie. More than a beautifully descriptive narrative, The Guide Shoots First captures the essence of the connection between humans and nature. A collective of engaging true stories spiced up with a dash of philosophy,

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About the Author
Bill Baker is a retired insurance broker living in Argyle, Texas and Victoria, Minnesota. He started hunting as a boy growing up in South Dakota and after high school served in the U.S. Air Force. Baker graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1952. The Guide Shoots First is his second book.

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