FailZero Announces New Partners & Products at 2011 SHOT Show

FailZero Announces New Partners & Products at 2011 SHOT Show
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Fail Zero
Fail Zero

Stuart, FL –-( UCT Coatings, Inc continues to expand use of its EXO Technology across the firearms Industry.

Look for our EXO Technology on the TALO Exclusive “Glock EXO” being offered on 6 models.

LWRC has adopted EXO across their AR platforms.

Several other OEMs offer EXO and FailZero editions of their products including:

  • Diamondback Firearms (.380 pistol),
  • Cylinder and Slide (1911 Trident),
  • Christensen Arms (AR platforms),
  • Spikes Tactical (ARs),
  • Osprey Defense (Piston systems),
  • Leitner Wise (ARs),
  • SI Defense, and
  • PWS (ARs and Piston Systems),

Check the directory for their booth numbers. These and other innovative companies have joined with us to create superior firearms and firearms systems. We completed testing with several more OEMs, so expect more EXO coated firearms on the market throughout 2011.

UCT is also partnered with Brownells to offer two new EXO coated products: a Remington/FailZero 700 BDL action, and an Artisan Arms/FailZero .22LR Conversion kit with .

Additionally, FailZero will be taking advance orders on new caliber AR upgrade kits in 5.45x39mm, 6.8, 7.62x39mm and 6.5 Grendel.

About EXO Technology
EXO Technology is a patented, nickel-boron coating from UCT Coatings, Inc. EXO Technology provides a hard, durable surface (40% harder than Chrome) and permanent lubricity to metal substrates, allowing firearms to operate without oil or grease. EXO coated components last longer, clean up easier, and require minimal maintenance, while increasing reliability in harsh environments (sand/dust, hot/cold, suppressed fire, frangible ammunition). EXO has been specified for use by the DoD and Federal Agencies in several weapon systems and is in use across many industries such as oil/gas, forestry, ball valves and pumps, and performance automotive. It is applied at our ISO 9001:2008 registered facility in Stuart, FL using Six Sigma process controls.

Please visit our our booth #7110 for additional information and media kit. Point of contact: Holden Kriss, 772 633-3379, [email protected]