Cam Edwards Talks to NRA-ILA’s Alexa Fritts on Wisconsin Elections & Right to Carry

Cam Edwards Talks to NRA-ILA's Alexa Fritts on Wisconsin Elections & Right to Carry
NRA-ILA Grassroots News Minute 10/18/2010


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  • 2 thoughts on “Cam Edwards Talks to NRA-ILA’s Alexa Fritts on Wisconsin Elections & Right to Carry

    1. Regarding TJ’s comments about NRA.

      I see you’re unaware that the NRA and WI State WI-Force have been and continuously have pushed for CCW in WI. They have pushed for a change in LAW every year.

      CCW is deemed unconstitutional because of the Supream Court Ruling put forth by the NRA.

      And the NRA has gotten the bill to the Gov a few times already. Go look at what happened last time when we tried to override a Doyle veto and see who changed their vote and flipped flopped you will be surprised. So what good right now would it do with the current makeup of our Legislature? We need to address the GOV race first. I laugh when I see people bash the NRA but also get there facts from the journal sentinel instead of looking at the WI Leg website and see what really happens at these hearings.

      Also who do you think is going to get us CCW if not the NRA. Considering Walker has stated in his speaches he will sign the CCW bill as is from the NRA what other orginization would you trust to write it.

    2. So where has the NRA been to defend Wisconsin? Why didn't the NRA push a lawsuit for CCW in Wisconsin knowing that the CCW ban is unconstitutional?

      Not familar with this show, but this woman is clueless. Looking at a few headlines and websites would give her a wealth of information to speak more intelligently. Tom Barrett not only is against the Second Amendment, but says he will wait for law enforcement to give the o.k. for CCW.

      Also, what about stating the importance of voting for Republicans for the State House and Senate? No bill will get to Scott Walker if the Democrats are still in control.

      Wisconsin will get CCW soon. No thanks to the NRA.

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