Winchester Expands Power Max Bonded Ammunition Line-Up

Winchester Expands Power Max Bonded Ammunition Line-Up

Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition

East Alton, IL – -( The Winchester Ammunition Power Max Bonded line, designed specifically for the whitetail deer hunter, continues the tradition of legendary excellence by offering hunters more calibers to choose from in 223 Rem., 325 WSM and 338 Win Mag.

Power Max Bonded ammunition is a jacketed bullet with a proprietary bonding process that delivers massive expansion long-range accuracy, and maximum knock-down power.

The bonding process welds lead to a copper alloy jacket where the two act together during expansion for improved penetration and retained weight.

“Power Max Bonded ammunition has proven to be lethal on whitetails all over North America, as well as other big game animals since we launched the product in 2009,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition.

“For any whitetail hunter who is interested in bullet construction, accuracy and penetration, Power Max Bonded is it.”

Winchester Power Max Bonded Ammunition
Winchester Power Max Bonded Ammunition

Key features of the Power Max Bonded bullet include:

  • Protected hollow point PHP design
  • Lead core bonded to jacket with proprietary process
  • Massive frontal area of bullet expansion is more than double original diameter
  • Lead remains bonded to jacket after impact

Power Max Bonded will be offered in the following calibers and bullet weights:
Cartridge Grain Muzzle Velocity Symbol

  • 223 Rem 64 PHP 3020 X223R2BP
  • 243 Win Power 100 PHP 2960 X2432BP
  • 270 Win Mag 130 PHP 3060 X2705BP
  • 270 WSM 130 PHP 3275 X270SBP
  • 30-06 Sprg 180 PHP 2700 X30064BP
  • 30-06 Sprg 150 PHP 2920 X30061BP
  • 30-30 Win Mag 150 PHP 2390 X30306BP
  • 300 Win Mag 180 PHP 2960 X30WM2BP
  • 300 Win Mag 150 PHP 3290 X30WM1BP
  • 300 WSM 180 PHP 2970 X300WSMBP
  • 300 WSM 150 PHP 3270 X300SBP
  • 325 WSM 220 PHP 2840 X325WSMBP
  • 308 Win Mag 150 PHP 2820 X3085BP
  • 338 Win Mag 200 PHP 2960 X3381BP
  • 7mm Rem Mag 150 PHP 3090 X7MMR1BP
  • 7mm WSM 150 PHP 3200 X7MMWSMBP

PHP = Protected Hollow Point

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  • Free Winchester® Ammunition Ballistics Calculator Available on the iPhone

iPhone users can now download the Winchester® Ammunition award-winning Ballistics Calculator for free. Winchester has taken all of the features and functionality from its Web site version of the Ballistics Calculator and developed a user-friendly interface for the iPhone.

The iPhone version of Winchester’s Ballistics Calculator will allow users to choose their type of ammunition and compare up to three different Winchester products with easy-to-read, high-tech ballistic charts and graphs. You can customize shooting conditions by entering wind speed and outside temperature, and adjust zero marks for sighting in.

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