Antonio Zoli North America Introduces the Z-Sport Bilanx Shotgun

Antonio Zoli North America Introduces the Z-Sport Bilanx Shotgun

Antonio Zoli Na Z-Sport Bilanx Shotgun
Antonio Zoli Na Z-Sport Bilanx Shotgun
Zoli Firearms
ZOLI Firearms

Canandaigua, NY –-( Antonio Zoli North America has added the Z-Sport Bilanx to its family of world-class shotguns.

With its new precision mechanical trigger group and the recently patented BHB Between the Hands Balancing system, the Bilanx is the ultimate in competition shotguns.

Distinguishing itself as the only shotgun engineered to house an internal balancing system within the grip of the stock, this patented concept keeps the weight between the hands. The Bilanx (pronounced Be-la(nx) allows every serious competitive shooter to customize the necessary control, balance and swing dynamics that is paramount in a well-fitted shotgun, while they are shooting.

The Between the Hands Balancing system is comprised of two weight components. The quick detachable, modular grip cap mechanism fits into the buttstock grip accommodating six threaded steel disk weights adding up to three ounces. It can be instantly removed and the weight adjusted. Other brands using stock-bolt weights cause the shooter to remove the buttpad each time to adjust weight. The forend weight system has the capacity to add up to twenty individual four-gram weights easily installed onto the side ribs underneath the forend. Therefore, all adjustment weights are between the hands providing for instant precision adjustment of gun swing dynamics.

Steve Lamboy, General Manager of Antonio Zoli North America said, “Our competitive shooters know a well balanced gun reduces swing effort and conserves stamina needed during serious competitions. They have wanted a precision balancing system that would allow them to easily, fine- tune their shotguns without adding weight near the ends of the gun like the stock bolt. The Between the Hands Balancing system in the Bilanx provides this with a simple and intuitive design they can use while shooting a practice round.”

The Z-Sport Bilanx is available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge with various barrel lengths; choice of a fine nickel or deep blue finish and stocks carved from high grade fancy Turkish walnut with fine checkering and hand rubbed oil finish. Zoli precision barrels guarantee P.O.I.

The new, hand detachable mechanical trigger system is Titanium Nitride treated and is fully adjustable fore and aft for grip fit and has crisp, precision let-off. Powered by robust coil springs for guaranteed ignition, it automatically sets up the second shot even if the first round is a dud. “The BHB system and the new hand-detachable mechanical trigger group of the Z-Sport Bilanx shows our commitment to develop the most advanced precision competition shotguns for the U.S. shooters. At Zoli, serious commitment is the foundation of our reputation,” said Paolo Zoli, President of Zoli Antonio s.r.l.

Antonio Zoli North America is a division of Zoli Antonio s.r.l of Gardone, Italy, one of the oldest family owned firearm manufactures in the northern region of Brescia, Italy. Dating to the late 1860’s and continuing today, the Zoli family and skilled craftsman manufacture high performance shotguns that are famous for their precision barrels and the new Z Series Boss action design for competition and game. For more information about the full product line of world-class shotguns and why Zoli is the only choice to meet your shooting needs, visit or call (585) 394-1271.

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If they wern’t so over-priced I would consider one. I have a grade 7 Citori by browning that keeps me in the high 90’s in both singles and doubles. It gets the job done, is a much better looking gun than this, has over 40,000 rounds through it and has never had a mechanical misfire. Shoots better than the day I got it. This whole fad with these over priced Italian shotguns is getting a little old. These zoli’s are around $6K each and as far as I am concerned lack everything a fine shotgun should be, something that shoots… Read more »